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  1. Looks like the new version 1.11 replaced the original and I need to download again from my account? Scott
  2. Per my order number 318448 (download), I only have the OV-10B model and I know others are available. When I go to my account I can't find anything other than the original downloads and the FSX-P3D. Where are these available? Scott
  3. Now I'm gonna love it even more! Thanks
  4. Looks fantastic! Assume you are doing this repaint for the green interior model?
  5. That's quite an older aircraft from Carenado and I don't believe there is one.
  6. Finn. Didn't work per your suggestion. Shaun. What do you mean 'Desktop being anything other than being set to 100%'? I a have a 3 monitor setup with TH2GO and because of this, have to change eyepoint in each individual aircraft including the Wilga to move back in the cockpit to see better. I did however try to zoom back in with the +key and that still did not work. My screen resolution is according to the TH2GO requirement and I don't recall what that setting is at the moment. Thanks gentlemen Scott
  7. Looks like another for the hanger. Great job! Scott
  8. I scrolled 20+ times while hovering over the primer and it doesn't move at all. Thank you for the suggestion. Maybe this mystery will be solved at some point. Thanks
  9. Snave, I tried a repeat of your instructions provided and sadly the primer is not working. When the cursor is placed over the primer, it changes to a hand and at that time I try scrolling with the mouse and nothing. As I suspected.....It's not me. Hopefully Aerosoft can come up with a fix for this or I will do without until I upgrade this computer to an i7 & FSX with acceleration and maybe get lucky. Thanks pal Scott
  10. I am responding with some specific replies to all of you who I am certain have a sincere interest in helping me with this issue. SNAVE.........I have tried everything listed in my response above because nothing works. This really is not rocket science. I wish you would offer specifics on what you do rather than what not to do. Is it possible it's not me???? SKULLEADER........Love your little video. This is how I attempt to start the aircraft. I am having no success. There is something else here because it just does not work. M JORDAN..........Even though I can't get the primer to work, the aircraft will usually start on the fourth try if I move the throttle back and forth a couple times. I do have SP2 installed Thank you all for the quick reply
  11. I go through the start up procedure per your information but nothing happens when I try the primer. Could you be more specific as to how you unlock it? I have tried.... 1-After moving cursor over the primer I left click and move in all directions and even in a circular motion at different points on the primer. 2-After moving cursor over the primer I hold down scroll wheel and move in all directions and even in a circular motion at different points on the primer. 3-After moving cursor over the primer I hold down scroll wheel and scroll back and forth at different points on the primer at different points on the primer. Nothing is working
  12. Wilga primer is not working. Tried everything per previous post and still not working. What is my next option for getting an answer? Windows 7 FSX (no acceleration)
  13. Tried that but still no primer. Everything else seems to work fine but it has to be some other issue than the mouse.
  14. I'll give that a try. Realized starter wouldn't turn over engine because I didn't have air valve on. Guess I didn't read instructions good enough.
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