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  1. Hey, I don't have any Runway Lights in the Scenery at dark/night. Only taxiway lights and dynamic light is visible.
  2. Hey, some impressions from my Berlin-weekend trip
  3. Hallo, is there a possibility to add the two new aprons(one close to T5 and one beside the LH Maint. Hall in the southwest) and the apron of the Flugbereitschaft?
  4. I don't have an oportunity to choose TCA in my Airbus Configurator, its just not visible
  5. Problem, I have trees directly in front of runway 24...... is this bug known?
  6. Hallo, freu mich sehr auf die Szenerie. Nur hätte ich noch was Kleines: - Der Zaun hinter den Ausstellungsstücken des DO-Museums, muss noch weitergeführt werden. Zwischen dem "Kinderflugzeug (DO-27, in rot-weiss karriert)" und dem Rollweg. Ansonsten sehr gut!
  7. Hallo, please update also the runway end of Egilsstadir. At the end of the runway there is a "turning-pad" which is not included in your scenery. Please fix it.
  8. Hallo, i like the Airbus! But I don't have so much money. But I bought the Airbus for 39,99€ Now I found that page: http://www.conrad.de/ce/de/product/903222/SOFTWARE-AIRBUS-X-A320321-ADD-ON How can that be? I'm a little bit angry!
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