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  1. Thanks. Clear. Works OK now. Regards, Jacob
  2. Hi, I downloaded via support/service updates the latest version CRJ pro. Uninstalled previous version in P3Dv5. Installed latest download. Run the updater gives no update available. In the topic of Hans Hartman is stated: The CRJ Professional for Prepar3D v4.5 and v5.0 is now available via the Aerosoft Updater. Please make sure to activate "Experimental Updates" in the configuration window. I have no clue where and how to activate Experimental Updates. If that is set I assume I have to run the updater again. Can somebody
  3. - monitor badly calibrated. That was it. Thanks for your advise, all looks fine now. Jacob
  4. I know CRJ does not have an auto throttle. I know one has to manage cruise speed yourself. But..... I also know a CRJ does not have a pause at TOD, even more a CRJ does not have a P button. So if you need to leave your cockpit for a short time, or you need to figure out your approach because the wind changed here is a solution. Download and install the freeware FSXPILOT software. In cruise at autopilot start FSXPILOT enter your speed in FSXPILOT and press AP in FSXPILOT. That's all. The CRJ autopilot manages navigation while the FSXPILOT takes
  5. Hi, Still doubting if I will update my CRJ. I do not like HDR. Whatever I try I do not get realistic colours, so I disabled HDR. In the specs of the CRJ professional HDR is stated as required. Can you use it without HDR? Gtz Jacob
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