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  1. I made a 4 hour flight this morning, no breaks in the Sim like yesterday. I will keep flying and testing
  2. Dave, sorry I had already entered another flight, and stuff from yesterday was gone. Now I know what you need so I'll try to get that at next problem. I am flying right now. If you want to see the Video it is the third one down on my channel, KEWR > EIDW 3:17. The break occurs around the 2:54 mark, up to that point it is solid.
  3. Dave, I'll work on that tomm. I did go back to the video and these two shots were made within my guess a second of each other on the stream. The reason I suggested a glitch is I has no other explanation as to why the frame suddenly turns from one to the other.
  4. Dave, I flew from Newark to Dublin tonight, about 2:53 into the flight there is an obvious glitch in the program that I captured on stream where control is lost. I watched it several times and the only obvious answer is a glitch in the program. I regain control of the plane, but later the approach glitches also with no appearance of localizer and glide slope. There is also no speed control on approach but I did manage to get it on the ground. Dave, I must admit this is getting old, one flight it works fine, then the next it glitches. If you want the video info let me know.
  5. I completed two flights after the upgrade with A330. One flight was without AS and Navigraph on, the next with both back on. KRSW to KATL. Both ran successfully with no loss of control events. Sorry for the dark screen shot, but I do have a question for Dave. As you can see on the ND there was a tight turn during final. I was tempted to click the APPR button at about this point, but I was waited for the localizer alive callout. Aircraft then got above the glide path and I had to then manually get the plane down to the runway. My question is should I have clicked APPR sooner so I'm making sure I'm approaching GP from below in this instance?
  6. I hope they resolve it. Not sure that anything was different for me I just repeated what I did yesterday, run as admin and disable AntiVirus. It ran smoothly
  7. Happy to report that after doing nothing overnight the updater ran properly and installed the latest updates for the 320 and 330 this morning. So my issue is able to be closed.
  8. Dave, I regain control of the aircraft and complete the balance of the flight without event. I noticed as the aircraft gets closer to the airport that the FPS sinks to 20 FPS, but it still maintains control. I want to see if I can do the update this morning as I could not do it yesterday, so I'm going to log off this flight. Other than that one glitch, it performs as it should be. The remaining problem is this loss of control event, and using long haul aircraft it could be several hours before you come back to your PC.
  9. Thank You, Virus SW was off per the procedure. Never happened before this update, it always updated. I have a flight paused now awaiting any guidance Dave might have on a different issue. I can try it again once that is over.
  10. Dave, I attempted to fly from KRSW to KATL, approximately 18 mins from takeoff passing FL320 to a planned level of 36,000, the plane lost control again and went into a A floor. I recorded in on OBS and you can see it on my twitch channel. It looked like FPS at the time was stable on it's slider value of 30. As you will see there was no warning. I have the flight on pause, let me know what you want to do. Before the event things looked perfect, but as you will see it just went wildly unstable. I was flying A320 with no AS or Navigraph.
  11. Like you I tried to run it this evening. Following the normal procedure of running as admin and disabling virus protection the updater opens and when I click to update, update cancelled appears at the bottom of the message box and the spinning wheel just sits there.
  12. I've had similar issues, I had parked the plane, but was thinking about doing the updates and then trying to refly it. Having managed Platform development I know how difficult some of these SW/Client issues can be, but until a root cause is found and corrected and tested it's just a crapshoot to try flying it.
  13. I've been having autopilot/control issues since the 330 was released. I feel your pain, I've killed numerous flights also. Just hopeful some day it gets fixed.
  14. I didn't have your problem, but yesterday I had a problem almost right at the same point, shortly after level following climbout. In my case the aircraft went into an overspeed situation and disengaged auto thrust. I was able to regain control, but as in your case no warning other than the alert coming on when it happened.
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