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  1. I make a little flight around paris Every thing seems fine No conflict any more and the scenery of paris is always beautiful Brgds Cyril
  2. hy again Shaun to answer at your question , it's make only 1 week that i turn on DX10 preview mode what i didn t expect doing that , is to win more than 10 fps, on a Mega Airport like LFPG or EDDF i think me like other customers are looking for good frame rate to play at FSX until now , under DX9 with medium setting i've 10-11 fps, now with DX10 preview i can get arround 21 fps with good setting i don t know if for all computer ,switching under DX10 preview mode have the same result , but what i can say is to play with 21fps is not the same feeling that to play with 10fps have a good day cyril
  3. hy again and tks for reply hope they will make an update and put it compatible with DX10 preview for the night flight brgds cyril
  4. hello shaun France VFR just reply to me, to remove all conflict beween Aerosoft and France VFR we have to remove the following file: msh_IDF; which is in France VFR i do that , and now every thing is perfect tks for your help brgds cyril
  5. good day to you all i've some trouble to use Mega airport CDG and FRA under DX10 in night there are no texture loading , every thing is white i ve not this problem with mega Airport ORY.... i've see in the forum that the best way to solve it is to uncheck DX10 preview in fsx menu But if i do that my FPS drop completely and i m not able to FLY i've put some screen shot in copy hope you can help tks a lot cyril
  6. hello shaun and thks for reply i've already try to contact France VFR , but for moment no answer , i see on internet , that incompatibility between Aerosoft and France VFR is not somthing news, i've thought that with the new scenery from France VFR, this kind of problem will be a old story hope i will found a way to use both addon without to have LFPG or LFPO on a monatin have a good day to you cyril
  7. hello collegu i have a look on my library , and i cfm that Mega airport CDG is above Paris HD photo i also flown to Mega airport Ory , and i also have the same problem arround the airport i ve read some topic regarding incompatibility with Aerosoft and france VFR , but no clear answer to correct it hope you can find a way to solve it tks a lot cyril
  8. hello , i just buy new airport Frankfurt HaneX for FSX i'm very surprise about the difference of the scenery color between VRF germany west 2010 and the new airport VFR germany west 2010 seems to have very dark and frankfurt Hahn seems to have beautiful color on grass texture i thought first that it was a problem of season, but no... i ve take some screen shot of my problem.hope you are able to help me have a nice week end bye bye cyril
  9. hello collegue i will have a look at scenery CFG , and i will keep you inform tks for the reply
  10. good afternoon i've installed Photo Paris Hd from France VFR for FSX with Mega aiport CDG there is like some mountaine just before the aiport I'm actually not able to find any solution for this problem i've post some screen shot , that you can see better my problem hope you will find the solution to correct this brgds cyril
  11. hello aerosoft team Will you make an AES for it and do you have already other airport/scenery in developement ? will you make also compatible your AirbusX ? tks a lot for your reply and have a good day brgds
  12. macht deine frage im english.ich verstehe keine wort gruss got from france
  13. yahoo thks a lot great job!!!
  14. Mano , we are not lucky... we will be patient but your repaint is gorgeous take care a++
  15. hi , the plane is still not avail for the download do you think , it should be ok for this evening.? brgds
  16. so beautiful!!!!! love it i will download it tomorrow , great job!!!!
  17. hello Emi , thks for your reply i've the v1.22 install on my computer i've see the time for take off (the chrono is not show on the ND // and i don t look on the clock...) but i think it should be like you arround 30' a question to you , if you have to perform a rejected take off just before v1 with flexible thrust not in to/ga, will you go out of the rwy??? then regarding the flex temp , i m using the chart of airbus, because with 61 °c you will not respect engine limit // normally max flex tep is arround 55°c thks again brgds
  18. hello guy do you have any news for us? cheese
  19. hello guy from aerosoft it make a long time that i put some minor bug easy to be correct (i thing for 3 of them) it s perhaps not very important , but your plane will be really more realistic if those bugs are correct 1/ Chrono start at take off , nothing show on the ND when you press the button to start the chrono 2/ FMA mistake for altitude reduction , the LVR CLB message appears on the FMA 300' before than expected 3/ FMA mistake for the display "1FD2 A/THR" , it should be in blue at take off and become white when you put the throlle on CL detent 4/ No TCAS working for online flight 5/ Flight time return at 0 just a touch down (on the clock) thks a lot for your reply brgds
  20. hello every one i ve increase the DOW of the A320 because 37T was very not enought i ve put a DOW of 42.8 in the aircraft .cfg , but i realise that it has not update the DOW of the Airbux Xconnect if somoene can help about this brgds and good day
  21. hello i got a question, can you confirm to me if flexible take off thrust is simulated on this airbus??? at every take off i reach V1 almost at the end of the rwy.... , tow=66t , fictive temperature=46°c , oat = 12°c , tora=3200m do i have to perform always full power t/o? or an update will come and correct this problem? thks a lot brgds
  22. will be patient until next week god bless you ,
  23. hello guy , i will ask the same question... still any news regarding the tcas for online flight?? brgds
  24. hello every one Am i the only one to have CDT? it could appear during taxi before take off, just after take off, during cruise or during the landing It appear at any time , and i have to say that i've enought of all this bug. Who can you be happy after a CDT just 2 min before landing seriously i'm exhausted of all this bug not you???
  25. hello aerosoft team it will be nice to correct some bug ... 1/chrono start at take off , nothing show on the ND when you press the button to start the chrono 2/ FMA mistake for altitude reduction , the LVR CLB message appears on the FMA 300' before than expected 3/ FMA mistake for the display "1FD2 A/THR" , it should be in blue at take off and become white when you put the throlle on CL detent thks a lot for your reply brgds
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