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  1. Isn't this it? I can't find any other appropriate place to post this, still encountering this issue.
  2. Hello Aerosoft, Hoping you can help me here with a issue with the Aerosoft Updater. I've recently, reset my pc to keep all its documents and such, to install P3D v5. It worked great, along with the usual hiccups you encounter. After installing the CRJ and A333, I came to find out the updater just opens briefly and then shuts down. I've checked and updated my Windows with latest updates. Tried of running it thru different modes Event Viewer points at Kernelbase.dll It keeps opening and a few seconds later before anything loads up it crashes to desk
  3. I've done several flights with these settings so far, still happens once or twice over a span of 2-3 hour flights. I still can't trust it, but it doesn't happen as frequently.
  4. It's definitely helped, will keep trying this out. Could it have anything to do with long distances between waypoints?
  5. Active Sky P3DV4; Max Wind Turbulence : 100 as default Turbulence Effect Scale: 70 as default Disable Winds Aloft: False/Unchecked
  6. It doesn't matter, it really shouldn't sway that much for slight change in heading, then on top of that I was only going .77 at MILLS, every single waypoint. It did this.
  7. I apologize for my lack in ability to explain myself well. Here's a video of what is happening; Thanks
  8. Hello AEROSOFT, Once again I am having issues with the CRJ after the latest so called update. The aircraft can't and I say again can't properly intercept a selected Heading nor can't fly a to a selected waypoint without swaying left and right multiple times before holding a right or left bank. This happens at almost every waypoint you cross. It's extremely annoying, I know you are aware of this issue and keep releasing updates without fixing this one issue that literally keeps me away from flying the CRJ more often. Really disappointed in this last update.
  9. So far; This solution works; I had Vpilot default aircraft as the Carenado X56, I'm positive this was linked to my power loss issues.
  10. Operating System: Windows 10 Pro Simulator version: Prepar3D v4.5.14.34698 Airbus version: A333 - / A320's - Add-ons in use: EVTEX, ACTIVE SKY, VPILOT, Various Sceneries; RPLL & WSSS (will occur anywhere) System specs: Intel I5-3550 @ 3.3GHz; 16GB of RAM; GTX 2060 Description of the issue: Usually Happens on approach, aircraft shuts down without reason, sometimes able to restart the engines via APU, once that starts, my last occurance I wasn't able to do anything, therefore cancelling the flight. Are you able to reproduce the issue? If so, what are th
  11. This plane is actually registered to a Boeing 737-800.
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