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  1. Ok, thanks.


    Orbx can generate issues with the Altitude of airport, but in this case, it is simple the Engine of the sim itself.

    Per default the the airport has a different Altitude, when Sode placed the simobjects (Jetways) via simconnect relativ to groundlevel, the Alt is still default once, because the scenery with the different groundlevel is not loaded, when you approach.

    Now I have changed the Sode xml and set the Jetwayobject the the exact Altitude as fix to MSL, now it fits in any case.

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  2. Please perform the following steps:


    - Stop P3D and wait until it is fully stoppt

    - Run the SODE-OFF Batch in the  SODE folder below the Gran Canaria folder

    - Redownload the Gran Canaria Sode Jetways from http://www.sim-wings.de/SUPPORT_SODE.htm

    - Unzip the SODE Folder below Gran Canaria and overwrite the old files

    - Run the SODE-ON Batch


    Now check if the issue is gone, the SODE Jetways now are set the absolute Alt of the airport and not anymore AGL, which could generate the flying SODE jetways after approach.

  3. How did you „putting the scenery on top of the scenery library“?

    This is not possible by reinstalling the scenery, when the normal process is used. Sound to be a non regular use of the scenery.

    Check the insertion point of your Orbx product settings and take care that is is set below all your airport addons, that is the only way to order the sceneries in P3D, not the scenery library.

  4. Ok, thanks for point me to to this again.

    Have made some test, maybe the attached file helps. Make a backup of the original first.


    The problem is, that the default Airport has a Ident for the ILS 07 called TRS, the actual one ITS

    It is not possible to simple override the original Ident. Only with the dummy runway assgined the old Ident with a different freq. will help here.

    I now changed the heading of the water runway and hope that it is not used by the ATC anymore.


    Give me a short feedback, when you have test it.


  5. Sorry, 8GB is not enough to prevent the VRAM issue, and when you activate the framerate message inside then Sim, you will see, that the used VRAM of the available is maybe 5.5/7gb in the best case (not the free).

    When I switch the new weathertype on and set the weather to rain and cloudy, by AI traffic on, my 8GB are simple not enough. When I set the max texture to 1024, all is fine, as it us 1/4 of the size. 
    MUC use highres textures and many PBR, is a large airport and so, it comes early in the critical area. With standard weather or in P3DV4.5, same scenery, I never had a CTD in VRAM.

    And with a new Aircraftmodel using many PBR Textures, I can generate the issue at many other Airports too, even on older once only using 1024 Textures and no PBR.


  6. 2 hours ago, MatthiasKNU said:

    Are there any news regarding this CTD? This CTD also occures when only overflying the airport.

    It is really a show stopper for me, as long as this problem exists, I cannot use the AS EDDM actually...


    As already said, it occurs with SODE Jetways as well as with Default Jetways. So it seems to be another problem... (The lua-Scripts maybe?)

    Please keep in mind, that there is still an issue with VRAM memory overflows in P3DV5.

    The scripts are simple and I never heard about CTDs from scripts.

    How many VRAM has your graphic card?

    What weathertype (standard or Beta Truesky) you use?

    What max texture size settings you use?

    Was it cloudy and raining at the approaches you get the CTD?


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