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  1. Just checking in Mathijs. Did you find out what happened to the Flaps and Gear bell for the OV-10? I've been flying it a lot lately as our Cal Fire heroes use the Bronco for aerial fire suppression coordination.
  2. I wondered if this is related to: https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/130020-p3dv41-sound-problems/ ? I remember the flap retraction warning being distorted and then the program crashed. In earlier iterations in FSX and FSXSE the warning was very audible.
  3. Broncoflap.wav Is this the file for the warning bell for flap retraction? If so it seems to be mute to me.
  4. Welcome back Daniel!! Good to see you posting and painting again. You're a talented guy and a credit to the generousity of our hobby (passion).
  5. Excellent as well! This is my go-to aircraft for US pax charters. I have a round robin route set up in the California Channel Islands servicing Santa Rosa Adventure Packers (IRL BN2 Islanders) and Catalina and the Navy airfields. I also use it for service to my fantasy hideaway airstrip in the Sierras. Obie
  6. Any interest (other than me) in an Air America scheme for the venerable Twin Otter? http://www.utdallas.edu/library/specialcollections/hac/cataam/Leeker/aircraft/dhc6.pdf Obie
  7. Sad news. Best wishes for a successful recovery for Tony. How many "civilian" not counting governmental agencies Broncos are currently flying? Obie
  8. Oh yeah absolutely the Sherman Way tunnel. Also I forgot about the Condor Squadron (http://www.condorsquadron.org/Condor_Squadron/Home.html) on the West side of the runway they are a must!
  9. I'm sure the response will vary from organization to organization. However I used to work in films and well-known retailers would supply our prop and art departments with branded items they would like to expose to the moviegoers. Perhaps some of the best known examples of this type of exposure would be the BMW or Aston Martin automobiles, clothing, liquor, and Rolex watches for James Bond films. I was thinking that airport scenery could be rendered realistically by including the logos of aircraft manufacturers and petroleum companies or other aviation related businesses that actually exist. How much they might pay for this (if any) would be uncertain. However if you could approach the product placement firm (sometimes they use outside entities http://www.la411.com...y-cid-50471.htm) and give them your approximate "viewership" (units sold of your previous products) perhaps they would be interested. If nothing else they could cooperate by supplying clearances, clean graphics and references. Aerosoft has a good product and reputation and, IMHO, it would be a short-sighted aviation related company that would turn down the exposure. Kind Regards, Obie311
  10. I was very glad to hear you are putting the Van Nuys airport on your agenda. It is my home field and one of the busiest (if not the busiest) GA and corporate fields in the US. Last week I was sitting with my family on the patio of the 94th Aero Squadron and, in addition to countless bizjets (possibly one of John Travolta's), we saw an L-39, SF260, AT-6, P-51, and what looked to be a PC-9 with a military roundel on it. So please include the 94th Aero Squadron in the scenery package. Other don't miss items are the swimming pool at Clay Lacy's FBO, the LA City Fire helo base, lots of news choppers, the AirTel hotel, and the VolPar hangars. Regards, Obie
  11. Thanks Finn for your succinct reply. I appreciate all the hard work you and your fellow developers have put into this unusual aircraft. I was coming back from a camping trip in the Sierras last year and saw a Calfire Bronco at the Kernville airport along with a contingent of woodland firefighters living in tents on the airfield. Nice looking bird. Your Bronco is my first Aerosoft purchase and it won't be the last. I am anxiously awaiting the Van Nuys airport scenery package. It is my home field and quite an interesting and busy place. Great history. I recommend the DVD 16 Right for all the people involved in the project. One last question... Is there a way to make a popup on the Gyro Compass gauge? I would like to scrutinize it's busy face closer while in flight without losing that fantastic peripheral view out the cockpit. It looks like it's basically an RMI but there might be a DME function to it as well. Regards, Obie financially ground RW aviator
  12. I know we have some former and possibly current military pilots/aviators on this forum so maybe they can help me. Not having a Dash One for the Bronco I was wondering about proper take-off procedure. I did a cursory look at OV-10Bronco.net and found the checklists but nothing else. With the condition lever full forward(T/O-Lndg) and using 1/2 flaps and Vr of 100Kias, I have a hard time getting out of short runway without triggering the yellow torque lights. I bring the power back as soon as I have a little altitude, decent airspeed of about 120Kias, positive rate, wheels up, and flaps up. I then bring the condition levers back to normal flight. Is this acceptable or does the short spurt of "yellow" torque damage the engines? The other thing that I mentioned earlier: Any info or links on understanding the ILS Gauge and the Gyro compass with VOR/TACAN & ADF needle would be appreciated. It would make a nice addition to the included pdf reference. Thanks in advance. Obie311
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