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  1. Any news on this project? WSSS is solely missed...
  2. Yes, it's working in FSX. See post here (fifth post on first page) LINK
  3. A remake of Santorini would be amazing! Sorry for off-topic.
  4. Otherwise, there's a minor army of talented painters, who's just eager to get their hands on the paintkit, so you can have all the liveries you imagine.
  5. Here you go LINK Took around 5 minutes to find, using the very handy search functionality in the top Have a great day.
  6. Thanks, @Frank Docter - I apparently missed that one.
  7. Isn't this something the various talented painters of the community could add, with the paintkit if they wish?
  8. You have, but since the work is so excellent, you might as well show them again for our pleasure. Thanks, Mathijs!
  9. Amazing news! Thanks, Aerosoft. I'm going there in about a month for vacation! Last time I was there, was about 20 years ago... Looking forward to this one.
  10. I would imagine, that lights (or light sources) are extremely hard (if not impossible) to get correct in all situations and conditions. Sometimes a light source (or flash as it is in this instance), is a small dot. In other conditions (for instance at night and/or in cloudy or low visibility) the light source and flash, appears different. Given the variance in atmospheric and ambient conditions (some of which, isn't properly simulated in the sim) I think the lighting effects are quite nice and is a fair compromise. Just my opinion, of course...
  11. In P3Dv4... I could be wrong, but I doubt there's any configurations available like that, in the real plane...
  12. Please see this excellent post by @DaveCT2003 (<-- extremely nice, helpful and pleasant guy, btw!) Is the Airbus A330 being released for FSX?
  13. As far as I understand (and you can search the forums for the correct/more precise answers) the current position is basically: Nothing's been decided. No use crossing that bridge, until (or unless) they come to it.
  14. I'd agree with you there. I found an EFB inside the VC to be more of a distraction than actually be useful. Besides the viewing mechanics in FSX/P3D is so restricted and cumbersome, that it takes to much time and attention to use it effectively. But that's just my own opinion... Sorry for off-topic.
  15. Indeed yes. But if one would fly a specific route within the map, a flight-planning option would be a helpful (albeit not required) tool... šŸ˜Š
  16. Appreciate the reply, Mathijs... But that was kind of an ambiguous answer... is it more or less than 3 months?
  17. Roger that. @FWAviation First of all - I don't complain! I'm merely bewildered about the actions of other users in here, since I quite offend, I find my posts being down-voted, even though, there's isn't a touch of negative, rude or otherwise offensive expressions in it. It's a bit mystifying to me, to be honest.
  18. Roger that. Thanks, Tom! (What's the matter with (some) people in here?! Why did I get a 'down-vote' for that post?!)
  19. I'm sorry, but it could very well be, that this topic was closed down, and a new one opened, once previews of Jo's scenery came in... Since this topic was intended for a different developer, it would be very plausible to close down this topic to avoid confusion.
  20. @Tom A320 Amazing news! Does this future scenery by Jo, relate to this 'preview topic'?
  21. I'm curious. Which airport(s) is missing in Hawaii?! Haven't FSDreamTeam (FSDT) covered pretty much all of them?
  22. No offense towards Aerosoft, nor the secret developer behind the development shown in this topic, but looking at the screenshots from ORBX's development of Kiruna, I highly doubt that this scenery will top it - or be comparable. Yes, of course competition is always good, and the preliminary screenshots in this sneak-preview does look very nice, but in my honest opinion, the ORBX development really looks like it's in a league of its own.
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