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  1. I sell one product there and I can say that I am receiving payments from them. And no problems downloading anything. So I suspect rumors of their demise could be premature. The biggest complaint out of some quarters, particularly Stan from DD but others also, is a lack of communication. I am assuming something is wrong, but not really fair to speculate. Probably all is well.
  2. Yes, I think so -- they are different crashes, not memory related.
  3. I will need to take a look, Emi. Usually it just says it is shutting down... don't recall the exact wording. I'll find that appcrash program and look it up and report. You might be right, it might well be something else entirely, and not OOM.
  4. I have 16GB installed. Might be that I have too many other things running at the same time. Or it might be that the sim crashes not due to OOM but something else.
  5. Great point, Tom. I had wondered about that. I hope that our time here in V2, V3 and V4 co-existing alongside FSX will have taught the scenery developers enough valuable lessons in managing resources that they will not simply abandon them and throw all discretion to the wind.
  6. I still get some OOMs but it is only after I change airports and/or aircraft 3 or 4 times. So it is certainly still possible, but nothing like before. And as you have already discussed in this thread, this might be a function of my video card with is a 980 or something with 3 or 4 GB -- upgrading that to something new and modern, I am sure, will have a major positive effect.
  7. I feel bad for the guy but the lesson here is obvious - you simply do not have years to complete your project anymore, at least not with airport scenery. In depth aircraft require bigger teams and more resources to do them right, and as a consequence, there is more barrier to entry on that market, and so the competitive situation is different. But we saw this same situation with Calvi and now this, so probably safe to assume we'll see it happen again elsewhere. So what this is means is our 'part-time' developers (who do great work) are faced with the very real possibility that this will happen to them. Generally I saw that competition is good, but in this case, when we have so many places that we all want, and not enough really good developers, it is a bit maddening. I had money for LOWI from Aerosoft and whatever project Jarrad Marshall decides to do, but if two items turn out to be same damn airport. So as a result we have a winner and a loser, when we could have had all winners. I wish Mr V and Mr K would get together for a cold brew and share plans more often.
  8. F-16 with TacPack -- already discussed, but the demand isn't going away, fellas. Somebody mentioned LEAL Alicante, that is a good one. +1 for me there. YPPH Perth - man, that one is screaming out for attention. Same goes for NZAA and NZCH.
  9. I see quite a few good suggestions here -- Riga, Kaunas, Perth, Auckland and some others. Would love a quality IL-76 actually.
  10. I noted that you have a released Moscow-Pullman airport for X-plane. Would love to see that work shared with the FSX/P3D community. Any plans for this?
  11. Happy New Year!

    Any chance of doing aircraft performance templates for the Corenado Phenom 300 and Hawker XP?  Both are pretty good with the GTN750 modification.  Thanks.

  12. Ripcord

    Beech 1900D PFPX

    Version 1.0.0


    A few folks have asked for this file and I have been very bad about keeping up with the individual requests -- my apologies. Better to just post it here. Did the best I could with this, using the info I could find. I certainly make no claims about its accuracy, but hopefully it will suffice until somebody can produce a better version. Cheers
  13. Version v1.0


    This is a basic flatten fix for those that experience a small 'ridge' along the runway/taxiway. Please place in your VaernesX_A folder. \Vaernes X\VaernesX_A\Scenery No other files need to be removed or edited or changed in any way. Cheers
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