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  1. Back when it was developed we recreated the exact cockpit if the D-IVER. So what You see in the Twin Otter Extended cockpit is the exact same instruments than those found in the real world D-IVER. The only extra instrument we placed was the GPS. A secondary attitude indicator is, as far as I know, not required for IFR flights, but You have both the Cpt. and the FO instruments.
  2. Problem is that feathering the props via hardware axid' in FSX is abit funky, often i need to put the levers a bit forward and then slam them back into feathered position. Finn
  3. Strange... With these settings: Thessaloniki X set to default. Time set to dusk. Weather set via FSGRW. PMDG 737-700 NGX set to High res VC, Model and Displays. Terrain display turned on FTX Global Base pack. My VAS never exeeded 3,2 GB My FSX settings are: Graphics section: 1920x1080x32 FPS Locked at 30 Global texture resolution: Max Preview DirectX 10: Off Lens flare: Off Light Bloom: Off Advanced animations: On Antialiasing and Anisotropic filtering controlled via Nvidia Inspector Aircraft section: Show tooltips: On High resolution VC: On Aircraft casts shadows on the
  4. As a developer I feel kind of obligated to also participate on giving support for the projects I have been part of. I also feel that I have the right to show up here defend decisions we have made during developement etc. While free speech should be every humans right it still means that You must be responsible for what You say. Happily most posts are positive, informative and serious, but there are also a little group (as in real life) that really can start up and feed useless, unserious discussions and rants. Without the voting system I have very little feedback wether my posts are
  5. We are extreme sorry if this has caused considable mayhem to general understandment Sorry to say: b jt if this is the main issue of the Bronco, then be it Finn
  6. I´m sorry, but most of the reference material, like blueprints etc are given to us with the demand that we don´t share it. Finn
  7. Do You mean which forum ? Finn
  8. I know that this won´t help You at present, but please read on..... It´s some time since I was participating on this forum. Most posts seems to be focused on problems that Aerosoft now are seriously trying to fix with the Airbus X extended. Airbus X extended will bring You totally re-developed systems like: Autopilot, MCDU, FBW, ND, Aircraft options etc... Also alot of the older code has been re-visited and the ADIR system added. I´m sure most of You will be very happy with the changes - so please head over to the preview forum and follow current progress. http://forum.ae
  9. I don´t know alot about P3D but.... Did You copy the folder found here in to P3D ? /.../Flight Simulator X/Modules/b21_vario/ You might also need to add this to Your DLL.xml for P3D: <Launch.Addon> <Name>b21 vario sound control</Name> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <ManualLoad>False</ManualLoad> <Path>Modules\b21_vario\b21_vario.dll</Path> <DllStartName>module_init</DllStartName> <DllStopName>module_deinit</DllStopName> </Launch.Addon> Finn
  10. Please read this: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/56002-aerosoft-f-16-leading-edge-flaps/#entry391464 Finn
  11. According to the info we got during developement (how long was that since.... damned time goes fast )... the behaviouris close to that. Finn
  12. Leading edge flaps are not just extended when turning. They are extended as a function of AOA (Angle of attack) - try some slow speed maneuvres and You will see. Finn
  13. Sorry for the late reply.... It is true that the aircraft.cfg come pre-configured for the shockwavelights - that was only meant as a service for our customers. But we cannot / will not provide any support for a product that isn't our own - please understand. You can install the shockwave lights and add // before the original lights as well as removing the // for the shockwave lights. If it works then fine, if not - please search the A2A forum for help on those, cause the shockwave lights are their product. On later product we did not add this service for the very same reason.
  14. ....Well.. While MS Flight isn´t what we (the FS community) wanted, it could have been the entry door for newbies and a new generation of flightsimmers. So like Eric says - I find no joy in that. Whereas the beancounters won, or MS just had to prove (in a strange way) that there isn´t a profitable market for flightsims, will probably remain unanswered. Regardless why, I´m afraid that a new flight simulator from MS in any lookable future has been closed together with MS Flight. So being cocky helps no one. Finn
  15. Das problem die A2A lichter einzubauen ist das der Airbus X mit specielle Landelicht effecte komt, die im aussen und innemodel eingebaut sind. Die kann mann nicht entfernen. Finn
  16. Da viele animationen, so wie die spoilers, im Airbus X mit specieller code bewegt werden, kann mann das aussen model nich fuehr sich benutzen. Auch die programmierung des flug models hat viele specielle eintraege die nicht von andere "panels" uebernommen werden kann. Finn
  17. Dieses problem kommt wenn das modul GPSmodul.dll, die mit der Airbus X kommt, auhoert zu funktionieren. Das kann vorkommen wenn die C++ libraries korrupt werden. Bitte installiere die microsoft programme C++ 2005+ SP1 und C++ 2008 +SP die hier gefunden werden kann: http://www.microsoft...s.aspx?id=26347 http://www.microsoft...s.aspx?id=26368 Bitte achte das es verschiedene versionen fuehr 32bit und 64bit gibt. Ich bin mir nicht sicher aber es konnte auch sein das "simconnect" fuehr FSX korrupt ist - bitte hier lesen wie man das reparieren kann: http://forum.aerosof...40/#entr
  18. Finn

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    Happy to hear that Finn
  19. Finn

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    For me it looks like You uninstalled the original version and then just installed the update. Try to uninstall current Bronco, then download from Your purcase order and install again. The files in Your purcase order should be the most recent version. Just to be sure, download and install the latest 1.12 update. Finn
  20. The "custom" sounds are played throught the standard windows mediaplayer application, so I suggest checking volume controls for that. Not sure if it helps though. Finn
  21. Sorry fuehr die spaete antwort.... Kannst Du ein screenhsot vom cockpit machen. Also normaler weisse sollte die bescriftung im Bronco sehr gut lesbar sein. Checke mal ob im FSX Setup/Display menu erster seite die globale aufloesung auf maximum steht - das ist sehr wichtig !! Man kann im Bronck auch duch druecken der "A" taste zwischen vershieden cockpit sichten wechseln. Finn
  22. I´m really sorry to hear. The issue has never been reported elsewhere, not can I replicate it here. The Bronco is coded entirely in xml, this means that standard FSX functions are in charge here. Normally there is no way such an addon can affect other aircraft, not fuel load. FSX will always load 100% fuel and fill all assigned tanks to 100%. So I´m really puzzled about the issue You have. If You get the desire to return once again, I will be happy to try helping You out. Finn
  23. That really puzzles me Dag, cause FSX should alway let You start with all tanks at 100%. Well it´s abit finiky about 100.0%, cause sometimes it will only accept 99.9%. Please try to load the Long range version from the main free flight menu and then set Fuel before launcing the sim. As a pre-cation I ran the longrange version yesterday with full fuel and tested the fuel management code, but saw nothing unusual. With fuel feed set to Internal, Outer tanks are emptied first, then inner tanks and last the feed tank. With fuel feed set to External, Wingtip tnaks are emptied first, then C
  24. Dag It looks for me as if You are using a custom startup situation. With the normal startup situation (Airtrike over friday habour) fuel will always be set to 100% for all tanks. Like most other addons, especially those with more complex systems, it is NOT recomended to have custom made startup situations. Try to use the supplied flight situation for the Bronco and change to the long range versions once loaded. But generally the default startup situation shouldn´t be changed. I can give You a more detailed description on how to setup a safe default startup situation, using a di
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