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  1. Same thing where it loses power and then goes to the CM splash screen. This is widely reported over on spad next forums. Awaiting a response from the developer?
  2. Hey Guys. I've only been able to find setup instructions for the Airbus tca not the boeing tca throttle. I'm just looking to figure out how to get reverse thrust working with this aircraft. Thanks.
  3. hello. Just wondering how long until we have the software updated for the new PMDG 737 for MSFS? thanks.
  4. What am I missing here? When I go to firmware update tab in the program it says "Waiting for DFU Device connection" Can't get past that step to update the firmware .Unplug usb cable 2.Hold press (Init ref+5) 3.Plugin usb cable 4.relax your grip 4.The keyboard starts flashing 5.click start flash 6.enjoy your new fw
  5. Everything works completely normal in the PMDG NGXu. However I'm noticing in the PMDG 777, that I'm getting many double key pushes even when pushing exactly the same as I would with the 737. An example. I lightly push the 2 button. And 22 shows up in the scratchpad. Any ideas?
  6. I see that the guys over at SpadNext have started working with this. So hopefully they can figure it out. If I sold something like this I would want compatibility as wide as possible. But that's just as me.
  7. I'm just curious what everybody is doing to turn the cdu on and off. Do you just unplug the CDU when not in use since it doesn't have an on off switch? I have a plug in USB on / off switch. But that then causes the CDU to not be recognized by computer. I'm just looking for a way to turn it off when not in use without unplugging. thanks.
  8. Let me know if you need me to ask Leonardo anything regarding their md-80. I think it would help you guys sell more of these CDU's if it could work in the md80 also
  9. yeah I hate to say it also. But would love to be able to use the CDU with the CS 767
  10. Since the FMS on a MD-80 is pretty similar to a 737. Does anybody know if it's possible to use this product with the leonardo md80? I'm considering purchasing. But for the price I'd like to be able to use with the md80 also. thanks.
  11. guys what Ini file needs to be changed and where is it located? I've had to do a similar change in the MD80 in the past. I just need to know what file needs to be changed here.
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