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  1. Is the FLOLS problem being addressed with LM please?
  2. Does anyone know if the BroncoX sounds work properly with the Accu-Feel add on please? I wondered if the custom engine noises would mean that the way accu-feel changes FSX sounds to make the engine noise increase when you open the cockpit door would work as intended or not? Thanks kevin
  3. Thanks Finn, I appreciate the time taken to reply I think I've found a workaround though, in that there is one freeware OV10-D out there floating around, which isn't in the same league as yours, but if someone downloads it and installs it on their system will probably make a passable exterior representation through SB... Cheers k
  4. I'd pay a supplement to be able to use such a model though, if you would enable us to legally distribute only that. I know there would be a cost involved, but it would be an excellent trend if developers would include such a basic model as part of the final product - how about a market leader like Aerosoft leading the way? It would be great if the inclusion of a basic online model were seen like a virtual cockpit - indispensable! ...or if a suitably capable enthusiast created one from the shipped model, would you be willing to approve that for online use so we could all benefit from it? I wouldn't want to distribute anything that was 1st person flyable, just a halfway decent visual rendition of my lovely aircraft... Cheers k
  5. Thanks, would it be possible for Aerosoft to distribute a low poly 'dumbed down' basic external model only that could be shared and used online legitimately through a Squawkbox SMS profile please? It would really be the icing on the cake for a beautiful aircraft - I love my Bronco, but when I appear as something else to everyone else I feel I might as well just fly a default aircraft online Thanks k
  6. Apologies if this is a stupid question, but is it possible for the Bronco to be visible to other online pilots when connected to VATSIM using Squawkbox please? I've looked through the Squawkbox manual but it isn't entirely clear to me how I should accomplish this - and I don't want to break some IP laws by sharing model files that I shouldn't! Can anyone help please? I don't want my fellow online pilots to see me as an arrow with a question mark on! Thanks kevin
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