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  1. The flight info seen on the VDGS display is indeed dynamic! The module has an interface where Destination and TOBT can be added, while the flight number is what's assigned in the Aircraft -> Customization menu.
  2. Here's some screenshots from last week, with the way it's shaping up and unless a lot of things goes sideways testing should start for full next month.
  3. The APIS Benjamin posted a screenshot of is still being developed and not yet implemented at EDDK. Support for the new VDGS module will be added in an update to EDDK at a later date. (There is a basic VDGS system already implemented at EDDK, this one is based on the default marshaller system and not as advanced as the standalone module.)
  4. I'll check with Stairport Sceneries if this is something they plan on adding, the cone bug is unrelated to the scenery though as this happens on default airports as well.
  5. On those screenshots it still looks like you have some extra floodlights being placed next to the terminal. There's also quite a lot of models missing from the MA Oslo scenery (Hangars in the background of the first image and the tunnel objects in both images) so I suspect you still have some leftover BGL files from another Oslo scenery that's excluding those and adding the extra floodlights.
  6. Hi, this is a known issue with T-type jetways at the moment. How jetway animations are handled changed in SU5 and we're still waiting on some updated documentation, but this issue is actively being looked into.
  7. You can choose which of the stand docking systems are activated through a menu, so the VDGS works just as well for online flying on VATSIM as it does for offline. As this is an external module it's not reliant on the default ATC in any way.
  8. What you see in that gif is actually a "ghosting" graphics artifact that happens when using TAA as Anti-Aliasing, so it's not something that's related to the VDGS itself.
  9. Another new feature is that the VDGS are running on an external module created by Aerosoft. This allows for a highly functional VDGS with airport specific custom stopping points based on aircraft types. It is still in active development, currently 3 different system types has been created and the module is highly flexible and expandable. Activation or changing which VDGS is active is done through a UI menu. This feature is not only limited to Brussels, but is also planed for upcoming Aerosoft airports.
  10. A while ago there was a question regarding hangar interiors, how many that's gonna be included is still not decided, but here's a preview of one of them. Hangar doors automatically open when you approach (and close when you leave), these hangars are also scripted to "wake up" and trigger animations at random, helping to bring some more life and busyness to the airport.
  11. Perfect! hope you have fun flying to and from Oslo
  12. Missing textures would indeed be due to an incorrect "fallback" path in the texture.cfg, verify that it's pointing towards the correct location of the Texture folder inside the Mega Airport Oslo 2.0 folder. By default it should be and this should not need to be changed unless the scenery has been moved / installed to a different location than the default FSX/Aerosoft folder. fallback.1=..\..\..\..\Aerosoft\Mega Airport Oslo 2.0\Texture
  13. The texture link should be to the Mega Airport Oslo 2.0\Texture folder, so since the folders are in the original location there's no need to adjust that path. The forum post linked to earlier is what to do if the models are missing when the scenery is installed in a different location than the default "aerosoft" folder, so a different issue than what you're having.
  14. Hi, do you see these two folders "SODE_ENGM" and "SODE_ENGM_DYN" inside the ...\FSX\SimObjects\Misc folder? If yes, the model folders needed for Oslo is in the correct location and you shouldn't follow the workaround linked previously. If the folders are present and you see red X at the scenery it means that the sim is unable to load the objects needed at Oslo, this can in some instances happen if there's been an edit to the FSX.CFG file. In that file there's a list over the different folders where these types of objects are stored, navigate to: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX and open fsx.CFG in a text editor such as notepad. Scroll down a bit and you should see a list of "SimObjectPaths" similar to this: SimObjectPaths.0=SimObjects\Airplanes SimObjectPaths.1=SimObjects\Rotorcraft SimObjectPaths.2=SimObjects\GroundVehicles SimObjectPaths.3=SimObjects\Boats SimObjectPaths.4=SimObjects\Animals SimObjectPaths.5=SimObjects\Misc SimObjectPaths.6=C:\Program Files (x86)\12bPilot\SODE\data\SimObjects SimObjectPaths.7=C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\SimObjects make sure that "SimObjects\Misc" hasn't been removed and is still there. If not add it to the list.
  15. Hi, there shouldn't be any compatibility issues with WU6, can you post a screenshot of the issue? Is this the AS installer version or purchased through the in-game marketplace? Also, try deleted the rolling cache if you haven't done so after the update.
  16. These lights are placed automatically along the road vector data used by Asobo to autogenerate the world, at the moment scenery devs can't exclude and remove these.
  17. Hi, this issue is being looked into. Edit: Resolved and a fix will be included in the next update.
  18. Here's a couple of gifs showing some of the custom ambient ramp traffic at Brussels,
  19. Not sure which specific LOD you're asking about? If you're thinking of the sharpness of the terrain features/ortho images when you're at a distance that's controlled by the sim itself through its graphics options. The different LOD states 3D objects have are controlled by us, so we're able to remove unnecessary detail when you move away from assets and see them at a distance.
  20. Do you see this if you start directly at the airport as well? This looks like an issue with the terrain mesh not being loaded correctly and the building then being placed at an incorrect altitude, the transparent part you see on that object should be under ground.
  21. I personally really enjoy creating these small clutter objects, it does end up taking quite a bit of time though..
  22. It's been a while since the last set of screenshots, so here's a few from the current build.
  23. Hello Erik, as far as I can tell this issue only applies to EDLP, though if you do have any problems with the LOC alignment at any of my other sceneries feel free to open up a topic and I'll look into it.
  24. Hi Rob, I'm able to recreate the issue on my end as well, I'll fix this early next week.
  25. Hi, I've found the culprit causing the CTD and I should be able to finalize a new version of TNCB that resolves this problem tomorrow.
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