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  1. DLHVirtual features the schedule of Lufthansa Cityline who fly many routes with the CRJ, mostly out of Munich and Frankfurt.
  2. Another example enroute from LEZG to LEPA (routing: PONEN UN870 BCN UZ167 LORES). Aircraft starting the turn too early and then zigzagging to get back on track. In the end I engaged selected heading to re-capture the path. As this is happening to me on almost every flight, I put the plane in the hangar for now until this issue is resolved. Don´t get me wrong, I love the CRJ and I highly appreciate the work Hans and the team have done! But this bug really kills the experience I must say. I hope it is gonna be fixed with the next patch.
  3. Are there plans to „upgrade“ existing sceneries with this feature or only upcoming projects?
  4. Your welcome! Yeah that spinning out of controls happens to me too from time to time. I have no idea why it happens and unfortunately I don’t have a solution to that atm other than „stopping“ the knob with the mouse. Concerning the spoiler axis I don’t have special recommendations I think. I just set the spoiler axis as you saw in the profile. Of course you can set the axis to a different lever on the quadrant so that it doesn’t interfere with the thrust.
  5. You‘re using my CRJ profile for spad.next I guess. 😄 I mapped the spoiler axis to the left on the quadrant for my setup. That’s the reason you have a double assignment on the axis. Just go into spad.next and delete the assignment as shown in the picture above. That should do it.
  6. I the attached image you can see where to delete the assignment. Edit: After deleting make sure to click on "save" in the lower left corner. Otherwise the change will not be activated.
  7. Yeah that’s probably because I mapped the spoiler axis to the left axis on the throttle quadrant 😄 Just go into spad.next and delete the spoiler axis assignment on the quadrant. Then the problem should be gone. If that doesn’t work or you encounter any other issues feel free to ask!
  8. Here you go. But note that you’ll need the latest beta of spad.next and the lvar Bridge installed.
  9. I´m working on a profile for the A32NX for the Logitech/Saitek Multipanel. I can share it here when I´m finished.
  10. I do not own the radio panel, hence I can’t help you with that But I hope it’ll work out for you!
  11. I‘m glad it worked for you!!! Your welcome! The panels make the experience even better! Actually I didn‘t do anything about the speed limit, I guess it does that automatically. 😂 Enjoy the airplane!
  12. Yeah, you’ll need the beta to access the lvar-bridge file shown in the video. I’ve been using the registered version for years so I don’t know if you can access the beta without registering.
  13. Here you go. Maybe you also have to install the LVAR-bridge for MSFS in order for the profile to work, not sure about that. But there´s a video on youtube on how to do that. Also note that I mapped the TCAS switch to COWL and the seat belt signs to the autothrottle switch. CRJ.xml
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