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  1. what I mean is, that you can indentify the airport-area as brown/yellow square from distance. In my case Orbx GES is active.
  2. I‘m suprised about the discussion, which color is more realistic and which not. For my opinion the main goal should be to integrate this scenery into the environment and this includes the gras colors. There should be an option to use default P3d, ORBX LC and Germany south (and maybe a third one for the realistic colors in the developer eyes). No more, no less. And seriously, for a scenerypricing of more than 30 Euro this it’s a minimum requirement for me, that a scenery fits nearly perfect in the rest of my scenery environment (what SW EDDM actually not do).
  3. After the Update the default Jetways at T2 looking good (O2 blue), the SODE-variant are not updated actually (v1.0.0). Do you will update the SODE-Jetways too?
  4. Found a solution for me. Increased AA settings from 2xMSAA to 4xMSAA. Problem solved.
  5. Did the test with both variants, same result, no transparency.
  6. After the closing of another Thread, I will post my issue here again. Hopefully the I can increase my chance of support Mr. Papst. Why my Jetways at T2 are not transparent in MUC? I tried the default Jetways and sode, same result. Shader cache was cleared, I use normally Envshade, but tested with default shaders too
  7. Why my Jetways at T2 are not transparent in MUC? I tried the default Jetways and sode, same result. Shader cache was cleared, I use normally Envshade, but tested with default shaders too.
  8. Not on every one 😀 But if you label an AKH with AKE or AMJ then is it definitely wrong
  9. Nice scenery, I like it - expect the dynamic lights in v5. I would love to see an animated"S-Bahn" and no static :D. But the ULD-Storage area looks like stepmother´s work (I know, this is not the most important place at MUC). Wrong labels (for example AMJ is a Maindeck-ULD, you paint it on AKHs). You will not find any AKH with a Yellow Lufthansa Cargo label in the whole LH-network, all ULDs are managed by Jettainer.
  10. I updated Lorby‘s Addon-Manager. With the latest build I get no duplicate messages anymore (A330).
  11. Hi, is there a possibilty to set only the EFB into Night-mode and leave the charts (Navigraph) in the white day-mode? For better explanation see screenshot.
  12. I had the same Problem. When I start the Lorby AddOn organizer, everytime I‘m getting the message „A330 Pro Package added“ - so far so good, but in the AddOn Manager are now two different 330-entries with two different titles: A330 Pro V5 and A330 Professional v5 If I delete one of them, I get the ND-error Message. If I leave them, the plane starts normally. of course, there is only one addon.xml in the Aerosoft/A330 folder maybe there is a Problem with the titles in the addon.xml. In my documents/P3d v5 addons is no A330 folder.
  13. @masterhawk according the closed thread, I want send the promised ecam-logfile from the last flight EDDM-CYUL. Same weird fuel-calculation in the MCDU. On ground in MUC EFOB 11t, decreasing during the flight down to -0.3t, increasing to 7.6t short before landing. Landed with 10.5t on board - near the calculated flightplan-fuel. Before the loading was finished, the CG showed 0.14 in red. When loading was finished, I got 15.2. During the descent, the CG in ECAM went to .11 (in red). will attach same ECAM-screenshots during the flight (beginning on ground until onblocks). I used the Fuellanner/l
  14. Yes you are right! You discuss around me. I do not think other devs are doing the only correct way - but anyway you are not the right person to discuss this matter. Cheers.
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