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  1. Hey Hans. Confirming putting the DLL file back restored the aircraft to normal. Thanks.
  2. good point. I had also updated my navigraph like I do every time a new cycle comes out
  3. yeah. just launched the sim and it's back to the old behavior. Fix only worked a couple of spawns
  4. I am no doubt heavily invested in P3D. But that doesn't mean I was the type that then was hoping for the failure of MSFS. In fact the opposite. I've purchased it. I was an alpha tester also. I've purchased a handful of addons. My problem is that I like to fly realistic airliners. I'm not sure the progress being made there. Other than one developer who recently said we could be waiting a year. That was very disappointing to me. As right now MSFS is basically a platform for very nice visuals and VFR flying. I'm hopefully that DX12 will come to MSFS sooner rather than later. While we
  5. of course sales numbers are going to be down if developers stop developing for a product. I can understand how developers are frustrated with V5. It seems many things changed without getting prior feedback from you guys. Though I'll say that provided one has the right hardware (namely VRAM) V5 is amazing. The performance going from DX11 to 12 has been nothing short of amazing. So amazing that I can't believe MFS didn't launch as a DX12 title. The other thing. Does MFS really have a million customers? I suspect a massive amount of those counted people are just folks who have game p
  6. Exciting news. Thanks for sharing it with us. It's certainly looking more and more like MSFS has won the sim wars here. While I love the CRJ I think we all know there were certain performance issues with it. Even in V5. Do you think this will be something you guys can get past in MSFS for the CRJ? PS: I understand your decision on upgrade pricing. you guys gotta eat too!
  7. thanks guys. for whatever reasons it goes into that data folder but then creates a whole new file structure repeating the previous structure. So it goes deep into redundant file structure if that makes sense. I ended up just copying that folder it created back to where it belongs. Not ideal, but it works.
  8. I've seen a few threads here that look like they were dealing with V4 instead of V5. Two simple questions: 1. What directory should I point simbrief downloader to for CRJ pro V5 flightplans? 2. What directory should i point navigraph FMS Data manager to for airac data? The auto scan isn't picking this plane up. thanks.
  9. i have high end hardware so I prefer V5. The CTD's I originally had were fixed by reinstalling GSX. The weather needs some work I agree.
  10. To be honest Mathijs, V5 is a lot better than V4.5. For one it looks better. EA or no EA it looks better. Most importantly it is without question better on performance. An easy example is to start a vatsim flight in Montreal or Boston or JFK. In the past some of these sceneries could test my locked 30 frames. But not now. They run very smooth almost like I'm at a default airport. There is no question it is not without its problems. But it seems most who have had the proper hardware and proper settings have got it working nice and have discontinued any V4 flying. I know I have and man
  11. Do you guys plan to fix the dynamic lighting in Madeira to make it work in V5?
  12. Hey Guys. Just bought the Skalarki FCU and MCDU to use with a different a320. However I was wondering if anybody has had any luck getting them to work with the Aerosoft A330?
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