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  1. Ok, I thought I might have the latest version as well. But, I still have the problem with nose dive on final approach and this was to be fixed in the updates.
  2. Interesting. I didn't know you could pause TrackIR. That would definitely help a lot. I do too like VC's, however I use them on simpler aircraft such as the cessna or twin otter. I just feel like with such a complex airplane like the airbus a 2D panel would be extremely helpful. That's my opinion however, but I do understand that the 2d panel era is slowly dying.
  3. I haven't updated yet. It's the original version downloaded from simmarket.com
  4. When I try to install the 1.22 update, I get a message that I need to install the 1.21 version first. When I try to install the 1.21 version I get an error message that says I have to install the 1.20 update first! See the dillema? So the 1.20 version is out of date or removed... great... so now what do I do?
  5. Seriously? But after I re-install it will still be the original version. I need to update to 1.20. Andreas
  6. I've downloaded update version 1.21 and 1.22 but I get an error message that I need the version 1.20. I can't find this file under FAQ/Updates section. Can u please help me? Regards, Andreas
  7. I'm not sure if it's my Track IR thats not so good, but with mine there is too much shaking in the cockpit to hit the correct buttons. When I want to adjust the altitude I sometimes adjust the speed knob by mistake as well. This really frustrates me when there are alot going on at the same time! Also, my track IR does not allow me to look all the way down at the pedistal and the numbers on the FMC are way too small for me to see. I'm wondering, when you have a 2D panel and pan/look to your right or left you see your VCockpit. Is it not possible to at least make it so you have a fixed view of your VC when in cockpit/2D panel mode? That would at least help alot! But, I don't think this is possible though... Oh well... I'm not flying the AirbusX anymore anyway... and it's a real shame, because it's the best model out there... but I need to be able to fly her as well. Andreas
  8. Ok, maybe this post is just to get out some frustration... however, I think you guys at Aerosoft can stand som critisism also. What is so frustrating is the fact that it is such a great modelled plane and the sounds and controls are amazing, BUT, at the same time, you have left out (in my opinion) the most important piece... the 2D panel. There are waaaaay to many buttons and switches to press and the Track ID technology is not good enough to let us multitask while the cabin or picture is shaking from side to side. I think the biggest mistake is that people are trying to create something close to the real thing and forget that a simulator will ALWAYS be a simulator and we need to try and keep it simple, but at the same time believable. Also, such small details, such as the wingview wich is not modelled into the cabin view is disapointing. The sound in wingview is so loud you can't possibly enjoy it for more than a few seconds. And it's a shame, because the wing view is abselutely amazing. I cincerely hope, that in the future you will provide us with a 2D panel. Don't get me wrong, the VC is outstanding, but for complex tasks such as setting up the FMC and takeoff and landing, only a 2D panel will work in my (and I'm very sure in many other's) case. For now, I'm going back to Wilco's airbus. Although the model is not nearly as nice as yours, it has the full package, VC, 2D panel, modelled interior, good sounds and wingviews with interior sound. Also, I would like to point out, that I'm really looking forward to your CRJ release, but if it is also missing the things mentioned above I think you are loosing costumers because of this. So please take this into consideration before releasing your products. Sorry to be so negative, but I'm a big costumer of Aerosoft and I feel that gives me the right to give some critisism. Happy new years! Regards, Andreas
  9. I agree! This was the biggest dissapointment when I purchased this product. The same goes for the PMDG 747, the wings are not modelled in the cabin view, therefore only exterior (loud!) sounds when in wingview. There is no way of editing the sounds without it sounding really bad! The only hope, (hint, hint Aerosoft!) is if there is released another version with wings modelled in the cabin view. I also really really miss the 2D panels. Track IR is ok, but it's hard to hit all the buttons sometimes as the pictures keeps moving/shaking all the time.
  10. I've tried the fix from Orbx and it worked like a charm! Thank's a million for the tip! Regards, Andreas
  11. Yeah, I'm using FTX and I know for a fact you are supposed to turn FTX mode off when installing and using other scenery. However it's so easy to forget this, and I almost always leave FTX mode turned on when flying. I'll try the fix later tonight. Thank you for the quick reply! I appreciate it!!! Regards, Andreas
  12. Just installed Switzerland X and I love it! However, there is one thing that I'm not pleased with. A lot of the buildings have texture problems. Looks like a GMAX project gone bad. Some photos... http://i274.photobucket.com/albums/jj273/odin78/1.jpg http://i274.photobucket.com/albums/jj273/odin78/2.jpg http://i274.photobucket.com/albums/jj273/odin78/3.jpg How do I fix this?? It's really annoying! Regards, Andreas
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