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  1. Same thing where it loses power and then goes to the CM splash screen. This is widely reported over on spad next forums. Awaiting a response from the developer?
  2. Hey Guys. I've only been able to find setup instructions for the Airbus tca not the boeing tca throttle. I'm just looking to figure out how to get reverse thrust working with this aircraft. Thanks.
  3. hello. Just wondering how long until we have the software updated for the new PMDG 737 for MSFS? thanks.
  4. What am I missing here? When I go to firmware update tab in the program it says "Waiting for DFU Device connection" Can't get past that step to update the firmware .Unplug usb cable 2.Hold press (Init ref+5) 3.Plugin usb cable 4.relax your grip 4.The keyboard starts flashing 5.click start flash 6.enjoy your new fw
  5. Everything works completely normal in the PMDG NGXu. However I'm noticing in the PMDG 777, that I'm getting many double key pushes even when pushing exactly the same as I would with the 737. An example. I lightly push the 2 button. And 22 shows up in the scratchpad. Any ideas?
  6. I see that the guys over at SpadNext have started working with this. So hopefully they can figure it out. If I sold something like this I would want compatibility as wide as possible. But that's just as me.
  7. I'm just curious what everybody is doing to turn the cdu on and off. Do you just unplug the CDU when not in use since it doesn't have an on off switch? I have a plug in USB on / off switch. But that then causes the CDU to not be recognized by computer. I'm just looking for a way to turn it off when not in use without unplugging. thanks.
  8. Let me know if you need me to ask Leonardo anything regarding their md-80. I think it would help you guys sell more of these CDU's if it could work in the md80 also
  9. yeah I hate to say it also. But would love to be able to use the CDU with the CS 767
  10. Since the FMS on a MD-80 is pretty similar to a 737. Does anybody know if it's possible to use this product with the leonardo md80? I'm considering purchasing. But for the price I'd like to be able to use with the md80 also. thanks.
  11. guys what Ini file needs to be changed and where is it located? I've had to do a similar change in the MD80 in the past. I just need to know what file needs to be changed here.
  12. agree with OP. Clearly the aerosoft software needs to be updated or they should note that they are not V5 compatible.
  13. we are at an interesting time. V5.1 has been underwhelming IMO. But airliner flying keeps me at P3D. MSFS is interesting. On one hand it's the future. But on the other when you look at stats like the steam numbers it paints a picture that msfs honeymoon phase is over. Users are WAY down. Keep in mind that's just steam. But I'm also no longer hearing about it in the tech blogs and youtube streamers. Once xbox comes I suspect some buzz will come back. The two most concerning things to me with MSFS are lack of deep simulation aircraft and mandatory updates. I can't imagine to have it be my main sim with loads of payware aircraft. Only to open the program and be forced to download a mandatory update that breaks things. Atleast with P3D we can pick and choose when we know about issues. Right now I fly in P3D, and use MSFS mostly as a world viewer application.
  14. the fcu works great and the mcdu not really at all. Hope that helps. My understanding is the problems on the mcdu are with the sizing of the window. Some have said that since the mcdu is actually another display they have had FPS in half issues.
  15. Hey Hans. Confirming putting the DLL file back restored the aircraft to normal. Thanks.
  16. good point. I had also updated my navigraph like I do every time a new cycle comes out
  17. yeah. just launched the sim and it's back to the old behavior. Fix only worked a couple of spawns
  18. I am no doubt heavily invested in P3D. But that doesn't mean I was the type that then was hoping for the failure of MSFS. In fact the opposite. I've purchased it. I was an alpha tester also. I've purchased a handful of addons. My problem is that I like to fly realistic airliners. I'm not sure the progress being made there. Other than one developer who recently said we could be waiting a year. That was very disappointing to me. As right now MSFS is basically a platform for very nice visuals and VFR flying. I'm hopefully that DX12 will come to MSFS sooner rather than later. While we can sit here and look at so many things that P3D got wrong with the execution of V5, we also can't look past the massive performance gains that were achieved. I mean I can have a packed vatsim flight into JFK or BOS in bad weather, and get very good performance in V5 in a realistic airliner. The same cannot be said for MSFS right now. Again I truly want MSFS to succeed and hope it's my future flight simulator. I've been doing this for 25 years and have seem the winners and losers in this niche. My biggest concern is not whether I can achieve realistic airliner flights from A to B. Because I think that will show up eventually. My concern is one day MS pulls the plug on the servers. In the old days this wasn't a factor. Microsoft could pull out and all that would mean is that updates would stop. But in a simulator with a heavy streaming component, pulling the plug would be game over. So for the first time there is actually now a very large risk in investing in addons that was much less of a threat in the past. Mathijs: I do appreciate your transparency and timely communications with your customers. Not everybody does that and it's refreshing.
  19. of course sales numbers are going to be down if developers stop developing for a product. I can understand how developers are frustrated with V5. It seems many things changed without getting prior feedback from you guys. Though I'll say that provided one has the right hardware (namely VRAM) V5 is amazing. The performance going from DX11 to 12 has been nothing short of amazing. So amazing that I can't believe MFS didn't launch as a DX12 title. The other thing. Does MFS really have a million customers? I suspect a massive amount of those counted people are just folks who have game pass and decided to download it and give it a try. How many of them have moved on? Bet its pretty high. The MFS future looks bright. But to me its still the future. It's missing some of the most important things applicable to me for my kind of flying. But I'm reasonably encouraged they will arrive.
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