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  1. Select the four routes followed by the import function at the foot of page:
  2. Install the Dropbox App on the PC and simply print the PDF to the local folder.
  3. You used the BROWSE functions to set the Documents and Export paths and PFPX has translated the language names of the folders ? Wasn't aware the program would do that.
  4. Should your document path not be C :\Utilsateurs\Jerome\Documents ?
  5. What is this ? Your folder snapshot shows C :\Users\Jerome\Documents\Fichiers Flight Simulator X Your path to documents should be set ' C :\Users\Jerome\Documents ' Line select the Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) export option and use BROWSE to locate ' C :\ Users \ Jerome \ Documents \ Fichiers Flight Simulator X ' I assume Fichiers Flight Simulator X is a regional folder and not one that you created ?
  6. IF ' Fichiers Flight Simulator X ' is the correct regional folder then select the Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) line in the export options and use the BROWSE button on the menu bar to navigate to the Fichiers Flight Simulator X folder
  7. Running PFPX as Admin? The folder Flight Simulator X Files does not exist in your snapshot
  8. The path to your document folder goes too far, it should be 'C:\Users\Sam\Documents\ ' ( or relevant user name ) and not the Flight Simulator X folder
  9. Additionally post a snapshot of your PFPX export window showing the paths set.
  10. The METAR time is at 14:50Z. Your planned takeoff time is 16:00Z and fits with the TAF forecast 25009KT. 02005KT would be outdated.
  11. You would need to contact the developer @ FlightsimSoft Have also sent a PM
  12. Have you tried reinstalling .NET ? From control panel / programs & features / turn windows features on or off. Untick .NET Framework 4.8 - reboot Same process and untick .NET framework 3.5 - reboot Reverse the process and select each in turn with reboot. Run window update. I would also then reinstall the vcredist 2015-2019 runtimes
  13. Thanks for posting your solution Petter, I have KB4506991 installed since 10th July and have not experienced any issues.
  14. You have been using PFPX a while so has this only just started to happen ? Has WIN10 recently updated to v1903, a change in graphics driver.
  15. I could enter N50 50.0 W021 00.0 without issue, at 20W it would appear to snap to the 51N position and not be available as duplicates cannot exist. Only suggestion would be to submit a support ticket at FlightsimSoft
  16. Not an expert Steve but I don't think you can plan using less than 1/2 degree and that maybe why PFPX will not accept the entry. This from CAA CAP694: " DEFINE the track of flights operating predominantly in an east-west direction between 70N and 70S by reference to significant points formed by the intersections of half or whole degrees of latitude with meridians spaced at intervals of 10 degrees of longitude. For flights operating in areas outside those latitudes the tracks shall be defined by significant points formed by the intersection of parallels of latitude with meridians normally spaced at 20 degrees of longitude. The distance between significant points shall, as far as possible, not exceed one hour's flying time. Additional significant points shall be established as deemed necessary.For flights operating predominantly in a north-south direction, define tracks by reference to significant points formed by the intersection of whole degrees of longitude with specified parallels of latitude which are spaced at 5 degrees; "
  17. You can only modify the OFP template in accordance with the template guide as posted HERE The change you are looking for cannot be achieved with this method as the data extract is hard coded in the PFPX program.
  18. Whilst the WindData format can be changed the descent levels are hard coded according to the template guide.
  19. In which case contact your VA admin, it is possible a configuration file that is delivered from their server is not been retrieved.
  20. Have you placed the VA template(s) in your documents \FS Flight Keeper\Templates folder and then selected those templates in your pilot configuration.
  21. In this example enter the higher altitude at the next waypoint after the restriction at SULUS (FPL-A319IAE-IN -A319/M-SDE1FGHIJ1RWXYZ/LB1 -EDDF1215 -N0389F230 SULUS Z650 TIPAM/N0424F310 T703 ARBAX T108 OSTES T700 BADIT -LOWS0052 EDDM -PBN/A1B1C1D1L1O1S1 NAV/RNVD1E2A1 DOF/190726 REG/A319IAE EET/EDMM0017 EDUU0028 EDMM0036 LOVV0044 RVR/75 PER/C -E/0159)
  22. No not automatically, however by reference to the error code you can add exclusions ( airway, navaid or waypoint ) or route via specific navaid/waypoint and re-validate.
  23. Hello Rick, v2 is a free upgrade and can be downloaded from FlightsimSoft Backup your C:\Users\Public\Documents\PFPX Data folder, uninstall v1 before a clean install of v2
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