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  1. ICAO: OEJN NAME: King Abul Aziz International TYPE: Payware FS: FS9 version DESIGNER: BDOAviation LINK: http://www.bdoaviation.com/scenery/scenery.php?ID=21 Original link to simMarket was correct link but at their end somehow directed to Jennasoft scenery. A situation which still obtains. Apologies on behalf of simMarket. Present link to BDO aviation is for the FSX version but at least it's the right airport. AES 2.43
  2. ICAO: LFLL NAME: Lyon Saint Exupery TYPE: Payware FS: FS9 version DESIGNER: JENNASOFT LINK: http://secure.simmarket.com/jennasoft-lyon-saint-exupery-airport-fs9.phtml AES 2.38
  3. ICAO: ZJSY NAME: SANYA PHOENIX INTERNATIONAL TYPE: Payware FS: FS2004 DESIGNER: SkySoft LINK : http://secure.simmar...sy-fs2004.phtml
  4. Many Happy Returns to AES Thanks to Oliver for continuing to develop this most addictive addon. No doubt about it competition really does improve the breed.
  5. I experience the same problem. Seems that AES configuration window has "moved to back" which is why clicking on the x does not work. One has to bring that window to active in order for the clicking on x to work. Oliver, this is distracting ... take off is a very busy period and therefore anything you can do to overcome this glitch would be appreciated. in the meantime the workarounds you suggest will be implemented as a bandaid solution. Many thanks for an otherwise superb product. Regards, Brian
  6. Well in 2d cockpit view I resize the stretched display to fill the centre monitor. This normalises the appearance of the cockpit. Then I open windows for overhead, throttle etc. and resize them to minimise distortion then position them on the other two monitors. In this way I can select the 2d and have ALL relevant info on hand, then select 3d virtual for that immersive experience. No frame rate hit with this technique. What you are seeking however CAN be done in windowed mode but frames will take a BIG hit.
  7. Thank you Peter for I too have had this problem only solved by your 'unofficial' method. Now I too at last have Lisbon, complete, in all its glory!
  8. Appliance


    Had a problem with my Piper Cheyenne which was quickly and most satisfactorily resolved yesterday. You guys are tops! I am a very happy camper again. Many thanks! Brian
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