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  1. I definitely don't want to know, it'll spoil the lovely surprise...
  2. The local NZ designers have mostly abandoned FS9 which is a shame - all the more reason for Aerosoft to do one of their double-duty sceneries for Auckland: FS9/P3D perhaps? I can't think of a reason why there should be an FSX one...
  3. Well we'll let Oliver decide on what's "British", mate. Anything would be better than silence.
  4. Yeah it's really looking good. I like the various European accents too! I went to Heathrow however and instead of a nice British welcome, got mostly... silence! no voices. The jetway made its thump sound so there is something there... Is this a Work in Progress, then?
  5. Well it has... Deane Baunton's FS2000 scenery soldiers on in my sim. But I'd agree it would be a wonderful update to have!
  6. As more of the big 'buses appear, it would be nice to be able to service their upper deck. Can you do that as an AES update on existing older airports, perhaps?
  7. ...and well done for picking up on Tolmachevo's update!
  8. The effect of addons is of course much more marked in FS2004...the original is from Airliners.net. Getting back to a "stock" view proved to be the hardest part, just too many textures and tweaks locked in there.
  9. C'mon Oliver you worked on this project (Many congratulations BTW it really adds the cherry to this brilliant scenery) so how about an interim patch to get us going, eh?? This airport must be one of the most significant of the year!
  10. http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforums/showthread.php?51843-New-Scenery-Building-Technique%21 ...is what I am talking about. It's not actually new, but it would solve the problem in this scenery.
  11. Shaun, I look for consistency in a flightsim installation, almost before outright quality. The kind that in a screenshot, creates "suspension of disbelief" wherever you look. Let's say the stock install scores 4/10. Any addon must improve that, and I like to pick an aircraft that "fits" the level of scenery. For the Gibraltar addon, I'd score the terminal 8.5/10, and the traffic too. Terminal area base topography lags a little at 7/10, but I don't find it too jarring. So I pick an "8" or better aircraft, Captain Sim's C130 or the FSD Porter work nicely. I score The Rock itself at a solid 4/10, no better than stock. That is being charitable, because as an addon, it should be adding, not detracting. I fly my"8" aircraft in front of the "4" Rock and am disinclined totake a screenshot! So scoring the scenery as a whole, it gets dragged down to the lowest common denominator, in the same way that 3 litres of clean oil plus 1 of dirty oil is 4 litres of dirty oil. As I said in an earlier post, beautiful scenery of Paris with the Big Feature (Eiffel Tower) modelled as a10-poly lump would not really work either The high scores actually accentuate the poorly scoring component... SO overall it scores a lowly 4.5, and because I've paid for it I am irritated. I'm not actually about to ask for my money back, I bought without due diligence. But I am irritated enough to dump the whole thing, and just not bother to go there.
  12. I waited a little before buying this one, to see the general reaction. Installed it earlier today, and would like to add my congratulations to those above. This is the Aerosoft of old - excellent product, and great support. So far I have just taxied around, especially pausing to let traffic through under the overpasses and also making ground traffic wait for me under pushback. (I did manage to fool a baggage car into going before my loong B773 cleared it, though) Very well done...congratulations, again.
  13. OK well it's a business decision, apparently nothing further will come of this. Perhaps someone in the flightsim community will figure out how to remove the lo-res Google Earth aerial photo and replace it with a decent one, and also get rid of the LOD 9, 10, and 11 meshes which ruin the approach. Until then it's off my HDD, which is a pity because the airport and AES are excellent.
  14. To be honest, I don't really understand a comment like this. So because a freeware designer didn't get some other aspect 100% right, Gibraltar becomes Great? The freeware designer sure as hell got right, that which Aerosoft should've got right with a Payware scenery. I suppose nobody is going to post that Great screenshot here, after all. I'm assuming then, that there is a problem with the scenery, and it's not just me. And that the publisher could not give a toss. This is sad, because I used to buy Aerosoft without hesitation. No longer...and of course with this kind of attitude, others will get the message too, and hold off. Ultimately the hobby suffers, and that can't be good.
  15. This keeps bothering me...so I've come back to hear if I'm the only one seeing what I posted in post#21 above. I keep reading about how great this scenery is, so SOMEONE must be able to post a shot from that side of the rock to show what it looks like in their "Great" scenery! Why do I keep on about this? Well, I installed some (Freeware!) scenery for Phuket which has a similar issue: a large rock adjacent to the runway, which you'd expect to have those dreadful smeared textures. Surprise, this is how they handled it: Now you will agree, this looks a little better than the Rock in post#21, yes? But I am hoping it is just something I may have done wrong with Gibraltar. Given the level of personal attack I experienced here, you'd expect I am a complete idiot... So, please post a shot showing the Rock from that side, looking "Great". Many thanks.
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