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  1. Jose I suggested that an inactive subscription may have been the cause. There are no issues currently with the server. Are you now running PFPX in WIN7 compatibility mode if running windows 10 ?
  2. I could plan HECA-KELP here with 285 pax, ZFW=161994kg and still carry extra fuel. Your Payload is the likely restriction in this instance. HECA-KELP (11-Oct-2021) #1.pdf
  3. Hi, Belisar posted an ETOPS guide which includes the NAV check, the PDF files are available HERE An HF radio check wasn't included at the time as it wasn't simulated by Vatsim, I believe that has since changed. This would include a SELCAL check as well as audio.
  4. Vatsim changed their data access. It would require an update to PFPX to gain access.
  5. Different to the Ops' issue Eric, the loss of metar can be seen here also although TAF data populates.
  6. All ok here. Try closing PFPX and delete the temp files located C:\Users\Public\Documents\PFPX Data\Temp
  7. PFPX does not generally use the SID level restrictions, it was my mistake in this case. Edit the route:
  8. Computing here the altitude constraints are respected, crossing ABL at @16000 The cruise length is exceedingly short so I guess climb to TOD is likely unless restricted. Using W36 instead of the direct returns cruise FL200. Are there any restrictions on directs in Columbia ?
  9. Which PFPX version ? Can you post the complete OFP and what aircraft performance file is in use.
  10. @Freccia Have you run the Aerosoft Updater, originally ILS32R did not have a DME. Current version is
  11. One of the benefits of keeping backups No guarantees on the outcomes when used in v2 PFPXv121.txt
  12. Yes it may close PFPX. With PFPX closed disconnect from the internet ( pull the cable or disconnect wi-fi ). Start PFPX and select weather to NONE, reconnect internet.
  13. OAT has nothing to do whatsoever with MORA. Choose an OFP format that has the OAT entry, check the download section o fthis forum
  14. Displaying OAT in the navlog will indeed depend upon the OFP format as suggested. The MORA.dat file is located C:\Users\Public\Documents\PFPX Data, if missing re-install PFPX.
  15. The <&EROPSFuel> entry is linked to the fuel policy and frequently displayed as ETP ADD. There is no time associated with this as it is an additional quantity to ensure the Contingency Reserve is met at the critical point.
  16. You will need to submit a support ticket to FlightsimSoft Brian
  17. When finding the route use the 'advanced' route find option and select the NON-EDTO checkbox.
  18. Thanks Bert, hopefully it will resolve José issue also.
  19. An option I frequently forget José as I do not install to program data or experience similar issue is to run PFPX as Admin and also set WIN7 compatibility mode
  20. If installed to C:\Program Files (86) then try running as Admin and also set WIN7 compatibility mode
  21. I could reproduce this with AS2002 in 2.04, NG2108 was ok. If using an Aerosoft LIDO navdata then I suggest raising this in the NavdataPro section of this forum.
  22. Which version of PFPX and which AIRAC provider? I would suggest reinstalling the navdata as the issue cannot be seen here using v2.03 & NG2108:
  23. Check that you have the latest vredist installed Bert, advice posted HERE I recently installed 2.04 on a new WIN10 system along with the latest vcredist without issue.
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