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  1. I have the Aerosoft boxed version of the PMDGs 747/400 QOTS II for P3Dv4. PMDG has just released an update which requires a new installer. How can I update my 747-400 base pack? regards M. Jordan
  2. Nice work! only the aircraft.cfg was still wrong, after making a few changes it finaly showed up: title =Aerosoft DHC -6 Series 300 Skybus model =3bladewheelpax atc id =G-ISSG M. Jordan
  3. Hi mas618 believe me flying over London is far more interesting than those dark tunnels of the Tube! I come from the border of London (just the other side of Heathrow) and VFR London is excellent, another city to check out is the Aerosoft Venice. I fly mostly in Europe but the US Cities allows me to explore new places so I'm looking forward to Detroit (I think enyone who loves flying has that exploring bug!) Mathijs, is there any chance of Limesim doing Paris or Berlin? (there is a VFR Berlin for FS2004) M Jordan
  4. Makes me wonder though - and this is not a request, but more of a notion of mine: I've never seen these types of scenerys (whole cities and surrounding area) made for Europe Hi mas618! Try looking at the Aerosoft "VFR London" it's done very much like the "US Cities", but I would also like to see more European Cities done in that way like Paris for instance, anyway! congratulations Aerosoft it looks great! mjordan.
  5. I only use my mouse wheel to pump the primer, the Wilga never starts the first time so I prime it some more before trying again, it has always started by the third or fourth try. I actualy like this feature it adds a little "Character" to a plane that I wouldn't expect to start first time everytime.
  6. Hi Skulleader I've got the same problem with the USA version, FSX crashed as soon as I loaded it, and I also have problems with some other versions, they now load the Russian version. The shop says it needs activation and yet the Aerosoft Launcher says it doesn't need activation. Was it the same for you? M Jordan
  7. Wow! seeing all these great repaints makes it even harder to wait for the Wilga to come out
  8. One new thing I've noticed is by adjusting the pedals changes the seat hight. I can't remember that being listed M Jordan
  9. If you have a registered version of FSUIPC you can assign two buttons to act like an axis, firstly open FSUIP and click on "Buttons + Switches" then click on the button you want for "spoilers increase", tick the box for "select for FS control" and search for "spoilers increase" once you have set that tick the box below for "control to repeat while held" and then confirm it with "OK". Repeat the same with your chosen button for "spoilers decrease". You will find that the buttons work as good as any axis, I also use this for trimming.
  10. Another thanks for the most awesome plane in FSX. For anyone considering buying the Katana "just do it and enjoy" this is what simulation is all about!
  11. I've got the same problem! The Aerosoft Launcher won't activate the Katana, it states "Activation State Undifined" Can enyone help us?
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