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  1. Hi! I too woud like to download that mipmap utility for Nice scenery but I can not find it in my account. I have only the link to the full scenery download version 1.1 FSX. Can someone help me on this one? Thanks Pierre
  2. Hi! I would like to say that me too I am dissapointed with FPS on this scenery, and my guess is that there is definitively a problem that is not due to computer perf but either due to the scenery or someting in our installation that may interfere with Corfu X. Here is my findings : I tested lots of scenery with the weather and same settings in FSX (sliders to middle for most of them) with Dodosim 206. This chopper is very FPS wise and I can have my 25 FPS (limited to 25) in every other sceneries including NIce X, Flytampa Athens and Hong Kong, and Orbx airport in PNW. Even if I push the sliders to max, I can maintain 25 FPS on those scenery. But Corfu X is the only scenery where I can not achieve 25FPS. The fact is that when I load the scenery, all seems fine but after a few minutes my FPS are down to 20 when looking to the airport or city. After that FPS can not go better than 20.... I alos landed with the NGX and got single digits FPS for the first time in my FSX carrier^^ That is why I think there is a problem somewhere... I would be glad if you were able to look for the reason of this! I am ready to test if you want. That is a marvelous scenery but the reason I bought it is that I thought it would be the lighter scenery of all Aerosoft sceneries but right now it is not. Keep up the good work Pierre PS I noticed that I had quite the same config and setting that Emi above. Mine is a laptop with seven 64 i5 460m and GTX 460M and I have only 4 gig ram.
  3. Oh oh maybe not.... The launcher just updated and launch itself at the end of the installation... But do I have something special to do with it? Pierre Edit: Yes it was not activated sorry
  4. Hello, Just deleted my post. I thought it was ann issue but it is just that I did not see I had to activate the scenery via the launcher. Sorry for the buzz. Pierre
  5. Hello All! Just allow me to add my thought about the RXP GNS530 integration in the Katana as it is the only point I found I can criticize As Ralhue wrote above the GNS530 does not look so good in the Katana compare to the Duke or the Carenado C210 and even the GNS430 integration in Lotussim L39 5the latter I think to be the best looking). I am not speaking of the in screen quality like above but rather about the white/silver lines that appears around the frame of the GNS when switched ON. I may use strong word, but I found it quite ugly (sorry). When the GPS breaker is pulled off, no white lines around but of course no GPS. But then the panel looks perfectly realistic That's why I ended not using the GPS in the Katana. That's why I may ask to Marcel : Would it be possible to rework a bit the RXP GNS530 integration so that it fits nicely in the Katana panel without any white lines that make your so beautiful virtual cockpit not so nice looking? Exept this point, the Katana 4X is nothing but Pierre "Enjoying the Katana and looking forward for the PC6 with excitement"
  6. Hi everybody! First of all I want to congratulate Marcel for his work! What of wonderfull aircraft! I guess it is simply the best GA aircraft I ever saw for FS. I just noticed that the fuel pump does not make any sound on my system. I thought I should hear some clear "tack tack tack" sound as in the previous version of the Katana. Is it normal or not? Fuel pump works well because the fuel indicator lights off when I switch the pump. I am running FSX Acceleration on Win7 64 I5-460M GTX460M 4GIG mem Also, just some minors things I noticed : - Regarding GNS530 integration, I noticed that when switched on, a white edging appaears around the GPS 3d gauge that makes it shine. When switched off, the white edging dissapears and the gauges do not shine anymore or less. - I saw someone reporting some hole between the canopy and fuselage when canopy is closed. I noticed that also when someone moves the point of view forward. By doing so, you can see the holes. So here is my question. When my zoom is 1.0, I used to move the point of view forward because I feel the instruments are too far away for my taste. Now, if I cannot move the pont of view forward due to above mentioned problem, I would like to zoom a litte bit more than 1.0. However, my zoom jump from 1.0 to 1.5 and I do not know how to adjust it say to 1.2. I have mapped zoom buttons to my joystick. If someone can help me with that even if it is not drectly related to Katana. Happy flights Pierre
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