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  1. Not sure why it was not in the manual with the hoist sitting right above the door. It is an FSX animation that allowed more robust and accurate helicopter operations, and the sling portion was quite fun. One could use AICarriers to place objects for sling in the sim.
  2. If you are using the Tacpack mod Sh-60, open your aircraft.cfg and check for the HOIST and SLING sections appear. You can also reference this old thread:
  3. Vol 7 will get you started. Which sim are you on and have you tried any of the saved flights?
  4. Tested in v4.5HF2, works as advertised in my config. Again, the DLC check is a quick on/off, look to make sure they pop up and move to the next check. Also, are you getting a "GO" light on the master test panel? The only 2D checklist issue I had was the hook check, it cycled and go stuck down and the lever in the VC would not move after clicking. Released the parking brake, taxi forward and reset it did the trick. You can also just click the box next to the item, I do this for the boarding ladder. I would have issues in FSX with the checklist and would just bypass. The only other thing I can think of is I start with the default flight set up with the Iris Raptor. In this test, I shutdown and then switched to the Tomcat for a cold/dark start.
  5. I'll take a look, but it's been so long since I had the time to do a full cold&dark checklist. The DLC check should be a on/off check to make sure they work prior to moving down the checklist.
  6. Well tested last night with P3Dv4.5 and F-14X, regardless of panel switch settings, one press of the DLC (countermeasures) would pop off the full load.
  7. Looking back in the threads, I remember this, but not sure if it ever got implemented: Posted January 6, 2015 The behavior is correct. The chaf/flare are deployed when either 1) you have pressed the SALVO FLARE switch or 2) the red ECM light comes on. This is described on page 8 of the Weapons manual (Vol 6). So when the missile is launched from the SAM, this immediately raises the threat level (signaled by the flashing ECM light) and the chaf/flare is automatically deployed at around 6 per second. With 60 flares on board it would take about 10 seconds for all to be released. You can test that the countermeasures can be released manually but pressing SALVO FLARE at any time as long as there some on board. This automatic release was a design decision with the intention to relieve pilot from the task of manually switching to the RIO pit and pressing the switch. This could take valuable seconds, which added to the reaction time (the time to actually realize that a missile was launched), could be fatal. We can fix this behavior by simply disabling the auto release. Let us know if you want us to fix this in the next patch?
  8. How are you engaging the autopilot as ALT is a 2 step process? You might still need to map a key to your joystick as there to parts to the basic autopilot, look in VOL.4 of the manuals. The VSI and alt gauges are simulated to move due to airflow at altitude over the probes.
  9. I have not seen that before, then again I always hide the flight stick by pressing the BIT indicator to the right of the HSD screen. When you say transfer, did you move your FSX install over directing or are you on the latest update? The F-14 is now included under the Aerosoft Updater program.
  10. It would work in v3, but not supported in anything above that unless you change out the cockpit.
  11. Not sure if he ever released it, I would have it if he did! PM isoko?
  12. Request sent, this would add that final immersion piece to the CRJ (or any multi-crew airliner).
  13. JeronSAR, There was some work on the Jayhawk in the old and now gone Hovercontrol.com site to get the fuel burn to at least sim having the 2x120gal and 1x80 gal drop tanks to get the range close (at cruise, no hover work). Remember that the airfiles for many FS9/FSX helicopter models were based off the single engine stock Bell 206. I've since moved over to P3Dv4 and this is one helo I wish I could get working (need a 64bit cockpit).
  14. Depending on operator, normally the RTU is used to tune the navaid freqs, so you would have the standby. This version of the avionics does not have a Nav2Nav feature whereas if a ILS loaded in the FMS, the LOC freq is automatically tuned. If you have tuned the LOC freq and are in range, you should see the blue "ghost" ILS needles and GS diamond on the PFD. Normally for a missed approach you would switch from raw LOC data back over to the FMS to fly the published procedure.
  15. The FMS initialize example is pretty much the standard I use along with a similar Collins version in the King Air taught by the acronym VIPP: Verify database, Initialize, Plan, Perf. Also, those are CRJ200s going to MRY and FL260 is the dispatch release assigned cruise altitude, but anything higher is pointless in a "climb limited" jet like the -200.
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