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  1. Muchas gracias Walter. Disculpa el retraso en contestar pero había pasado a otros problemas más gordos y éste había quedado resuelto. Saludos Josemari
  2. OK, masterhawk. Now I have understood well. Thank you.
  3. Thanks, mopperle. It's what I've done: 1. Selected Hoppie Network as a weather source in MCDU3 2. Enter the flight plan from LEBB in MCDU1 3. Obtain the DepAtis report in MCDU2 (AOC ...) 4. Print the report on the A320 printer and take it to the dashboard to see it better. All perfect, but I dont see this meteo in the simulator, although pressing "B". Neither does the barometric pressure checklist item see it. Take the 1013 of the simulator, not the 1023 of the selected one. So they do not match. Or I've done something wrong, which is most likely. regards Josemari
  4. I think that since the experimental version, a lot of problems have been solved, at least for me, in terms of controlling speeds in managed mode. Now, I can focus on other details that improve realism. Very good for the weather options and the great printer reports. And a small big problem that I show in the capture: How do we configure WEATHER in the simulator to inject the selected meteo?. Thanks for this.
  5. ContentErrors.txtHello, again around here with problems. I am not very optimistic in the issue of "managed speed drop" because I have noticed failures again and that forces me to operate in "selected" mode But the reason for this query is that from, at the end of the P3DV4 session, the error message appears. There are 10 gauges errors, which affect PFD, Wingviewbar_hor and Checklist. The file "ContentErrors.txt" (attached) is generated only when loading the A320 Professional and there are no errors with the standard P3D4 aircrafts. I would appreciate a help. Regards. Josemari LEPP
  6. Finally, the version has worked correctly for me on the LEMD/LEPP flight repeated today, with no speed drop issues in the climbing phase. Following your instructions, I have completely uninstalled: - uninstall from the Control Panel. - delete the residual folders, both in P3DV4 and in Documents. - clean windows registry. - restart the computer. - install - update with Updater to - restart again... ... and fly! Thanks to Dave, team and forum members for the help. Now. I pray that it continue like this Regards Josemari LEPP
  7. Thanks, Dave. I will do it as you advise and report the results. Regards, Josemari LEPP
  8. Mark Crabtree Flight Student - Groundwork members 20 posts Report post Posted Wednesday at 08:41 PM Has shown no managed speed issues using 319, 320 and 321. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Do you mean that with version has been resolved the sudden speed drop in managed mode climb? It is not my case and I believe that the attached logfile proved it. The issue continues on study or should it be assumed that it has already been resolved? Regards Josemari LEPP
  9. Is it correct? [19/05/2019 00:43:21:650]: FlightParams: [21216, 76, 298] [ 31.1, 62, 0, 0]. FM= 0.14,-0.00. TotalDist:131. DI=1. [19/05/2019 00:43:41:716]: FlightParams: [21823, 76, 298] [ 29.5, 62, 0, 0]. FM= 0.17,-0.00. TotalDist:129. DI=1. [19/05/2019 00:44:01:827]: FlightParams: [22395, 70, 299] [ 26.3, 62, 0, 0]. FM= 0.76, 22.42. TotalDist:126. DI=1. [19/05/2019 00:44:22:039]: FlightParams: [22942, 50, 298] [ 26.5, 62, 0, 0]. FM= 1.65, 23.17. TotalDist:122. DI=1. [19/05/2019 00:44:38:716]: FlightParams: [23379, 33, 298] [ 25.7, 62, 0, 0]. FM= 2.30, 23.44. TotalDist:117. DI=1. [19/05/2019 00:45:42:691]: FlightParams: [24007, 17, 207] [ 72.6, 62, 0, 0]. FM= 4.36, 11.00. TotalDist:115. DI=1. [19/05/2019 00:46:02:787]: FlightParams: [26063, 5, 147] [ 84.7, 62, 0, 0]. FM= 5.91, 9.17. TotalDist:114. DI=1. [19/05/2019 00:48:06:735]: FlightParams: [26251, 351, 131] [-66.7, 100, 0, 0]. FM= 2.47, 0.95. TotalDist:112. DI=1. [ ]: FlightParams: [alt?, hdg?, spd?] [ ] ..... Regards Josemari LEPP
  10. And the version of A320 Prof is I hope this help your effort. Thanks. Josemari LEPP
  11. Operating System: Windows 10 64 Simulator version: P3DV4.5 Airbus version: A320 Professional Add-ons in use: Aerosoft Barcelona Pro, Aerosoft Mega Madrid Barajas 2008, Simzaleak Noain-Pamplona P3D System specs: i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz, RAM 16GB, MSI Z170A Gaming M, Nvidia GForce GTX 1070 8GB Description of the issue: I do not know if my interpretation of the FMGS log file is correct, but I think it says that at minute 45:42, the indicated speed drops from 298 to 131 knt in the minute 48:06. This is coincident with what happened on the flight. It was possible to control the aircraft manually and take it in selected mode to a stable FL 270 with indicated 280 knt. The descent and approach have been in "selected" mode, landing at LEPP without problem. Attached in zip the three log files. route: LEMD PINAR R10 PPN LEPP meteo FS, TOW 59.985 Kg/CoG 27.1% Additional information (route, weights, special area where the issue occurred etc.): Sorry, the log files here Log_files.zip
  12. I have the same problem, both on the DIR TO page and when trying to change a VOR/freq on the RadioNav page. P3D V4.5 & Abus rel Waiting for next week ... Thank you
  13. Gracias Walter. No hay ninguna prisa. Lo que hago es generarlo y copiar el archivo generado de la carpeta .../Airbus/FuelPlanner/LoadSheets a la .../General/Airbus XXX/FuelPlanner/LoadSheets y de ahí la coge la MCDU3 sin problemas. Saludos Josemari
  14. Al instalar A320 prof en P3DV4 (sin desinstalar FSX Steam) se ha añadido una nueva instancia de Fuel Planner. La de FSX_SE sigue funcionando bien. La de P3DV4 no carga los valores guardados. Ambas instancias de Fuel planner (desde FSX y desde P3DV4) graban la LoasSheet en la misma carpeta: ...\Documents\Aerosoft\Airbus\FuelPlanner\LoadSheets\LoadSheetA320.txt A la hora de cargarla en el avión, el A320 FSX lo hace correctamente, desde esa carpeta. En cambio, el A320 prof P3DV4 carga desde: ...\Documents\Aerosoft\General\A3XX Fuel Planner\LoadSheets\LoadSheetA320.txt y lógicamente, no cuadra. Si supiera en qué configuración se puede cambiar la carga de este último, me sería de suma utilidad. Gracias y un saludo Josemari
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