We got a new video from World of Aircraft: Glider Simulator and are asking for some alpha/beta testers! Check this post.


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  1. First off you will need 2 seperate shots of your Huey one in a COLD state and other in Ready.(Try and not move your camera position) Once taken just resize these in windows paint to 722 x 360. The orginal image used is called "State" and can be found here C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\Rotorcraft\Aerosoft_Bell UH1D\panel\UH1_systems. This is where your finished image will go. Just remember to do a backup of the orginal first. COLD & DARK READY TO GO Open the COLD image first in paint and extend the frame down and fill in BLACK. This is where the next image will go. Open up the READY image in a new paint and copy over to the COLD, and move into place. I used the GRID to get the correct gap between the two images. Once in place just CLOSE IN the right and bottom edges to that there is NO WHITE gaps showing. Now open up the ORGINAL "STATE" image and copy the small red X over to this new image. CLOSE button added This should now be saved as "State" in Bitmap Image (.bmp) as this will replace the original one. All you need to do now is add the two text commands two the image and your done. I used my PAINTSHOP to do this and added some shadow. . Hope this will help anyone wanting to have ago. Timm
  2. Hi Herman, Thanks again for another little bit of aircrew history. I have added both of your little bits over on HC as am sure will get some interesting reading. Going back to the Huey I fly the"We Were Soldiers" as you might have gathered I did this texture as I'm a great fan of the film and just love the Huey scenes. Here a shot of her, I have also re-done the start-up window to show my own aircraft as the default one had the German version showing.Timm
  3. Hi Herman, Thanks for your reply on this subject. I'm always interested in reading these little story which sometimes never get told. Timm
  4. Hi Guys, Need some help here please. Could some let me know what texture the two prop nose cones are in?. I have looked and looked and not found. Timm
  5. Found the Answer over at Hovercontrol A number of different aircraft do it so that at a quick glance if all the needles are horizontal they are in limits and easier to tell if one is not horizontal and therefore incorrect or out of limits. If they had the gauges at the correct angle you would have to look at each gauge individually to check its within limits. It's an easier way of doing it rather than re-designing the gauge and re-calibrating it. It's just to aid the pilot in checking the gauges.
  6. Hi Guys, Just thought I would post this small little problem. I have noticed in the VC of the Huey X that some of the dials have been placed at different angle on the panel. Would this be correct or is this an error? Timm
  7. Hi Matt, Never seen that before, still main thing you got it sorted. Hey your just down the road from me according to the info in your profile box. I'm just down the A14 at Kettering. Timm
  8. Hi Moshe, Thats a texture problem. (Rectified) Timm
  9. Hi Guys, I just love this Bird. So again THANXS. Timm
  10. Hi Guys, One thing I have found after the update and that is a new Beacon under the fuselage has been added. I wondered why when the Huey first came out I noticed that light.7 in the lights section of the Aircraft config had been disabled by //.This is why, so if you want this effect take out the two // at the begining of the light.7 and you have another light. Now the only downside to this is that is giving off a very slight red effect in the VC but it's not to bad to put me off. (I am using another effect on this light and not the default one).This is not an update issue just info so have not posted in the update issue section.Timm light.6 = 1, -8.20, 0.00, 2.00, fx_beacon_ts_heli, light.7 = 1, 3.90, 0.00, -5.30, fx_beacon_ts_heli, Before
  11. Hi, Just a couple of small questions regarding the latest update. 1. The wipers are still animated when viewed from the inside but NO animation when viewed from external, is this correct? 2. When in the 205 model I can't open the small cargo door on the tail boom now. I know I pointed the Handle problem out just after the first release. Has this been diabled? Timm
  12. Hi All, Turn your speakers up and just take in the sweet sound of this HUEY. Timm
  13. Hi, I will have a quick play around with my kit to see if I can find. OK I have found the area you need to play with. it's the top part of the wire strike protection kit. Timm
  14. Hi Guys, Not sure how old this clip but I came across this the first flights of the UH-1H Huey of the Indiana Air Search and Rescue after 5 1/2 years and countless hours of restoring it back to flying condition. This Vietnam serviced aircraft will now once again fly in air shows and will be used for search and rescue.Timm
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