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  1. Here my newest video for the newest scenery Enjoy! Feel free to like, comment and subscribe! Regards, Tim
  2. Here is my Sharm El-Sheikh video, it will be the official video. Regards, Tim
  3. Looks very impressive, finally a good Heraklion with nice surroundings too!
  4. I did some research on Google and found something done by IGFly or something like that.
  5. Oryxsim is doing Toronto. So another one would be appreciated too...
  6. yeah but they pay from providers satellite imagery. It doesn't have to be google earth.
  7. I only know that satellite imagery from google is forbidden to use in a commercial way.
  8. Looks very nice!! What are you going to use as ground textures?
  9. Check out this stunning video which shows you the beautiful Ground Services produced by FSDreamTeam. Enjoy!
  10. My new Djerba X video. I hope you guys like it Thanks. Tim
  11. Hello, this is a preview video for the McPhat Freeware paint American Airlines which is coming soon. Enjoy the video
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