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  1. Can this repaint be updated with the new registration N336QT and with a Colombian Flag on the nose? Also the makeshift cargo door puts out odd colours visually is it possible to eliminate that issue?
  2. All I can say depending how quick you move the Knob around, it seem to want to crash or momentarily (Not Responding) and then it crashes after a minute or less. I have had success with the suggestion of keeping it at or below 80 nm range but sometimes you go too quick, then CTD.
  3. Still Happens to me, MFD Range past 80 nm, sometimes freezes sim, CTD. Most of the time it's during Cruise or Decent. It seems like the developers still don't have much idea on how to fix this? Is there not a way to limit it to not go past 80nm, I hear this causes issues in real life too.
  4. I still encounter this problem? Any new ideas yet? It's getting annoying having to restart flights 2-3 times before it works properly... I would appreciate help. Also the Excited Ailerons are still a problem, yet I basically got called a liar for that one even though there's video evidence.
  5. I experience these issues from time to time, depending on scenery apparently. It's kind of annoying considering it only started happening in the last 2 updates.
  6. This only occurs on the A320/A321, I don't how it can be an issue, however you probably know best. However my computer never had issues with FPS and Prepar3D V4. I tested the A319 with no problems whatsoever. The ailerons only start dancing left and right once throttle is applied.
  7. I'm not sure, it happens wherever I go even before takeoff when i'm just sitting at idle. It's like flying in a MAX... Controls react sluggishly and delayed.
  8. Hello Aerosoft, Just updated to the newest version, after rebooting and getting things sorted. I was rolling on 18L in KCLT with the A321 IAE and it started doing continuous left and right full aileron deflections simultaneously, shortly after take off, around 1500ft AGL it stopped, everything is normal in the climb. Any idea what causes this? P3D V4.5 Active Sky FSDT KCLT Intel I5-3550 Nvidia GTX960
  9. Just happened again today without FS2Crew, but using GSX....
  10. Shortly after , I decided to start FS2Crew and sure enough my elevator is stuck down again...
  11. Just tried it without GSX, or FS2Crew active and it worked fine, but i'm still not convinced it's just this. Ill do more testing, have you seen this issue in the past Mathijs?
  12. Hello Aerosoft, Everytime I go pushback with GSX and start a flight on P3D v4.4, i'm left with utter disappointment 90% of the time. As soon as I get to flight controls check, I know right then and there my elevators will not show up, but the MFD responds to the joystick inputs. This usually happens on the first flight after restarting my computer, if I save and reset, in which I can't right now without P3D Crashing due to another issue within P3D, it may work but then FS2Crew stops functioning, so at the end of the day, it's a just a run around of issues flying the A320 series aircraft, mostly the A320/A321. I've been looking at other threads but still can't seem to find a good answer to this issue. Any ideas?
  13. This is an actual real life aircraft, and a great paint job indeed!
    Unfortunately this is the bad model to use for this repaint, a CRJ900 would be more appropriate. This mistake seems to be reoccurring across the community Jazz Aviation Lp, uses CRJ705 (basicly the body of a CRJ900) and they've recently purchased the CRJ900 itself.
  14. Hello Aerosoft, I've been a flight simmer for quite awhile now and it has come to my attention that Canada has very limited quality sceneries for major Airports. The only ones that I can think of is Calgary CYYC by CanUk and the new Vancouver Scenery CYVR ( apart from that thats all. FlyTampa has just annouced last week that Montreal CYUL was the next in line so this is great news for us. But, we are still missing the biggest airport in Canada wich is Toronto CYYZ. Aerosoft would be the perfect company to make this airport. I'm sure it could be considered as a Mega Airport also! Please strongly consider Toronto or somewhere else in Canada. Sometimes, I feel like scenery company can't even see us on the map!
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