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  1. I have now been informed by Aerosoft that this is a PMDG problem and hence I must hope for a solution there. I guess that will be the end of my posts here Thanks for reading Cheers RH
  2. Hi Mopperle, Nonsense you say! I have been able to register on the PMDG support forum, and am able to log-in; I then receive the "verification" email to complete the process, and click on the field to complete the process. Unfortunately that is as far as it goes! I get returned to the support page and a message "not verified" appears. I have been round this loop at least six times. Now that really is "nonsense". Thanks for reading RH
  3. If only I could. PMDG seem to have given up on direct support and passed responsibilty to their AVSIM forum. I am hoping that Aerosoft support will help me out.
  4. hi, My copy of PMDG NGX is completely unusable since all mouse operations are ignored. the suggestion has been made on another forum that this may be an "activation" issue. There was no activation process supplied with the product just a "registration key". What is one supposed to do with it? Thanks for any advice RH
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