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  1. Thx, Stephen - I guess no way around it then, as support from the creators is like nil. Thankful that you're around 🙂 Torben
  2. Hi As I contuniously get a cruise alt too high, when compared to the LRC optimim alt, I've lowered the Opt cruise in PFPX aircraft database by 2000 feet (-2000). But then my profile chart have strange "bumps" in it, see attached. What's wrong? Torben
  3. I bought Bergamo Pro at FSWeekend at Lelystad in 2018. From the AS Installer I can see, that there should be a update, but when I download the latest version I get according to the file (AS_BERGAMO-PROFESSIONAL_P3DV4_V1010.exe). Where can I find the newest one? regards Torben
  4. Ahh - yes, that works. I only put in the speed/alt and fltplan, which didn't work. Thanks. But annoying act from Eurocontrol.
  5. ..or at least have PFPX creating a text string,, which can be put into the public NOP directly. Torben Would it be an idea to put up a site, where we, the public, can make a plea to Eurocontrol to continue to accept access from users of flightplanning software, such as PFPX?
  6. Thank you for your reply -hopefully it makes sense to somebody. It doesn't to me - I own a legal copy of GA3 2012 EDDH. How much I paid for it and under which circumstances is of little concern to noone. At least for "normal" commodities in "normal" shops when I present them with the item, for which "upgrades" are offered, then I am entitled to the discount simply because I own the product. Somehow I fail to see, why this should be different, when it comes to software. What you actually is telling me is that different owners of Ga3 EDDH have different "value" in your system. I tend to disagree with you. Regards Torben
  7. Back in the good old days I bought the German Airports 3 X - a bundle of EDDW, EDDH and other airports. Even today GA3 X can be bought as a bundle for FSX (and FS9), but you can also buy the individual airports separately as GA3 Hamburg or GA3 Bremen. The price for the bundle is naturally higher than for the individual ones - but this is only to be expected. What I did not expect was that an upgrade to Hamburg Pro for use with P3Dv4 is ONLY available if you bought the individual airports like GA3 - EDDH, not when you bought GA3X. Apparently Aerosoft regards the German Airports 3 2012 X (the bundled version) as a different version of German Airports 3 2012 EDDH (or EDDW etc). The result is that a supporter of Aerosoft buying more scenery (EDDH+EDDW+..) in a bundle is worse off, when an upgrade is offered to the customers. The morale is - do not buy bundled versions. You'll have a hard time figuring out, when an upgrade offer is available to you or not. (or you can try to find an other company offering a better service). A desillutioned customer - Torben Andersen
  8. Hello Stephen. No, I haven't computed the flight as I ussually corrects outdated routes in the route database, when a new cycle arrives. I'll try to add the reg in the notes as per your picture. @mopperle: Thank you for your input. The route error is corrected - only the reg is the problem. Torben BTW: Just tried adding the reg in the notes - it works!! But it would be nice if PFPX did this automatically. T.
  9. As of fms data 1803 I get a validation error (see attached). What is wrong? regards Torben
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