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  1. giib

    Malaga X Runway Identifier

    Hi I Currently have p3d v3 version of Malaga x ,how do i get v4 installer ? i purchased copy from aerosoft shop . regards Malcolm
  2. giib

    Corfu X released

    Just reloaded , everything's ok now . Thx's Mathijs .
  3. giib

    Corfu X released

    Hi I've just installed corfu x , activated scenery but now getting horrible squares in surrounding areas . running fsx sp2 and acceleration .
  4. Awsome ........ Airport and scenery ?
  5. giib

    Airbus X version 1.20

    Not had time to test properly , however tried a quick circuit at EGBB iae model , on app about 200ft fully manual ,i nose dived into the ground exact same problem as 1.11 . Please fix this annoying problem
  6. giib

    Jet blue?

    Enjoy your day off ....... Nice paint job .
  7. Flew into LEAL yesterday on IVAO , pressed LOC APPR AP2 then all hell broke loose , started climbing at +4000fpm , managed to disconnect and bring in manually , but after some questioning from twr controller ...... . This is not the only time with the same issue , fortunatley i do prefer landing manually , but i suspect others dont and its an issue that does need resolving .
  8. giib


    use this programme for FULL Flight Plans , its payware , but has 30 day trial . IMHO its amazing piece of kit
  9. giib

    Airbus X..I Love It

    Echo the above , Yes has a few bugs , but nothing a SP wont fix . Personal point thou fix the TCAS sounds , they sound awful
  10. giib

    MCDU, departure and arrival

    The following programme ( payware ) has a 30 day trial , try it out guys , i'm using it , it builds your fp with sids/stars / rwys etc and saves them straight into the fmgs and default fsx flight plannner . 1st impressions are very good .
  11. giib

    TOC & climb performance

    Just completed EGKK-LEIB , took nearly 100nm to climb FL320 as soon as i get around FL240 it goes into super slow mo climb . 3-6 fpm lying back , LEIB -EGKK same thing as outbound flt Bot flights on IVAO and Active sky evolution , enabled Had the same probs with the tutorial flight
  12. giib


    Done and Fixed , thx everyone for your help
  13. giib


  14. giib


    No and no shortcuts being used
  15. giib


    OK , I've just uninstalled , re- downloaded , re-installed and problem still exsits .