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  1. With VNAV set to "Coupled" I hardly ever get the AP to arm and intercept GS - it almost alwas sets VGP mode.

    With VNAV set to Advisory mode (unchecked "VNAV Coupled") GS both armed and engaged.


    The GS was perfectly held until reaching MDA where I disengaged the AP.

    With both Gear down and Flaps at 45, speed was kept at Vref+5 knots.


    I´m not sure, but I think the bug with not following the GS, comes down to whether "VNAV Coupled" is enabled or not.

  2. 2 minutes ago, kvk1 said:

    Oh I didn't mean resorting in a negative way, I love the HUD, especially coming from a mainly DCS background. Said that, inclusion of options that strike a balance between realism and QoL for video game purposes never hurt.


    Also, the concern of "die hard realism" people doesn't really concern me. People who treat this hobby like life and death suck all the joy out of it.


    As a Flightsim developer from the past I can assure You those people will start reporting in all kind of FS forums that the CRJ isn´t realistic and that the Font´s are wrong and that realism is compromised.

    Also it would require alot of thinking into which text should be enlarged, cause in the end, if the size of the displays should reflect the correct overall size, only a small protion of the Display content could be enlarged without compromising the overall look and usability of the Displays.


    Even in real life I guess (without ever have seen the CRJ Displays in real life) these displays are rather small.

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  3. I agree that it is hard to set various settings on the MCP and at the same time see the values on the MFD's.


    Have You tried to hold the Alt-Gr key (Right ALT key), then hover the mouse over the MFD where the setting is shown and click ?

    A undocked version of the MFD will appear.


    I confess that I have not used this solution in VR myself yet.


    What I have done so far is to read the present value and then turn my head to the knob and count the number of scroll wheel "clicks". Not perfect but kind of works for me.

  4. And if they made the font's larger and more readbale the "die hard realism" guys would chime in and whine about wrong text size.


    HaveYou tried to press "Alt Gr" (Right ALT) and the hovering the mouse over the Displays ?


    A looking glass will appear and You can open a resizable undocked version of the Display.

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  5. Speaking of non coupled VNAV, You have to set all restrictions manually for each waypoint.

    VNAV advisory will simply indicate if You are on the correct path and Your deviation from it, and guide You via the star symbol on the VNAV "glideslope" indicator.


    Actually both VNAV and AUTOLAND modes are highly overrated in the flightsimming community and are alot less used in real life than in the sim world.

    Personally though I really like to use both functions cause it´s cool to see all the automation do it´s job.

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  6. Let´s say You cruise at FL150 40nm from You destination airfield. 

    The flightplan incooperates a STAR which ends in an ILS approach.

    30nm from the airport along Your STAR You have an altitude restriction at FL070 marked by a waypoint.

    20nm from the airport there is an altitude restiction at FL050 marked by a waypoint.

    Your platform altitude (The altitude where You would intercept the ILS glideslope - if doing an ILS approach) is at 2500 ft.


    Before reaching TOD (Top of descend where the aircraft goes from cruise to descend phase) You set You MCP (Autopilot) altitude at 2500 ft (Platform altitude).

    The VNAV part of the autoflightsystem will calculate the path to fly with the throttles at idle, taking grossweight, wind (if entered) and a few other parameters into account.

    Reaching TOD it will then start the descend and You will have to manually set the throttles at idle.

    It will then automatically ensure that the altitude restrictions at these points are kept - remember taht altitude restrictions can be marked as "AT", "Below" or Above".

    So if the restriction are "AT" then You pass the restrictions "AT" FL070 and FL050.

    If the restriction are "Above" then You pass the restrictions "AT" FL070 and FL050, but if adequite for the rest of the path also will be above, then the aircraft is allowed to be above FL070 and/ FL050, but not below.

    If the restriction are "Below" then You pass the restrictions "AT" FL070 and FL050, but if adequite for the rest of the path also will be above, then the aircraft is allowed to be belowFL070 and/ FL050, but not above.


    The aircraft might level off if it reaches these altitudes before the waypoint and will then continue descending to the next restriction and then again, if reaching the next altitude restriction before that waypoint level out.


    It will then end at the platform altitude of 2500 ft - kind of guarded by You MCP set altitude of 2500 ft, where You would change to Approach mode and then follow the ILS down for landing.


    Since the CRJ does not have autothrottle, You must keep an eye on the airspeed and set the thrust manually to manage airspeed.


    VNAV is mostly good for STAR's that doesn´t consiste vectoring by ATC. It is a "heads down" mode meaning that You spend more time looking at You flightinstruments rather than looking outside - that's why many Airlines does not accept the use of VNAV or restrict's it´s use to above 10.000 ft.


    Often it is better to manage the descend using V/S or FLC (IAS / Speed) mode.


    The CRJ is a small aircraft used between smaller airports or in conjested airspace where ATC vectoring is common.

    Therefore is VNAV not a mode that is well suited for descend management.

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  7. I guess that with coupled VNAV, the autopilot will actually control the VNAV Path.

    For climbs and descends it will manage the various altitude restrictions.

    For the descends I asume that VNAV is calculated for a engines idle descend, meaning that when VNAV starts the descend, the throttle levers should be set to idle.

    But since there isn´t  any autothrottle, You must closely supervise Your speed and be prepared to set engine thrust when it levels out at the various descend restrictions (both altitude and speed).



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  8. 5 minutes ago, 9004 said:

    Maybe companies like PMDG (knowing that some customers need to receive their updates on different ways) could improve their release timing. Had they just kept it until today, saying "Phew. Took longer" noone would have complained, I guess. We know PMDG refuses to stick to fixed timeframes, so why push out the update on late friday?

    We've seen something similar with the MSFS sim update just before christmas: they published an update which led to a lot of problems for many users and then went about their (well deserved) holiday leaving the simmers without support.


    Or simply accept that buying from other sources than the developers own shop might cause a delay for getting updated files.

    Normally PMDG updates goes via their Operations center app.

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  9. 22 minutes ago, FlyReal87 said:

    I also hope that Aerosoft uploads the latest version today, i hope that in the future the whole thing might run a little more efficiently, so that even customers of Aerosoft can get the products from PMDG no later than the next day, although it is very likely that Aerosoft has no influence on this because the data comes directly from PMDG and are therefore dependent on them.


    So Aerosoft should have people sitting in their office during weekends in case of some other developer chose to release updates friday evening ?

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  10. Considering that PMDG opted to release on a friday evening, and we now have weekend, I would be surpriced to see it being avaliable here at Aerosoft before the start of next week.

    But offcourse they can surprice us.

  11. I really look forward for this addon, also knowing the quality level at which Hans, Stefan & co are used to deliver.


    As much as I like MSFS2020 for it´s great graphics and performance (at least with the few addon airports and default aircraft I have), what really still keeps me at P3D, are the lack of complex aircraft, especially commercial airliners in MSFS2020


    Until now, no decent addon aircraft has been released for MSFS2020.

    The few 3rd party aircraft available are mostly using the default MSFS2020 Garmin glasscockpits, which misses alot of functions and have many bugs.


    So I guess the Aerosoft CRJ's will be the first complex aircraft addon that really will put MSFS2020 to it´s test.

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  12. Strange...

    With these settings:

    • Thessaloniki X set to default.
    • Time set to dusk.
    • Weather set via FSGRW.
    • PMDG 737-700 NGX set to High res VC, Model and Displays. Terrain display turned on
    • FTX Global Base pack.

    My VAS never exeeded 3,2 GB

    My FSX settings are:

    Graphics section:

    • 1920x1080x32
    • FPS Locked at 30
    • Global texture resolution: Max
    • Preview DirectX 10: Off
    • Lens flare: Off
    • Light Bloom: Off
    • Advanced animations: On

    Antialiasing and Anisotropic filtering controlled via Nvidia Inspector

    Aircraft section:

    • Show tooltips: On
    • High resolution VC: On
    • Aircraft casts shadows on the ground: On
    • Aircraft casts shadows on itself: Off
    • Aircraft landing-lights illuminate ground: On

    Scenery section:

    • Level of detail: Large
    • Mesh complexity: 100
    • Mesh resolution : 5m
    • Texture resolution: 15cm
    • Water effects: Low 2x
    • Scenery complexity: Extreme dense
    • Autogen complexity: Dense
    • Ground scenery: Off
    • Special effects detail: Medium

    Weather Section:

    • Cloud draw distance: 60mi
    • Thermal visualization: None
    • Detailed clouds: On
    • Cloud coverage density: High
    • Download winds aloft data with real-world weather: On
    • Disable turbulence and thermal effects on aircraft: Off
    • Rate at which weather changesover time: No change

    Traffic section (My Traffic 2013 installed):

    • Airline Traffic density: 25
    • General aviation Traffic density: 15
    • Airport vehicle density: None
    • Road vehicle density: 16
    • Ships and ferrys density: 16
    • Leisure boats density: 10

    The only FSX.cfg tweaks I use:







    AffinityMask=7 (I know - normally this should be 14, but the Majestic Dash7-Q400 runs smoother with 7)


    My system:

    i7 3770 @3.4 Ghz (No OC)

    8 GB RAM

    Nvidia GTX 560 1GB

    Win 7 64bit Home edition


  13. As a developer I feel kind of obligated to also participate on giving support for the projects I have been part of.

    I also feel that I have the right to show up here defend decisions we have made during developement etc.

    While free speech should be every humans right it still means that You must be responsible for what You say.

    Happily most posts are positive, informative and serious, but there are also a little group (as in real life) that really can start up and feed useless, unserious discussions and rants.

    Without the voting system I have very little feedback wether my posts are recieved positivly or not, infact to get the same level of feedback as the rather simple voting system would mean alot of stupid +1 -1 posts that just would flood the forum and other people would simply stop reading cause they don´t want to read through xx pages of nothing.

    I have a real hard time figuring out whats so wrong with the voting system, its the best ways to tell trolls that their posts are not accepted by the other users and not just by us developers, forum moderators etc.

    Without a voting system the moderators will be the bad censurating guys, cause it will really mean toughher hands by them if this forum shouldn´t become a state of anarky.

    Until now the Aerosoft forums has ben the most open and least censurated forum within this hobby.

    I won´t name them, but I know alot of forums where unwanted (though still legible) posts simply are removed, just because a certain moderating developer or forum moderator doesn´t like to see it posted.

    I think Aerosoft will do just fine with the good old style of openess while still giving the other users the option to tell whats Ok to post and whats not in what I deem as a real democratic way.

    Personally I think I will become less present here without a voting system, simply because I won´t seek troubles where I´m defenceless with no option for others to back me up in an easy way.

    On the otherhand having my own posts downvoted is also a clear way for me to see when I´m on a wrong path.

    Just my "few" words to this discussion.

    Best regards

    Finn Jacobsen

    (Aerosoft developer)

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  14. I know that this won´t help You at present, but please read on.....

    It´s some time since I was participating on this forum.

    Most posts seems to be focused on problems that Aerosoft now are seriously trying to fix with the Airbus X extended.

    Airbus X extended will bring You totally re-developed systems like: Autopilot, MCDU, FBW, ND, Aircraft options etc...

    Also alot of the older code has been re-visited and the ADIR system added.

    I´m sure most of You will be very happy with the changes - so please head over to the preview forum and follow current progress.


    Hint !!

    Start backwards ;)


  15. I don´t know alot about P3D but....

    Did You copy the folder found here in to P3D ?

    /.../Flight Simulator X/Modules/b21_vario/

    You might also need to add this to Your DLL.xml for P3D:


    <Name>b21 vario sound control</Name>








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