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  1. Yeah so I made a recent post questioning the logic/reasoning of this new livery installer - and (correctly) observing the lack of paints in this format (at the time of writing). I wrote in that post that it was just as easy to install the paints using the existing method - and that may be true - but maybe not. If you like this new tool, and you have a stack of paint ready to go, you CAN do this if you prefer: Find the liveryinstaller.txt file and save it someplace. Now simply edit this file for the paint you want to use. What I did was I took the 'read me' file containing the aircraft.cfg data and pasted it into the liveryinstaller.txt file, at the bottom, not overwriting anything. Then I used that to edit the existing data and removed the additional part when done. That's it. Then just drop it back into the zip file you want to use. You don't have to unpack and or repack any zip files (this is what I didn't realize before). Then you are ready to use the new tool, so it's just drag and drop as advertised. Really it is nothing more than some quick cut/paste edits. You could get quite efficient doing this to a handful of paints at one time.
  2. I think we can close this. This tool will be really convenient in time, IMHO, as painters adopt this format. We simply aren't there yet.
  3. Well progress - thank you to Gustavo Aguilar, who uploaded a new livery about 2 hours ago. It installed. At least now I know this thing works. Now maybe I can find another livery that will install? Of course it could be that helpful generous souls like Gustavo will come back through and update their zip files.
  4. I have updated the 318/319 and the 320/321, as well as the CRJ product to Professional. Current versions all. So now I have this 'brand new livery installer which works a little different than the one before' to quote Hans. Evidently this new widget requires a file called "liveryinstaller.txt" inside the .zip archive. What is the point of this, exactly, if none of the existing livery files do not have this txt file? Are we supposed to go back and edit each and every zip folder out there before we use this installer? Wouldn't be simpler to just manually install? What was wrong with the old installer? If this is progress, somebody is going to have to explain to me what the advantage is to this thing. I have yet to find EVEN ONE livery on the download forms that work with this installer. What am I missing here?
  5. Here I am about 4+ years later, asking the same question. I have been searching online and as far as I can tell, it seems nobody has come up with a reasonable working profile for the mighty Herc - anybody seen or heard of one?
  6. F-16 with TacPack -- already discussed, but the demand isn't going away, fellas. Somebody mentioned LEAL Alicante, that is a good one. +1 for me there. YPPH Perth - man, that one is screaming out for attention. Same goes for NZAA and NZCH.
  7. I see quite a few good suggestions here -- Riga, Kaunas, Perth, Auckland and some others. Would love a quality IL-76 actually.
  8. I noted that you have a released Moscow-Pullman airport for X-plane. Would love to see that work shared with the FSX/P3D community. Any plans for this?
  9. Happy New Year!

    Any chance of doing aircraft performance templates for the Corenado Phenom 300 and Hawker XP?  Both are pretty good with the GTN750 modification.  Thanks.

  10. Version 1.0.0


    A few folks have asked for this file and I have been very bad about keeping up with the individual requests -- my apologies. Better to just post it here. Did the best I could with this, using the info I could find. I certainly make no claims about its accuracy, but hopefully it will suffice until somebody can produce a better version. Cheers
  11. Version v1.0


    This is a basic flatten fix for those that experience a small 'ridge' along the runway/taxiway. Please place in your VaernesX_A folder. \Vaernes X\VaernesX_A\Scenery No other files need to be removed or edited or changed in any way. Cheers
  12. +1 for Avianca A318 jets, they have several, I think 10 or so. Also would like a few more A318 for Air France. Thanks guys
  13. I used a couple of existing profiles to jury-rig a couple "quick & dirty" aircraft profiles for the Beech 1900D and the Metroliner III. It won't be super-accurate but close enough for my purposes. Not going to insult anybody's intelligence by posting them here in the download section, but if anybody wants them -- perhaps they can improve on them -- just PM me your email and I'll send them over. Cheers
  14. Hmmm just bought the existing Brussels, so I am still happy with that. Very nice looking teaser shot, though.
  15. Guys, Great job with the shipyard 2 tool. Is there any way to add more ships to this? I would like to use this to place some other ships at fixed locations (eg, ships not distributed by Aerosoft)... is there a way to do this? Ripcord
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