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  1. I've used the freeware version of this program for a few years. Developer is pretty good about making adjustments to fit various aircraft types.
  2. Thanks, during my ACLS/ ILS testing on another support thread, I didn't see any movement on the Kitty Hawk or SBD Enterprise in v4.4.
  3. Just checked it on my v4.4 rig and same for Kitty Hawk, although I could spawn another carrier through VRS AI menu and everything is working.
  4. Great write up and as a new CRJ2/7/9 driver I agree with all the above, especially flight characteristics up high. Long time simmer and have tried to help with other projects from my IRL experience, unfortunately the numbers just do not "plug n play" into the sim nor does the "feel" of a particular subject aircraft, at least not FSX/P3D. The multi-million dollar Level-D sims are not exact, but pretty close. Coming from the Proline 21 set up on the King Air, I have yet to see a fully functional FMS, but that's understandable given the complexity of the "box" and trying to mirror all those calculations in a PC sim. I'm also glad you guys did not build a CRJ-200!
  5. Do you know which paint is causing issues? I've used GL paints for some time now, but manually install and one has to pay attention to which model Tomcat they are going into. I'm on P3D4.4 also.
  6. Throttles set correctly? What are the flight parameters (altitude/airspeed)?
  7. Victory103

    APU Fuel Burn?

    Yes that is, but sadly at least in my manuals I can't find an actual figure to give you. I know it's around 100lbs/hr or so.
  8. Running TM Warthog with registered copy of FSUIPC if that helps. The standard trim hat for pitch/roll axis is binded there. Trim is a must have in this beast!
  9. I really had nothing for you since you mentioned the use of the checklist (thumbs up). The "not turning on the oxygen" was a common missed item when the Cat first came out.
  10. Gotcha Fulvio, I'm in v4.2 and no HUD issues with AS running in clouds.
  11. No not normal, old bug that I thought was resolved. Which sim version is this?
  12. I have mine linked to the joystick paddle (TM Warthog) for both nose wheel steering and autopilot. Left console select the mode you want, and key or joy command to engage or just use ATT for attitude hold. Also, I make use of the mini-HUD pop up that gives me what AP mode I'm in. In a previous version, using GPS steering (VEC), it would not hold altitude, now it does in the latest.
  13. Wish I could help more, but never saw those issues in my FSX-A install. I tested a few of the bugs reported in P3D, no issues. Have you searched the threads on this, I remember several issues with FSX-SE that possibly could be related.
  14. Never saw that in FSX-Accl, but I was normally facing NE(050) during the pre-flight at KNTU (Generally run through entire set of checks) . Have you already connected to the catapult prior to the strut activation?
  15. Victory103


    I was going to ask if your file will work in the last version of FSUIPC. For my initial post install test flights, I just flew with normal key bindings to check the Cat in 4.2 then moved on to check other add-ons. I'll revisit.
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