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  1. I had the same issue over a month ago without a single response. So it looks like we are the only 2. And mine magically went away and is normal now.
  2. This just started happening on my last two flights. There is always a heavy white line on the nav screen direct to the destination airport. What is that and how do I get rid of it? Thanks.
  3. You are clearly doing something wrong. The AP has followed literally every flight plan I have programmed in over 50 flights. And, with the latest update, the glide slope has worked flawlessly down to minimums every time. It sounds like you are done with it and that’s cool. But watching the videos and practicing A LOT will reward you with an amazing sim experience.
  4. I just flew an ILS to minimums and it was awesome! I was so excited I went around and flew it again. Lol. Spot on!
  5. Same. And Pilot2ATC yells at me because it thinks I leveled off 300 feet too early.
  6. haskell99


    Rockwell Collins Pro Line 4
  7. I did read in another post that Hans was going to work on custom coding that. Fingers crossed.
  8. RSK is right soft key. So the 3rd black key down on the right side. So under GIMRU type in MIC and press the button to the right. That doesn't work? It should.
  9. I agree. Those are the only 2 I fly and have zero issues. I wonder if they have custom coding for AP?
  10. GS tracking is really broken. They say it happens in all MSFS aircraft but this is the only one I'm flying right now. I believe they are working on coding a fix. Very frustrating.
  11. Well documented issue. I have it frequently. I think they may be writing some custom code to help this.
  12. Agree it’s really hard to read. What I do is pop out the screen I need to see while adjusting. So when adjusting AP altitude I will pop out the PFD (using right-alt/left-click.) Cheating a bit but doesn’t kill immersion for me. I just pretend I’m leaning forward to see it. This is an absolute work of art but ruins my day when, without fail, the AP dives on approach. If they can fix that this will be pretty much the only thing I fly in MSFS. I just love it so much.
  13. Just came here to see if there was a reason it just happened to me. Everything setup exactly as suggested above. Trying an approach... speeds all right, flaps set, nose up ridiculously high and still sinking 900 FPM. So it's def a problem, not us.
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