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  1. I had the same Problem. When I start the Lorby AddOn organizer, everytime I‘m getting the message „A330 Pro Package added“ - so far so good, but in the AddOn Manager are now two different 330-entries with two different titles: A330 Pro V5 and A330 Professional v5 If I delete one of them, I get the ND-error Message. If I leave them, the plane starts normally. of course, there is only one addon.xml in the Aerosoft/A330 folder maybe there is a Problem with the titles in the addon.xml. In my documents/P3d v5 addons is no A330 folder.
  2. @masterhawk according the closed thread, I want send the promised ecam-logfile from the last flight EDDM-CYUL. Same weird fuel-calculation in the MCDU. On ground in MUC EFOB 11t, decreasing during the flight down to -0.3t, increasing to 7.6t short before landing. Landed with 10.5t on board - near the calculated flightplan-fuel. Before the loading was finished, the CG showed 0.14 in red. When loading was finished, I got 15.2. During the descent, the CG in ECAM went to .11 (in red). will attach same ECAM-screenshots during the flight (beginning on ground until onblocks). I used the Fuellanner/loadsheet function and used the wind uplink from NOAA-server. Merry x-mas ECAM_Systems.log
  3. Yes you are right! You discuss around me. I do not think other devs are doing the only correct way - but anyway you are not the right person to discuss this matter. Cheers.
  4. - Snow and Ice animations on the outside model - different Crew sound. Assignable to different liveries - before an NEO, I like to see an -200 or an A330F
  5. TBH, you are wrong. How should GSX know how many passengers needs to board or how many ULDs has to load? Normally GSX reads the aircraft.cfg - in case of the AS Airbus, the weight is nearly the EOW. The result I mentioned above. I know how it works - or it should work. There are so many options possible to integrate. In the morning I read here a post about fantastic immersion of the A330, indeed, there is a lot of immersion. A part of the immersion for me is automated groundhandling too. If I press the Send button in ATSU after the input of the Fuel ammount, the Fueltruck comes automatically. If I load a flightplan (where all values are inserted), the System is able to load automatically. Why I need to insert the values again into MCDU3 or via the fuelplanner? And again: DO´NT get me wrong, this is great addon. And what I say are SUGGESTIONS!
  6. The doors has to be open (like in the turnaround state), otherwise GSX will not start loading/boarding, is´nt it? Yes, when boarding is finished, the doors are closing automatically. Door 1L is opening after arrival (in some cases not the door, with the jetway), The cargo doors I had to open manually. Maybe I do something wrong in the way I use the addon. How GSX gets the ZFW informations for the A330? Via the entries in MCDU3? In my cases it´s not working. As mentioned: Boarding in 1 Minute and 1 ULD per hold. The only way to get a more realistic ammount of passengers and ULDs is the way described in Manual Vol. 1 to set the GSX Passenger value in the moment GSX is asking for. Or is there another way? My experience says no. So for my understanding, not really an integration. And again, GSX is able to read this nessescary informations automatically. Don´t get me wrong, I´m not an expert in interfaces between two tools. This are my observations. As suggestion: why there is no bypass sending some values from the MCDU1/2 Init-Page to MCDU3 - no need to do is via the Loadmaner/fuelplanner? If you insert for example 165t ZFW and this value will be splitet in 260 Passengers and 13t Cargo, nobody will count the animated passenger during boarding. Could be a step in the right direction.
  7. Seriously? All the great features of GSX should be integrated into the Aerosoft Logic. If I load a flightplan and feed the MCDU (MCDU1 or 2 no double entries via MCDU3) weights and fuel ammount should transmitted into GSX for an automated process. All doors should opened and closed by boarding/deboarding triggerpoints. If you want to see a benchmark, have a look into the FSlabs A320 series. But this is another product. For the first step, I will be satisfied if the two systems (AS Airbus and GSX) would not work against to each other and we as customers will get a working system where we not have to wait "hey what will be happen this time". The actual collaboration between GSX and the A330 is far from reliability (weights, fuel, pax values).
  8. I did in some tests before - never got a complete successul result. For me it makes no difference if you put all three values in one time or one after the other. Are you sure? If you configure GSX according the AS330 manuel vol1, you have to insert the value for the paxloading. If you let GSX do this job, GSX reads the values from the aircraft.cfg. The A330 is nearly empty, the result: boarding in less then 1 minute and only 1 ULD per hold.
  9. Yes will do so during the next flights. Thanks for support.
  10. Hi, during my flights with the A330 I did some observations reagrding GSX-loading, Airbus-boarding, Refueling messages and some more weird things. I decided to try a deeper investigations, so I want to share one of my testing views. Framework: A330, EDDM Pos 212, GSX Lvl2 installed. - I loaded the aircraft in turnaround state and used firstly the 3rd MCDU. - I closed the door 1L, 2L and both cargodoors remained open - I inserted 10.0t blockfuel into the 3rd MCDU - "Fuel" became amber coloured - In the GSX-menu I requested the fuel truck, Fueltruck on the way, - I inserted 265 Passengers and 10t of cargo - "Boarding" and "Cargo" became amber - in total 163t ZFW - In the GSX-menu I requested boarding, inserted manually 265 Passengers into the green GSX-line. Passenger boarding begans shortly later, the pax-counter in the 3rd MCDU started, "Boarding" became flashing green - in the meantime the Fueltruck arrived, connected to the aircraft, refueling started. The refueling message in ECAM appears, but the fuel counter was setting to zero (from 5760kg) in the moment, where the fueling started. "Fuel" became flashing green - When 10t was refueled into the aircraft, the refueling message in the ECAM disappeard, the fueltruck disconnected, "fuel" became fully green in the 3rd MCDU - the highloaders began to moving to the aircraft cargo doors - after approx. 15 min the passengerboarding was completed, the counter in the 3rd MCDU showes 265 passengers boarded, "boarding" became fully green in the 3rd MCDU - 5 minutes later, cargo and baggage-ULDs arrived (10 in total) at the aircraft, the cargo counter in the 3rd MCDU started, "cargo" became flashing green - in the moment of starting cargo, the pax-counter jumped back to 9 passengers boarded - Cargo loading finished after some minutes, the counter showed 10t, "cargo" became fully green in the 3rd MCDU - the Pax-counter remained on figure 9 of possible 300 passengers - the total in the 3rd MCDU showed 163t ZFW - I insereted in MCDU1 the ZFW 163t and 10t Fuel - the ECAM showed 170.5 GW ................ That´s a short view, may it helps to optimize the allignment of GSX (Lvl2) and the Aerosoft A330. Cheers Andre
  11. Hi, I did some short flights with the A330 and noticed, that the calculation of EFOB was´nt correct on all flights. In all cases the fuel consumption was nearly the calculated flightplanfuel, but the MCDU showed weird figures. An example from Stockholm to Copenhagen (approx. 1h flighttime): - I loaded 16.5t blockfuel, on ground the MCDU calculated an EFOB of 5.8t (instead of expected approx 10t). - During the flight the EFOB increased up to 7.9t short before landing, what is 2t behind the schedule - as you can see at the screenshot 153nm away from the destination (35nm before T/D) 12.1t fuel on board, 6.5 EFOB. More than 5t fuelburn during descent is defintily wrong calculated. - finaly I landed with 11.5t remaining fuel - the MCDU showed 7.9t EFOB anyway. Rgds Andre
  12. I reinstalled the plane - updated to again. The sim starts. I reinstalled my liveries - the sim starts. Will do a short flight.
  13. Similar problem here - if I load the A330 the sim crashes - kernelbase.dll all other addons are ok
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