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  1. Hi, I am wondering why the calculated VNAV path does not take into account an idle descent just like any others airliners ? I am always around 80% N1 in the descent Pierre
  2. +1 please eradicate those problems! It is very frustrating… Maybe the core developers are busy on others projects, ie ATR, PC6 Pierre
  3. Great news! Thanks for your effort to keep this going on. Pierre
  4. Well, I asked a friend flying the CRJ1000 about that. He told me either the turn is coded in FMS and drawn correctly, either it is only straight segmented route and then if the angle is too tight the aircraft may not be able to anticipate the turn therefore it reverses the turn. It happened to him very few time. He told me switching the problematic waypoint to overfly may help but he would prefer flying the turn in Heading mode if not sure what the aircraft will do. My guess is that the virtual CRJ is over sensitive regarding this phenomenon, and maybe something should be done to get a more robust LNAV system. Pierre
  5. Hello, it is not that I do not believe you. It is just that it happens way to often in the virtual CRJ that I find hard to believe it occurs as often as that in the real one. But of course I may be mistaken. That’s why I thought it would be great to have others pilots inputs. Best regards, Pierre
  6. Hi, I would be very happy to have real CRJ pilots here confirm that this behavior in not uncommon on the real CRJ. I really doubt that for such an aircraft the Nav system can be such unreliable. Just go to Gatwick and try a reversed departure, the first turn is messed up just like in the OP screenshots. And it is just a one turn procedure, at a very busy airport in Europe. Pierre
  7. Hi, During my recent flights, I keep noticing that the distance to TOD stops to update if you begin the descent prior to reaching the TOD itself. I like to begin the descent earlier with a shallow rate of descent for passengers comfort and increasing the rate when reaching the VNAV calculated path. As you can see in the picture below, the distance to TOD freezed at 19 nm when I started the descent and I currently at the TOD…. Pierre
  8. Yep, same for me, same departure last week, same problem. I had same problem yesterday flying arrival from the north at EGSS. Wrong turn, wrong intercept, approach going crazy. Basically, any departure or arrival with a curved turn is flown badly with the CRJ. I guess that is the limit of this aircraft. It is a pity for an aircraft simulating Normal Ops only that you can trust the LNAV function. @metzgergva This aircraft desperately needs a more robust LNAV system just like WT provides in the CJ4 or G1000 Nxi. For now I will have to vectors myself whenever I feel the LNAV won’t keep up. Pierre
  9. Hi, I was about to open a post for this problem when I just saw this one. Well, I noticed the same problem. Setting the bug at Mach 0,74 I will be way less if I match the bug. Of course if I really fly at mach 0,74 then I am above the bug. There is a 0,2 - 0,15 mach difference it seems. In the picture, I matched the bug with my current airspeed of mach 0,744 and the bug ended at mach 0,76.
  10. Yes, but not working… Pierre
  11. I understand this is not automatic. My point is that the EFB does not allow to enter Flex temp so it can calculate de Vspeed accordingly. I am not sure we have charts to do that in the manual anyway. Pierre
  12. Thanks for pointing this out ! I read a lot but not this one oddly. So, seems to be a bug but since V speeds are not updated when using Flex Temp, it is actually useless to consider flex take-off. Hope Aerosoft will improve the software regarding flex temp use. Pierre
  13. Hi, I am trying to flex takeoff in the CRJ. First of all, I would like to know if there is a tool to calculate the flex temperature ? I could not find one so I used 45 degrees C arbitrarily. Second, I input that value on perf page of FMC. Third, I push the throttle in the TOGA position expecting the thrust to be limited to the Flex thrust value in Magenta on the N1 gauges. But my problem is the thrust is not limited to flex thrust when doing that, and goes past the max flex thrust. What am I doing wrong? Pierre
  14. Hi, I noticed there is no chapter in FMC documentation that explains the fix page. Could anyone explain me what I can expect from this page and how to set it up ? Thanks Best regards Pierre
  15. Hi! I too woud like to download that mipmap utility for Nice scenery but I can not find it in my account. I have only the link to the full scenery download version 1.1 FSX. Can someone help me on this one? Thanks Pierre
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