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  1. Ah, and restart the updater. Just enabling the experimental updates will add a remark that is is looking at experimental updates, but that none are available. Since I by default don't have this enabled, I immediately re-disabled it as not helping me. Bert
  2. According to the "Updates" topic version is available, but neither the download page, nor the updater show it: Only regular updates are available for installation Prepar3D 4.x ( found: (C:\FS\Prepar3Dv4\) X-Plane 11 found: (D:\X-Plane 11\ (11.41r1)) Product Name: Aerosoft CRJ Professional for Prepar3D v4.x Add-on Path: C:\FS\Aerosoft\Aerosoft CRJ Professional Installed version: No updates available for this product! Regular as well as experimental updates are available for installation Only regular updates are available for installation How can I get this version? Cheers, Bert Laverman
  3. Mathijs, tried to send you a PM but the forum software wont let me. Do you have a regular email address?
  4. Mathijs, if I look on the renewed Honeycomb Alpha page, it mentions at the bottom for the Bravo controls "vorbestellrabat", original price 210.08 and now 189.07. Trying to go for that deal I get the 210 euros as reduced price. Maybe check and make sure the right price is offered everywhere... Met vriendelijke groet, Bert Laverman PS geen bezwaar tegen de 189 euro natuurlijk, maar helaas lukt het me niet die ook werkelijk te krijgen. 😉
  5. Will the throttle axes work through FSUIPC? I have old/dirty controllers, so all axes go through FSUIPC's "cleaning". Also the extensive options to combine controls on one physical axis is great. I remember it explicitly being mentioned that throttles on the first CRJ do not work with it, so I need to re-configure axes explicitly if I switch between CRJ and other aircraft.
  6. The last release of ORBX Central (4.0.10) fixed the issue, by adding "Required=FALSE" to any section missing it. So they chose to fix the data rather than the code. Yes, they notified me when they released their fix.
  7. Tom, I agree. Prepar3D itself never complains about it missing, so ORBX needs to be more forgiving.
  8. PS if I manually add "Required=FALSE" to all entries that don't have the setting, OrbxCentral can properly fix my Scenery.CFG and (sorry) I have no troubles.
  9. I have found that ORBX Central takes issue with Scenery entries that do not have the the "Required" field. Guess which tool made those entries for me? 😉
  10. +1 I just tried it, and found out ORBX uses "add-ons.cfg" in "C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4", and Simstarter NG does not read that file. As a result all ORBX scenery is displayed in RED en disabled.
  11. Dave, in your review, when opened, I noticed the potentiometers appear to be “normal” sized. I don’t fly often, so I tend to get dirty, and thus jittery controls sooner than you would expect. When I opened the Saitek Yoke, since it was past garantee anyways, I found big globs of “non-tamper glue” over several components, and the potentiometers I wanted to spray cleaner in were miniature models without openings. Was the model you had representative for the production models? Will I be able to clean or replace those potentiometers? Any way to find out? cheers, Bert
  12. Now if I only can convince you guys to not use the Documents folder for executables... (See my CRJ forum post) I totally agree with Hans that it helps to put everything in one place, but that is (should be) the folder where add-ons.xml is pointing. Some applications have started using "C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\company\product" for installation, because it isn't as strictly maintained as "Program Files", so even enterprise users can install stuff there. "...\AppData\Roaming\..." is meant to contain stuff for people using different physical locations with the same account, and its contents are saved on logout and restored on login, so should "travel" with you. "C:\ProgramData" instead is for local stuff that is shared among users, to prevent applications from wanting to put it in "Program Files" with all the security implications that has. Now where i disagree strongly with Hans for the CRJ/Updater, and some stuff from the Airbus like the fuel planner, is the Documents folder. That it is not strongly policed is no reason to start putting executables there. It is meant for what the name signifies: documents. The Documents folder is part of the user's profile and synchronized with all PC's and laptops the user logs on. Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and Apple iCloud also backup everything in there to their respective clouds, and from there to any other location the user connects. I ended up with having the fuel planner and AS updater showing up on my laptop before I caught on and disabled it. Having Google Drive happily announce it is going to synchronize all individual files in e.g. "A3XX NavData" and "A3XX Navigraph" is also something you don't want to see. Please, I gave you guys C:\FS\Aerosoft, so use that. Use the Documents folder for flightplans and such, but not for programs.
  13. Rather than switching it off completely, how about marking the Prepar3D and Aerosoft folders as exclusions? Wouldn't that work?
  14. Hopefully a small fix: Please make the Livery manager remember where a file has been backed-up to or installed from. Currently, if I want to prune my installation of the 90% of liveries that I'm not likely to ever use, I have to start over browsing from the "default" Windows Explorer location to the folder I use, for every single livery. Lots of unnecessary clicks...
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