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  1. Hi simon found a thread that suggests some files like to be further up the list.i had a similar problem with the QW757 i had made a file you need untrusted and it caused a lot of sleepless nights,not for me..for the developers:-) i found the file in the untrusted section of the security bit of win7,deleted it and it installed fine.i'm using the airbus x in win7 and don't use anything else,well worth getting the problem's going to be one of them problems where it someone will say do this and next thing ..its loaded. stick with it simon it's worth it. steve
  2. Hi check your FSX.cfg and look in the TRUSTED should see a line with the GPSmodule.dll.move it to top of TRUSTED section.start FSX.if this doesn't work delete the whole line and try a reinstall .you should get a box asking you if you 'd like the GPSmodule.dll to be trusted software.Have you ever had this???if not under win7 is a section that lists untrusted software,if you find the gpsmodule.dll listed there ,delete it and reinstall the airbus x.. you might have tried all of this steve
  3. Hi totally agree with you on this one.i can also help you with the pushback which works for me. i use yoke buttons i assign a button to start the pushback. then assign one button through fsuipc to press the 1 ( to make tail go left) and another to press the number 2(to make tail go right). i dont use airport traffic so i have no pushback trucks,so i can't garauntee this will work for you.give it a go. you must have a registered copy of Fsuipc to make this work. cheers steve
  4. HI your spot on mat,it's crabbing not sideslip,as to the rudder disabling over 100ft,is it not possible to leave it enabled say up to 1000ft.or is this something the developers are going to fix's obviously a complex issue because to fix it they would have to Break the FBW and then Repair it.having travelled on a few airbus's i know they do Crab on approach. just to add to this,i love this aircraft and it's the only one i use in fsx,even if it's not sorted i would still use it all the time. steve:-) aerosoft airbus x nice x stuttgart x innsbruck x madiera x
  5. seems that the airbus rudder doesn't move after 100ft..something to do with the FBW.seems with 40 views noone is sure,this info comes from the airbus website. steve
  6. Hi can someone tell me if the Airbus's rudder should move once it's in the's moving when i taxi on the ground or airbus is parked at a gate.i use chpro rudders and have checked them out and they are working well. i cannot sideslip at all on approach because rudders do not move.this is happening on both the A320 and A321. thanks steve airbus x 1.22 fsx acceleration
  7. Hi off topic,but why are you sorry to be english?? i'm very proud to be english and british. steve-0
  8. stevehow

    Airbus X

    Hi mate i'm sure there is a dedicated forum for Fsuipc,sure i've seen one.. steve
  9. Hi john glad you came here,gives me a chance to personally thank you for your fantastic repaints,i really mean this.they make such a massive difference to the Airbus X.the level of detail is you well know FSX forums are frequented by a small and unwelcome group of miserable people who continue to moan about things which are given to them for FREE!!.thanks again John for what you do. steve-o nev you got it 100% right
  10. Mathijs thanks you so much ..thats it... works perfectly steve
  11. hi i need help with the autopilot HDG/TRK mode. i'm loading a flight plan into the FMGS,everythings climbs to correct altitude,flies at correct speed,follows flight plan headings no problem.The problem i have is on arrival near my destination when i'm following ATC heading commands to fly to an ILS APP.i can descend or climb but cannot get the airbus to turn to a heading unless i turn OFF the Autopilot and fly the Approach manually.ive tried switching to TRK mode{ i thought this was the correct function to take over heading control while still using the autopilot.i've tried HDG also,but it still flies on the same it possible to change heading while the Autopilot is flying the plane??.i looked at the Manuals,but can't find a relevant part. thanks steve
  12. i think you realise now that perhaps you were a wrong in your approach to this problem.that's is a sunday and like all companies ,they are probably short on staff. you will get a refund ,im sure of that.might take a while.but hey,it's not like you can't fly while you're waiting.just chill,it will be sorted soon steve:-)
  13. i would have thought the support team would have gone into hiding ..the fear of your solicitor persuing them through the courts is a terrifying prospect. i would imetly(??)have found a dark cave and hid there until it's all over. as other poster has already said,you made the mistake,so have some patience and manners and they will sort you out. please feel free to contact your solicitor if you are offended by my post steve:-)
  14. Edo787 you posted this in my recent thread,why are you repeating yourself.these posts are meant for a positive look at the Airbus X,not fault finding. Please seek help in the Support forum for any issues you have. lovely pics by the way. steve
  15. Semms to be a small amount of controversy over the Airbus X( missing animations) i recently flew on a A321 and had a chance to look in the cockpit,this is a great Mathjis said..this just feels like an airbus. I knew aerosoft would do a good job,but in my opinion they did a great job. so a big thanks to all those who worked on the Airbus X(whoever did the sounds should be knighted)and lets see some positive posts being put up..I know your out there. cheers steve
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