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  1. Hi Stephen - sorry for the late reply. I didn't expect more on this issue, so didn't follow the thread, my bad. The performance file is Judith's B737-800ERW: filename: Boeing B737-800ERW CFM56-7B26-7B27.txt version 1.00 regards Torben
  2. Thx, Stephen - I guess no way around it then, as support from the creators is like nil. Thankful that you're around 🙂 Torben
  3. Hi As I contuniously get a cruise alt too high, when compared to the LRC optimim alt, I've lowered the Opt cruise in PFPX aircraft database by 2000 feet (-2000). But then my profile chart have strange "bumps" in it, see attached. What's wrong? Torben
  4. I bought Bergamo Pro at FSWeekend at Lelystad in 2018. From the AS Installer I can see, that there should be a update, but when I download the latest version I get according to the file (AS_BERGAMO-PROFESSIONAL_P3DV4_V1010.exe). Where can I find the newest one? regards Torben
  5. Ahh - yes, that works. I only put in the speed/alt and fltplan, which didn't work. Thanks. But annoying act from Eurocontrol.
  6. ..or at least have PFPX creating a text string,, which can be put into the public NOP directly. Torben Would it be an idea to put up a site, where we, the public, can make a plea to Eurocontrol to continue to accept access from users of flightplanning software, such as PFPX?
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