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  1. Hi, does it work already? You have to switch something off in the scenery library. If your problems is still there, let me know. I look it over when i'm at home. Eric
  2. Hi Tom, I'm not certain if you make a joke here or not. In case you are not, well, I can't look in your wallet, but a very simple joystick is very cheap these days. It gives a lot more fun to fly. And you can do a manual approach. Even better is a yoke and throttle. (saitek or something like that.) But that is not cheap anymore. For a saitek yoke and throttle you pay about 100 euro's. But a joystick is there already for 20/30. Regards Eric
  3. Hi Oliver, First to say that it is a great addon you build. There is no doubt many people are comparing it with the new fsdreamteam GSX. Nice to have at all the standard airports, but I stick with AES. One of the thinsg I like a lot in GSX and is missing in AES is the warning when some actions are finished. If the catering is finished and you are busy with the plane the trucks dissapear silently and the doors are wide open. I would love to have a signal that the catering (and other services) are ready and waiting for me to close doors and cargodoors. Is that possible to do for one of the next updates? Thanks for responding Eric
  4. Oliver, Great version. The movement of persons is much better. Thank you. Eric
  5. Hi, Maybe a stupid question, but I have added the gps, but it remains dark. Witch switch do I use to turn it on? Eric Ah I just found it. Only visible with the complete radiopanel.
  6. Eleuth


    Good morning, First you have to download the programm (at Aerosoft or else) After that install. A free airport is included. If you buy credits (aerosoft or else), you receive a sort of serial in you email. You have to "insert" the serial in the programm So no loss of credits AES is great fun! I agree. Finding the right runway is sometimes difficult. In AES there is a "follow me" option. But I find out that it doesn't work as good as you wanted. But more fun is (I think) go to www.navigraph.com. Here you find charts of the airport. So you can see where you are and can search the right way on the map. Look around where you are taxiing and after a while you get used to the signs at the airport. So it is easier to find your way. Of course you can also use the taxiwayhelp in FSX. But I don't like the big yellow arrows on the taxiways. Hope this helped too Eric
  7. I think that isn't fair. Aerosoft is giving a lot more information about the building process than any other company. In that way everyone can follow progress, but is informed about problems too. Instead they could say "ready, when it's ready" and after a while it pops up in the screen and you can buy. So in my opinion, no teasing. I like the way they inform future customers. In good days and bad days. My opinion, but hey, who am I .... Regards Eric
  8. I was happy to see it was removed from that forum Eric
  9. Hi Finn, So, if I save the flight halfway, because I have to work, and load it again the next day, the plain is at the same place in the same state, but without the information in the flightplan/MCDU? Do I have to pause the flight and re-enter all the information. (I guess with a direct to...option)? Thanks for responding. Eric
  10. Posted 19 August 2010 - 12:04 PM katzy, on 19 August 2010 - 12:13 PM, said: Mathijs how much longer!!!!!!??????? August 30th. With regards, Mathijs Kok (on behalf of Aerosoft) Please note we do not do any support via PM's on the forum. If you insist on email support (not as fast as on these forums!) use support@aerosoft.com. Follow us on Twitter! Good evening, This is what Mathijs said 19 august Eric
  11. Wow, take it easy please! Flightsimming is just a nice hobby for having fun It isn't work you have to do! Eric
  12. I don't believe this..................... Eric
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