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  1. Hi, Can You put here code for Shockwave lights (external)? I have Reduced 3D version. Id like to add this but havent a time for tests. You did it .
  2. Ok, thank You for reply. Here this lite repaint (reduced textures). Also loks very well: For me FPS to same but I have 2Gb GPU so here this reason.
  3. Yes, Thank You from my side too . I wait for Yours DA-20 from last September. Im user DA-20 of Aerosoft for FS9/FSX (old model) so nice to see this devellopment! Thx again Marcel .
  4. Sure, but fixed this problem with view from VC with Wide mode. I prefer this view without "glass problem" than center point with "whole" in my cocpit. Users can choose.
  5. Sorry, use a Google or ask Airline pilot. Sure its GA - but what with approach (like on this screenshots) ? Your answer is wrong. Which is common air low with using landing lights in FS ? Its a bug, thats all. Dont talk "you dont need it in the air - so no problem" . Why this strange effect isnt with default or other addons?
  6. Ok, did small corrections for Wide view. Now is ok. Cener of view is a little in the right side but wasnt this "trinagle" without glass of cocpit. In the Aircraft.cfg change this line: [Views] eyepoint=-1.25, -0.75, 1.92 to [Views] eyepoint=-1.25, -0.61, 1.92 Now is solved .
  7. Perhaps You have right. I use Wide view. I did small update of position for wide view and will put here. Thx.
  8. Why solved ? No - according air low You must use landing lights till certain flight level (example FL100). No this issue with similar FSX aircrafts with landing lights.
  9. See here: I used a Track IR, but this shot was did with normal view from cocpit (without zoom). For me - please a little change position view in cocpit (pilot view, more to right side). Mistake of this changes will be not front central view. Sure we can edit view manually too.
  10. Hello, I noticed on external view (flyby view) this strange effects of lights: Katana 1.00
  11. Hi Marcel! Can You explain only why I need this textures? For better FPS with old card graphics ?
  12. I noticed too same . Like it was in Do-27. Thx for this nice Feature!
  13. Looking superb, pilot is very well done too but Where is a girl?
  14. I think this question now isnt good. Too early for this. You speek about the missions but the model still isnt ready.
  15. For me, no problem. I dont like glass cocpit. Only analog, clasics clocks are ok
  16. Nice! No women passenger? She was in version for FS9 (in manager for Kotana)
  17. Today, Gamescom are finished. No news about M. Flight? Any knows something?
  18. Marcel, on Your webpage, we can find info and pictures Pilatus "Porter". I see it isnt FSD model. Can You explain something about this PREJECT? see here: http://www.marcelfelde.de/ Shots here http://www.marcelfelde.de/design/content/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&layout=blog&id=2&Itemid=12 I very like PC-6. In FS9 it was one from my favorite airplanes (FSD model).
  19. Hi, What do You think? Is it possible to start to sell Katana in August? regards
  20. Waitng for new shots .... (whole aircraft)
  21. Ok. I wait too . Maybe Polish paint: http://airfoto.pl/?module=Photos&action=Single&id_ph=19017&size=2 ?
  22. Im owner of Katana from Aerosoft for FS2004, after bought update for FSX so Id like to have discount for this new version of DA20 It will be native version of model?
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