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  1. Guys, it would be useful to not only call it P3D v4.5 HF2 because this is NOT what Lockheed calls it. When you look up the installed version you should have v4.5.13.32097. That is the latest and greatest. Mathijs, maybe you can amend the system reqs if you have not done so already.
  2. Hi! I know you have FSUIPC registered. So here is what works for me: Disable all FSX Throttle assignments for your Saitek throttles in the FSX Options menu. Put the attached two files as .lua in the modules folder. Then go to the FSUIPC menu in FSX tab Axis Assignment. Make sure you have selected Aircraft specific? as you don't want this for all aircraft. Rescan and get your first axis for throttle 1. Under Type of action required make sure you have "Send to FS as normal axis" selected. Pick the "Lua AirbusX Thr1". Repeat for second axis with "Lua AirbusX Thr2". Press OK and leave FSUIPC - that should be it. Kosta AirbusX_Thr1.lua.txt AirbusX_Thr2.lua.txt
  3. Hi Andreas, I agree with you that there are certain things missing which would make the bus much more flyable also in non-standard situations. Standard situation being the evening simmer sitting down, loading a flight plan and fly from a to b all with autopilot. 2D panels for at least some of the flying aspects would be very welcome. Someone has already tried to have the PFD, ND and ECAM displays but that does not work very well for me and crashes FSX (more than usual;)). I would therefore like to see at least: PFD external ND external ECAM external MCDU That would be very helpful as you can move around in the panel and still see the PFD or make changes in the MCDU without flying blind. Creating additional 3D windows is not an option since my system isn't the strongest and it reduces performance even more. And then there would be some more such as SID and STARs and then I would decide to use the AirbusX far more often in ATC guided flight. Kosta
  4. Hi, well, you are going through the special AirbusX initiation rites that we all had to go through ;-) The Aircraft State is something that does not immediately work if you do not have an English Windows. But there is a solution for it: Look in your "Meine Dokumente" or the My Documents on your System. You will most likely have a folder called: <path to my documents>\Flight Simulator X Files\AerosoftAirbus In there you have amongst other things 4 .abx files. These need to be copied to a new folder called <path to my documents>\Flight Simulator X-Dateien\AerosoftAirbus After that it will find your states when selected in the MCDU MENU. The 1.22 patch: Normally you can register with Aerosoft and then you can register your AirbusX with them (use the Serial Number)´. I think that will give you access to a patch. Check on their site. I have a download version and get the patches offered in my download purchase area. It is important to get that patch because they fixed a couple of things. The Throttles: I have the same hardware and registered FSUIPC and it works fine so your's should as well. Here is what I have set up: In the FSX Options "Steuerungen" I turn off any axis assignments for the throttles. Then I place the two .lua scripts in the modules folder. Then in FSUIPC axis assignments I assign "aircraft specific!" each thrust axis as "Send to FS as normal axis" and select the "Lua AirbusX Thr<x>" script. That should be all! If it does not work with the reversers you might have what I encountered, the scripts provided on the forum some time ago suddenly did not work. In that case edit the scripts as follows: AirbusX Thr1.lua: ipc.writeLvar("L:AS_FADEC_0", 0 - (2 * ipcPARAM)) AirbusX_Thr_2.lua: ipc.writeLvar("L:AS_FADEC_1", 0 - (2 * ipcPARAM)) Latest by then it worked for me. Hope that helped Kosta
  5. In the Vol1-InFSX manual you will find instructions on how to change aircraft states. To find this move the view to the FMS (or more precise the MCDU) and you should see an ACFT STATE on Right Line Button 4 in the MCDU MENU. There you have a choice of various pre-configured states, LOAD COLD DARK STATE being one of them. I read somewhere that the bus remembers the last state but I am no sure about that.
  6. Hi rocky, I can somewhat understand your frustration, it took me quite some time at the beginning as well. I have a very similar environment but I got it to work reasonably well by now. SO, after taking a deep breath tell us what version of the AirbusX you are using. There is a 1.22 patch available which had solved quite a few problems. Secondly, are you using any special addon such as FSUIPC registered or Ezdok etc... I am not from Aerosoft, just another customer having a very mixed experience with the bus. I still get the odd CTD but it is usually at the end of the flight. And in my experience re-installing Windows usually does not help (unless you wanted to clean up anyway ). If you have applied the patch you should check some of the postings because sometimes old things don't get de-installed properly causing some weird effects. Kind regards Kosta
  7. Hi Herman, nobody answered.... Here my understanding and approach IF no hardware throttle THEN snookered - unless you buy one because it is mandatory - Fx keys don't work END ELSE IF NO registered version of FSUIPC THEN should be easy - just set up your joystick in FSX and the special FADEC DLL thingy will handle the rest - at least in theory END ELSE here it becomes tricky because there seem to be interferences between the FADEC logic and FSUIPC. not to despair though - look here or find two lua files here and install as described - works great for me END END Kosta
  8. Hi Christer, yes they need to be called .lua and NOT .txt and they need to reside in the modules folder. BUT you need a registered version of FSUIPC to run it - free will not do. If you do have it then you can start the FSUIPC dialog and go to Axis Assignments. Make sure aircraft specific is selected Then rescan and move Throttle 1 lever. On the left use the first drop down and select the entry Lua AirbusX Thr1 repeat for throttle 2 with Lua AirbusX Thr2 The script takes the movement of your lever and sends it to AirbusX - works fine here. Kosta
  9. Hi Felipe, you are most likely running an Italian version of Windows there was a bug in older versions during install. the .abx files were moved to the wrong folder. Same happened to me running on German Windows. Back in older versions it helped me to copy the following files from Users\<my userid>\Documents\<the Italian version of Flight Simulator X-Files>\AerosoftAirbus\*.abx to Users\<my userid>\Documents\Flight Simulator X-Files\AerosoftAirbus See if that helps you as well. Kind regards Kosta
  10. yes, go to that link and download the PDF. Go through all the settings and be surprised like me how much things can improve with some small changes. Thanks Mathijs... Kosta
  11. Danny, you have registered FSUIPC then update to the current version and read this thread - lua scripting solved all my problems works great since I use it. Kosta
  12. Hi, after many hours of frustration and several downloads I have finally received an Airbus that flies decently again. Update 1.21 has allowed me to do unmanaged flights (landing training without A/P) without any nose dips and DESC modes during take off etc. You still have to think ahead and don't rush things but you should not do that in real life either. Yes, there are some points still, I can see blinking in the cockpit and the noise in cold & dark and the fps still not great ... but it is way better than before, all these are small things compared to the problems I had flying the bird before 1.21. Thanks to the team which has probably worked very hard in the last weeks and received a lot of pressure from everyone (me included). Kosta
  13. Last week I had given up and wanted to de-install AirbusX for good. But I don't give up so quickly. I followed Shaun's instructions to re-install 1.20 today, deleting the GPS module DLL and removed everything else left on the disk - and that made a difference. The GPS module I had not removed before - it seems to have been the reason for the completely weird behaviour I experienced last week. It is not perfect now but the bus is flyable again - also in manual mode, I did 2 Touch and Go's with almost no weird events. Framerates are lower than with 1.11 - no big deal in default FSX scenery, Frankfurt Mega Airport is a slideshow though. One strange thing has remained, when engaging AP1 during the initial climb it will not continue climbing but starts descending with -1700 ft/min. I have to turn off the autopilot and continue the climb manually. After two or three times pushing and pulling the ALT knob and resetting the V/S it works again. I have NO flight plan loaded - wondering if that has anything to do with it. Oh, and the other thing I realized is that the default weight of the bus (without using the AirbusConnect) seems to be pretty high and that seems to have caused the runway length issues I had before. Now I use the tool EVERY time and set a reasonable weight. That explains to me why the provided sample flight worked when followed by the letter, quickly jumping in and heading off does not. I will fly some more at the weekend and continue with my virtual copilot FSUIPC lua programming. Kosta
  14. Sadly I have about enough as well. I spent god knows how many hours trying to get to grips with this aircraft. Going through all the whoops with throttles and other peculiarities, crashing left right and center, roller coasting on approach. I just don't seem to get it right. I have the hangar full of commercial products from Wilco Airbuses to PMDG J41 flying happily with the ATR from Flight-1 or the Simcheck A300 (one of my favourite wide-bodies). None of these have ever given me that kind of trouble. And it is not that I am a beginner, I played with FS1 and have programmed panels when most didn't even know what is behind a cockpit. I also started to program a completely custom FSUIPC lua interface between the Airbus X and VRInsight MCP Combo plus a basic virtual copilot interface running checklists - something this AirbusX supports very well due to the use of XML gauges. But that is wasted time if the bird doesn't fly even remotely like the others. But since 1.20 it is even worse though different - some problems had been fixed but working things have been broken now. In my opinion it is now worse than before. The way the bus is now does NOT allow me to make a simple landing training. I still use the whole runway in Nurnberg even with MAN TOGA. The bus does NOT catch the preselected altitude any more - on the contrary - it start descending and switching to DES mode while I am still in the initial climb phase. As soon as I switch the AP on I start descending instead of ascending. HDG does not react, only after several switching between managed and manual mode will it finally start following the selcted track. Altitude catching is like a ship in high seas, APPR catching the GS and localizer needs ample space because it just can't get it right on the first go even with small interception angles of 30 deg. I have installed and de-installed 1.20 3 times now making sure that I deleted any residual files from the previous installations but to no avail. The only successful flight I made was a completely programmed route from EDDN to EDDK and even that wasn't without issues and I had to interfere often enough, the landing something to forget quickly. Sorry, but that is not what I do with FSX (at least not only). I am glad that there are many people happy with the bird but for my taste it just does not cut it. Let's hope that the extended version will improve things for more advanced simmers and as a free advice from me re-design the whole autoflight and FBW. Make it like the default Airbus, at least one can do the "simple" evening simming instead of loosing hair over the current mess.
  15. Ran some tests watching the battery discharge although APU was connected. The guys are right, logic looks inverse. Having external power also does nothing for charging the batteries only selecting off APU generator - could be the battery dis-/charge logic.
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