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  1. Not sure how third parties handle FlightsimSoft codes Ray, I purchased direct.
  2. There is a another thread on the topic Ray, currently the only option is to revert to v2.03. The message was likely suppressed previously when using 3rd party weather sources.
  3. Just tried again with v2.04 and have the same result as yourself. I would suggest rolling back to v2.03, my own preference.
  4. Tested your aircraft file in v2.03 & 2.04 with both Navigraph & Aerosoft AIRAC data.
  5. The quickest way to resolve the problem Ken is for you to post a snapshot your export paths.
  6. Still cannot reproduce your issue Juan, here using your aircraft file and ZFW: (FPL-SAAB340-IS -SF34/M-SDFRY/S -EDLN1220 -N0273F240 MODRU Z717 MAS UM617 CIV/N0276F230 UM617 ROBAL/N0284F190 M617 CMB/N0284F180 R50 DPE -LFRG0116 LFQQ -PBN/B4 NAV/RNVD2E5A2 DOF/210302 REG/SAAB340 EET/EHAA0013 EBUR0016 LFFF0036 RVR/550 OPR/AIRBILBAO VA PER/C -E/0233) What OFP and fuel policy are you using?
  7. Hello XCSWxcsw, Unfortunately the custom areas are not reloaded, a known issue. I keep the data in a text file and add it back in as required.
  8. @Jim1716 You have imported the AIRAC via the EFB Database Builder ? AFCAD folder will be empty by default
  9. Your Documents path is incorrect, you have set it too deep to Prepar3D v4 Files. It should be to documents only
  10. Yes, on some systems an expired server subscription can cause PFPX to close upon connecting to the server. If PFPX stays open long enough set weather source to none or an alternative third party, otherwise disconnect from the internet temporarily and make the change, reconnect.
  11. As a test backup then delete the content of the routes folder, does PFPX remain running?
  12. Remote IFPS validation was withdrawn at EuroControls request. Update PFPX to v2.04 that has the function removed, available HERE I STRONGLY suggest that you backup the entire C:\Users\Public\Documents\PFPX Data before updating/reinstalling.
  13. The vcredist files in the linked post are somewhat outdated. First step now is to uninstall any 2015, 2017, 2019 Microsoft Visual C++ files ( x86 and x64 ) via windows control panel and reinstall the Visual Studio 2015, 2017 and 2019 (x86 and x64) posted HERE Reboot and try PFPX again. If it still fails try reinstalling the AIRAC to exclude a corrupt download.
  14. I have not been able to reproduce your outcome using the supplied files Juan, tested with a range of payloads and speeds and different weather sources,
  15. Hello Juan, Tested with NG2101 and AS2002 AIRAC data here and get a correct result: (FPL-DF34B-IN -SF34/L-SDFGIRY/S -EDDH1725 -N0272F240 BASUM M170 OSN Z718 SUVOX/N0281F200 Z850 VEBAK -EDLN0103 EHBK -PBN/A1B1C1L1 NAV/RNVD2E5A2 DOF/210223 REG/DF34B EET/EDGG0036 -E/0157) AIRAC cycle and provider ? Aircraft performance file in use?
  16. You are using David's RAD Restrictions and Directs files from the forum download section ? LYTV-EHAM results in 13% and reversed 8% , the latter requiring a minor change to accommodate RAD
  17. My only workaround suggestion is to use the PFPX send to Vatsim Pre-file option available via the SEND button having released the flight.
  18. The drop down arrow at .vfp in xPilot cannot be changed to .sfp as it can in vPilot ?
  19. You are referring to vPilot ? If so export the Squawkbox3 .sfp format and load that in that in vPilot.
  20. Leslie, as Peter has suggested the FSL Airbus is installed outside of the main sim and uses an add-on xml entry to define its location and configure the simobject entry. You should find entries in the Simstarter add-on xml and simobject managers.
  21. I don't believe there is any difference in planning using AS or FSGRW in the two versions Jason. The only difference is that the lack of upper wind forecast data warning was suppressed in previous versions.
  22. Using the PFPX OFP and setting 30min holds in the alternate section does indeed add the fuel/time. In this example with a two alternate requirement an additional 30min is added at ESOW in the summary, the furthest alternate of the two used To get individual entries in the OFP will require a template edit
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