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  1. Did not check it yet, but i will.... good one!
  2. Since WU6 i have this problem, someone else having or seen this? BTW this is @AS EDDK. lights.mp4
  3. few things: 1: in your first screenshot you are to far away to see the TOD (or to low pfd range setting) 2: in your 2nd screenshot you have not passed TOD yet, the snowflake becomes visible after passing TOD.
  4. Why do you often reply sarcastic and derogatory? Please stop that as it is very unpleasant.
  5. Stupid question maybe but could'nt this be related to the altitude bug from msfs with live weather?
  6. i believe that happens because it's synched with KIAS at the transitionpoint to mach. So when you keep climbing an offset will occur. if you turn the speedknob one notch and back again it sync again with the KIAS at that moment/altitude. edit: it has done that since day one, i believe it was reported back then.
  7. Whooop whooop the CRJ is BACK...... my wife is going to be sooo unhappy Thanks 👍
  8. I also agree completely. But please guys keep this thread clean of hate and i'm sure they will get the message (to have better communications). Edit: And stop that up/downvoting thing, we are ALL in the same boat and hoping for the same thing.
  9. I did'nt encounter it anymore since HF2.
  10. oh and for a good climb performance above FL280 don't let the speed drop below .74M!!
  11. Above FL280 switch from KIAS to .Mach for speed reference. You are familiar with the difference between indicated airspeed and true airspeed? If not google it.
  12. It must be a configuration error because i manage normal speeds @high altitude.
  13. press esc and then restart the flight. it happens sometimes.
  14. It's about the calculations, the fms does not calculate an new fuel prediction on destination regardless of the windfactor that is entered in the fms.
  15. seems to me you're right as nothing seems to happen when changing the windfactor.
  16. CG is way off! Don't change the CG in the Sim Fuel and weight TAB.
  17. This is the MSFS section, there is also a prepar3d section wich is the correct section to ask p3d questions.
  18. I have made 100+ flights with the plane, and i encountered the problem a few times. it occurs when the throttle setting is to low for maintaining level flight on a specific altitude. To compensate the A/P pitches up resulting in further speed loss as it tries to maintain altitude, so the A/P pitches up some more etc etc... till the point the plane can't keep it's altitude anymore. At that point applying more throttle doesn't help anymore, you need to disengage the autopilot and lower the nose and speed up. Now to your question: i can see it is pilot error because of the speeds showing on the pics, because at that point (<170 kts) you are way to late with applying more throttle. Is there a bug re-engaging the A/P after this issue?..... yes there is!
  19. I can see by the pictures that these are piloting errors and not bugs! Watch your speeds more carefully and correct the thrust manually, as there is no autothrottle. If you corrected the situation with the AP disengaged, then try switching the FD to off and on again before re-engaging the autopilot. If you don't do that the autopilot will mess up again......... bug or somekind of memory function???
  20. Since the latest update i have a significant increase in climb performance. When taking off in the CRJ7 with a TO-weight of 32.5K kg it will climb to FL370 in under 15 minutes. Before the updates it took about 23 minutes to reach FL370. Do you guys have the same climb performance and is that actually close to the real aircrafts performance, cause to me it seems a fair bit to powerful!?
  21. besides that this isn't the right place for this if you have this issue with other aircraft also, i do not experience this myself on my sim.
  22. you need to solve discontinuities on the legs page and not the fpln page.
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