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  1. Just installed the latest version of Simstarter NG P3D, but is does not show in Aerosoft updater. I can't find it also in Docs/logs and products. What can be wrong? regards Alex
  2. Problem solved by a complete uninstall and reinstall of P3Dv 5.1.
  3. Opening Simstarter I see this warning (see attached file): Auto update impossible. Please download update from Aerosoft support. There is nothing in the Aerosoft updater program. How can I update to version 2.1.2? regards Alex
  4. Opening Simstarter I see this warning (see attached file): Auto update impossible. Please download update from Aerosoft support. There is nothing in the Aerosoft updater program. How can I update to version 2.1.2? regards Alex Doc2.pdf
  5. Suddenly this warning pops-up: "Some Sceneries have a wrong / missing path setting. Pease correct the errors in Scenery manager" (see attached doc1.pdf). I never have seen this before. Opening P3D There is no such entry in the scenery library nor Add-ons. What's wrong and how can I correct this error? I attached the debug package as well. regards Alex Doc1.pdf 20210117-20h11m23_SIMstarterNG_DebugPackage.zip
  6. I had a similar problem. Honeycomb was not very helpful and I opened the Alpha Flight Controls. I found a bad soldering connection on this print. I resoldered this and the yoke is working as advertised. 
     Regards Alex


  7. Same here, identical """issue""" like the others have. I went trough the procedure as Dave advised. Made some test flights and there is no significant change.
  8. Hi Masterhawk,


    What is supposed to be filled in, in the [CHG CODE] field?


    thanks in advance



    1. masterhawk


      Nothing we model. The crew can enter a code to be able to change some engine parameters.

    2. Meijer


      Thank you.

  9. Oliver, Verzeihung dass ich dich lästig gefallen hab, aber das problem war der Sicherheitswarning im Internet Explorer. Vistamare Software war unter "Nicht vertrauenwurdige Herausgeber". Ich hab das geändert und AES ist im gange! Danke, Mit freundlichem Gruß
  10. I am sorry, but looking everywhere to possibly find a cause. Again sorry. Have attached the requested files with regards FSX.zip
  11. In addition: "NON-COMPATIBLE FS X VERSION: ViMaCore stopped: . I found this entry in the ViMaCorex.dll! What is wrong? The FSX.exe version is 10.0.61472.0. Could this be wrong? I checked the G3D.dll. The version is also 10.0.61472.0. I found another G3D file, called Root_G3d.dll in the FSx\setup\SP2cache folder, with version number 10.0.61355.0.
  12. The Vistamare add-on is still not visible under add-on. Appreciate you are looking into it. Thanks
  13. I did. Didn't work This is in the ViMaCli DLL file TLOSS error SING error DOMAIN error R6028 - unable to initialize heap R6027 - not enough space for lowio initialization R6026 - not enough space for stdio initialization R6025 - pure virtual function call R6024 - not enough space for _onexit/atexit table R6019 - unable to open console device R6018 - unexpected heap error R6017 - unexpected multithread lock error R6016 - not enough space for thread data abnormal program termination R6009 - not enough space for environment R6008 - not enough space for arguments R6002 - floating point not loaded Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Runtime Error! Program: ... <program name unknown> ÿÿÿÿ í< ÿÿÿÿ I= GetLastActivePopup GetActiveWindow MessageBoxA user32.dll ÿÿÿÿåO éO ÿÿÿÿ™P P ÿÿÿÿR !R H:mm:ss dddd, MMMM dd, yyyy M/d/yy PM AM December November October September August July June April March February January Dec Nov Oct Sep Aug Jul Jun May Apr Mar Feb Jan Saturday Friday Thursday Wednesday Tuesday Monday Sunday Sat Fri Thu Wed Tue Mon Sun SunMonTueWedThuFriSat JanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec èf €h ` Ðg i è` ôg Ži a 4h Ph ^h th 6m m m úl êl Úl Äl ´l ¢l –l Œl €l hl Pl ši ªi ºi Ði Þi ìi þi j j $j .j >j Lj Xj fj zj Žj ªj ¶j Èj Øj æj øj k &k @k Zk pk ˆk ¢k ¶k Ðk àk îk ük l l &l 4l žh ®h ¾h Òh âh ôh i Žh €Hi €&i €t € € €s € €Zi €ri €6i ] DisableThreadLibraryCalls CloseHandle ÎWaitForSingleObject eSetEvent KERNEL32.dll Ö FindWindowExA SendMessageA ÞPostMessageA ‹UnregisterClassA Ž DestroyWindow Y CreateWindowExA óRegisterClassExA „ DefWindowProcA USER32.dll WSACloseEvent WSAEventSelect WSACreateEvent WSAEnumNetworkEvents C WSAWaitForMultipleEvents WS2_32.dll GetLastError J CreateThread ú GetCurrentThreadId ¥TlsSetValue ~ ExitThread Ê GetCommandLineA tGetVersion ŸHeapFree ¢TlsAlloc £TlsFree qSetLastError ¤TlsGetValue ™HeapAlloc } ExitProcess žTerminateProcess ÷ GetCurrentProcess &shy;UnhandledExceptionFilter /RtlUnwind mSetHandleCount RGetStdHandle GetFileType PGetStartupInfoA U DeleteCriticalSection $GetModuleFileNameA ² FreeEnvironmentStringsA ³ FreeEnvironmentStringsW ÒWideCharToMultiByte GetEnvironmentStrings GetEnvironmentStringsW &GetModuleHandleA GetEnvironmentVariableA uGetVersionExA HeapDestroy ›HeapCreate ¿VirtualFree ßWriteFile »VirtualAlloc ¢HeapReAlloc ªInitializeCriticalSection f EnterCriticalSection ÁLeaveCriticalSection ¿ GetCPInfo ¹ GetACP 1GetOEMCP >GetProcAddress ÂLoadLibraryA äMultiByteToWideChar ¿LCMapStringA ÀLCMapStringW SGetStringTypeA VGetStringTypeW &shy;InterlockedDecrement °InterlockedIncrement ³UåA –m xm „m m @ À ð ¢m ªm µm ViMaCli.dll Connect Disconnect SendData ÓB ViMaCliClass ViMaCli ÿÿÿÿViMaCoreFSClass ViMaCoreFS Æ
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