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  1. If i use an AES configured aircraft at an AES Airport, it works. If i pop up a non configured one at an AES airport, I get the pop up window saying the aircraft isnt configured and i should head into the AESconfig to set it up! I have run the AES config in admin, but it still says that I am not an AES airport and please restart FSX and place the aircraft at one! I have tried many different airports.
  2. any other ideas on this issue I am having? Couldnt find a way to uninstall AES, but i couldn't find a way apart from deleting the folder in the Aerosoft folder in FSX. Installed it again and still no luck!
  3. Also as i launch the config, and then it says its not connected, I close the program but it keeps on opening until i close FSX
  4. Yes Sir! I did! Ran as an Admin also to see if that made a difference.
  5. Having an issue now, reinstalled AES a couple of times and tried the Vistamare deletion trick but nothing happening. Trying to configure the Ifly for FSX, and the usual yellow box comes up and says that the aircraft isnt configured, so when i head into AES config, the box in the config screen says disconnected in red and tells me to restart FS and go to an active AES airport which i am already at! For some reason AES isnt recognizing that I am there. What am i doing wrong?
  6. To me flashing landing lights are being seen more on the private aircraft (Gulfstreams, Falcons, some Citations) and i have only seen Southwest with them in the commercial sector. The main issue i have with them is that they kind of make it hard in the event of radio failure. If a pilot then joins the aerodrome circuit, then its suppose to await light gun signals. The response to these signals is to rock your wings, and also at night to flash your landing lights. I know that it also goes onto say that if no landing lights then flashing nav lights are suppose to be used, but to me, making flashing landing lights alternate is to me (as a controller) a bad thing for Tower Controllers. Has the aircraft responded to the light gun signal or is this just these new alternating lights? It actually makes the planes easier to spot when they have these alternating flashing lights, but my first thought when i saw them is that the plane was in distress!(As per ICAO Annex 2) Thats when my boss/trainer said its a new feature and dont worry about it as its a new feature for aircraft.
  7. Had no airport buildings on my flight. Just Jet bridges! It was dark when i did my flight and unfortunately when i went to change to daylight to take a shot, FSX crashed (seems to happen mostly with the AS Airbus also as a side note). Will get back to you after i check it again and maybe do a reinstall. Edit: after reloading FSX, all buildings were there in daytime and night. was flying in the basic microlight. Must of been a small issue when loading FSX the first time.
  8. Welcome to my life as a controller! Reading books that are done by lawers to make sure everything is hard to understand! I have been trying to find a decent map of the area that i can work on. One that perhaps has height clearance of the mountains but have not been able to find one as of yet. I dont know what airports you fly into as that is not where you will find an ILS DME reading normally. The DME for a ILS is at the Localizer station and the LOC is found 1000ft from the opposite end of the runway that the ILS is used for (e.g. the LOC for rwy09 will be found 1000ft from the end of the threshold for rwy27). Hence why you should never read a DME of 0 for the LOC at the start of the rwy you plan to use. So to answer your question, these are the correct readings for the ILS for each rwy.
  9. Please people, this is just stupid..... Firstly there is no point in just complaining and getting your words off on here to this extent. It just does nothing but perhaps make you feel better...... Aerosoft have stated as this is not an internal product they dont really have the full details. They are just the supplier, and suppliers will get the product out when they get it.... Please let Aerosoft get back to business rather than have to read all these petty comments (that you can leave to yourself). I am disapointed that EHAM isnt here yet, but hey life goes on! It will be around in the upcoming months...... Please can we let this bickering stop and in the end hopefully we can find out some details from the developer. It may not be the news you want to hear, but at least its progress in the right direction to the release of the product.
  10. haha well i had a little chuckle with you "i wont say anything about the quality of VFRLatin addons" and then you "the new sucre addon sure looks good". Isnt that saying something about them?? haha! Will tell him and im sure he wont be too unhappy.... as i said before it was one of his first products, and im sure you can see that he has definately got better as the newer projects have come out. I will pass on your words to!
  11. I can tell you that i know the LatinVFR designer and this is one of his first projects which is why it may not show all of the details your looking into. However, L-VFR has moved onwards a lot and made some amazing stuff! If you want to look at his sloped runway work, look at his Sucre in Bolivia! It has some big slopes in it and the scenery is very good! Also i know that his next project is Santiago in Chile and it is looking amazing! Check out some shots for yourself....... (coming to FS2004 and FSX soon!) http://www.flycay.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2735 I also would like to say that he is just one man trying to make some money in the FS world and is always getting better. Infact he has stated that if he ever gets the time and can allow himself to take some time off new projects, he would like to go back to update his Cayman Islands and Cuzco projects. However they wont bring in more sales as a new project would.
  12. As April is coming to a close soon, i was wondering if there is any more news on this product for FSX? Perhaps some screen shots in the near future??
  13. For those i guess who want to know what a simplified VNAV is, its pretty much you will be able to put in a Cruise Level in the FMC (whatever they call it at Airbus!) and the autopilot will climb to it and then tell you also when you should begin decent. Or so what i think!
  14. Will the Airbus FMS have the ability then to add fixes based of radials and dme? I know that most fixes now are GPS located now, but some in the areas i fly in still require some points to be flown via radial and dme fixes to another fix, will i be able to program this into the FMS?
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