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  1. PFPX is an IFR planning tool. The 'VP' waypoints are used for VFR navigation and until recently were not included in the AIRAC data set used by PFPX and indeed have crept in by the provider. VFR waypoints may not be used on IFR flight plans For reference from the FAA:
  2. No it is not going to change the route after compute, if this reveals an altitude for FRA then try using the advanced planner and set a min alt of FL340 and compute again.
  3. PFPX will give you step climbs dependent upon many factors such weight, CI, winds, turbulence etc, these may not coincide with the FMC prediction and that will be the pilots choice to implement. Here initially 330 climbing 350 and then a change of available airway levels to 360: (FPL-ESA7015-IS -B77L/H-SDE2E3FGHIJ3J5M1RWXYZ/LB2D1 -LEBL1420 -N0485F330 LOBAR UN725 ELSAP UN869 ZAR UZ245 CJN UN975 CCS DCT ELVAR DCT BEXAL/N0478F350 DCT SAMAR/M083F350 UN873 ODEGI/M083F360 UN873 VUNOK/N0482F360 UN873 NTL UZ14 TOMAS UZ21 VUNOX VUNO1A -SBGR1049 SBSJ -PB
  4. You may find an updated manual that I produced helpful, available HERE Via the configuration/planning menu add restricted areas which are currently permanent:
  5. If the route really does look incorrect then disable the route restrictions and try a route find again, in some cases you may find the route validates anyway. Should that be the case are there any errors reported by PFPX pointing to the RAD. Also the Restrictions button on the menu bar may indicate what is and isn't validated in the file. Due to the many thousands of entries it may not always be apparent which filters are been applied and this case I found that mousing over waypoint SONAK indicated a restriction LM2052.1.I to ARLOS that I then cross checked against the
  6. The restrictions contained in the PFPX implementation of the Route Availability Document are not updated automatically but thanks to David many of them have been corrected/updated. In this instance an entry for LM2052 at SONAK looks incorrect, also LM2027 looks to require an update. If you search for LM2052 in the Route Restrictions editor and remove the SONAK entries and try again. Alternatively use the advanced route finder and tick the Ignore Route Restrictions box. You might also choose to avoid Q680 although this makes only a minor difference.
  7. A user posted a similar issue which he resolved and rather than been helpful to others did not post the resolution. It looks to be the same issue and a change in graphics settings resolved it for him. The topic is posted HERE
  8. Indeed not only should the selected route be displayed but as you have the high altitude airway option activated these should display also. The 2105 AIRAC cycle was installed with PFPX closed ? What graphics card is in use and are drivers up to date. I would also suggest installing the latest 2015-2019 vcredist available from Microsoft, if a 64bit OS install both x86 and x64 files.
  9. Hello Riad, Just what is the map issue to which you refer ? I would suggest installing David's RAD Restrictions and Directs update to match the AIRAC cycle posted in the forum downloads. PFPX will use the RAD filters to try and generate a route based on those filters, however even commercial planners with a significantly higher price tag can require manual intervention by dispatchers to pass IFPS validation. So yes, following a learning curve it is certainly possible to build schedules and maintain routes with relative ease.
  10. You are using NavdataPro for the AIRAC ? If so L642 is assigned the SA cruise table entry for its entirety rather than FA & PJ by NG Jeppesen. Personally I would use PFPX v2.03 to avoid some of the vertical profile issues. Should you wish to try that see the post HERE I believe the level changes are occurring based on the turbulence forecast (FPL-DALFG-IN -B77L/H-SDE2E3FGHIJ1J3J4J5M1P2RWXYZ/LB1D1 -VHHH1255 -N0485F380 PECA1B PECAN V12 EPDOS L642 EPKAL/K0897S1160 L642 EXOTO/N0480F390 L642 VEPAM/N0487F350 L642 CN/N0485F360 L642 ESPOB Q801
  11. I'm not seeing issues with assigned FL's southbound on L642, can you supply an OFP where problems arise. (FPL-DALFG-IN -B77L/H-SDE2E3FGHIJ1J3J4J5M1P2RWXYZ/LB1D1 -VHHH1255 -N0485F380 TITA1E PECAN V12 EPDOS L642 EPKAL/K0897S1160 L642 EXOTO/N0480F390 L642 VEPAM/N0488F350 L642 CN/N0485F360 L642 ESPOB Q801 ESBUM/N0484F350 Q802 ELALO ELAL1A -WSSS0315 WSAP -PBN/A1B1C1D1L1O1S2 NAV/D1E2A1 DAT/1FANSP SUR/RSP180 260B DOF/210603 REG/DALFG EET/ZJSA0038 VVTS0101 WSJC0214 WMFC0247 WSJC0303 SEL/HMKS CODE/3C70C7 RVR/75 OPR/GEC ORGN/EDDFGECO PER/D RMK/LUFTHANSA
  12. There looks to be an issue with multi-line cruise table entries. Regarding M771, the AIRAC data providers indicate the airway as NE bound only.
  13. Details of the levels not available ? You have supporting AIP documentation for the airway in question ?
  14. Are you using the RAD Restrictions and Directs update to match the AIRAC cycle produced by David and available from the forum download section HERE ? The restrictions flagged in your image are disabled in the current update.
  15. Known short trip cruise planning issue, set ALT to MAX instead of OPT and NO STEP climb.
  16. To me it looks like the SO assigned table for the airway is incorrect for M624 ROUSY-DIK, should be even FL by the AIP yet the SO table assigns odd.
  17. The entries for UM624/M624 are set by the AIRAC provider, will look at the difference for YY and SO
  18. I do recall some issues with time zones. Here for EGSS mousing over the airport on the map shows UTC +1 Timezone.dat file attached is from the PFPX Data folder bit I doubt it is different to your own. Timezones.dat
  19. The same glitch occurs at ROUSY using v2.03. The cruise table of the airway changes with M624, would need to look closer at just what the levels are.
  20. Issues such as you have posted with the flight levels in ATC submission ( N0440F360/N0440F380 ) and missing flight level changes in the vertical profile map. For the EGSS-LSGG route post your complete OFP
  21. There are indeed some issues with FL's introduced in v2.04 Should you wish to reinstall v2.03 see the post HERE
  22. An aviation weather expert can elaborate further, however the browser image is a Significant Weather Forecast valid for 6hr whereas the map is displaying SIGMET, an in-flight advisory which in general has a 4hr validity except for certain criteria.
  23. Unless you know the specific COM/DAT/NAV entries simply remove 'Z' from the 10a Equipment Entry in the aircraft config. For a given aircraft you may find the actual entries at Real World Flightplan Database
  24. Export from PFPX using the Squawkbox 3 or Vatsim option to a location of choice. From the vPilot flightplan load dialogue change the file type from .vfp to .sfp and import from your saved location. Alternatively use the SEND option for Vatsim pre-file.
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