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  1. Jens. Depends on the light..
  2. The engines are grey-silver.. also in the photos you asked SAS!
  3. Well.. I have painted for flightsim the past 20 years my friend. Search my name. Stian Svensen all over the internet. Avsim and so on. Do not tell me that i'm rude or something against you. If you don't accept constructive notes.. You better stop painting! Good luck!
  4. Nice. Blue on the engine seems a bit to wide. Also SAS should stand inside on the winglets.
  5. I got it to.. It is a new issue related to the latest update! I got 30-100 fps all time.. No issue on fps! Plane flies as it should...
  7. Update. Seems like there was a problem with ORBX Vectors. I did delete a file there and that did fix it!.. Cheers
  8. Hi. The old standard tower shows in the scenery. Any advise? Cheers Stian
  9. Would be great with Gardermoen.. For both fsx and fs9 Stian
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