We are looking for two additional A330 pilots to join our advisory team.  We will ask for credentials (sorry for that), but if you are willing to assist contact us on mathijs.kok@aerosoft.com

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  1. Yes it is a very confusing message from Navigraph. Also for instance with the FlyByWire A320 I could already fly RNP approaches... so what's new in the update? And indeed the CRJ is not capable of flying these approaches I did read when it was released by Aerosoft
  2. Good to read! Forgot to tell I use the PMS50 mod for it.... maybe their latest build (which already is suitable for the upcoming SU9) is not compatible anymore. Will try a previous build from their github.
  3. First time testing the Twotter again after weeks of laying it in the hanger, and now also trying the undocking feature of the GNS530. Nice it can be undocked now, but after trying 3 times, undocking it and moving the screen to the RealSimGear module, MSFS got a CTD. Will try to clear everything from the Community folder and test it once more, but it seems not very good....
  4. Ah OK, worth a try. Good luck then, but maybe post in the correct session of the forum as I think this is a non-support section of the forums.
  5. Did you also try with a default Aerosoft livery? Maybe the livery you use is not compatible with the new update? Just a thought....
  6. Nope. Not part of the update of yesterday. When can we expect this, in my opinion rather basic, option?
  7. The update is available, thanks!
  8. Unfortunately not yet in the latest update. Hope for the next one!
  9. Already been asked in the forums: the plane on which this model is based, has exactly the same gauges. So it matches a real life plane
  10. Unfortunately it's not in the release notes of the coming update tomorrow but let's hope it will be in Indeed. Why remove a basic functionality of Asobo? And, of course, in advance thanks for the fast first update! Really appreciated
  11. The weekend or Monday, so probably tomorrow 😉
  12. Thanks! It will be the cherry on the already very tasteful cake and will be highly appreciated!
  13. Will this be part of one of the updates? It is a joy to fly with external hardware and the GNS530.
  14. Yep every other aircraft does the trick. Only this unfortunately not (yet)....
  15. Hi! Thanks for bringing out a marvelous new product! Enjoying it already! One question: I have the RealSimGear hardware for GNS530. For this it is necessary to undock the screen in MSFS. When pressing (right) AL+ENTER normally this screen can be undocked to drag it into the RealSimGear monitor. In the Twotter the function ALT+ENTER is apparently not activated. How to solve this? Thijs
  16. "de dronken dagen voor Kerst" as we like to say it in Rotterdam
  17. Live weather bug within MSFS. Several posts already in all the forums. It started 2 days ago I think. Options: 1) turn off live weather but use a preset weather 2) make use of REX Weather Force if you want live weather 3) Keep flying on FL200 or lower.
  18. Les is a hero. Really appreciate your efforts in making these very helpful tutorials and learning us to understand the sometimes very technical spade.next items.... Thanks!
  19. Really have so much respect for Mathijs handling these processes. Thumbs up! Thanks for your wonderful products. Enjoy your wine Mathijs!
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