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  1. Ray thanks for replying. I think I recall Jeff saying on the IPACS Forum that the main.mcf file would be overwritten with any updates they push. So it is a temporary workaround only. Digging around my D:| drive I find that Steam has put stuff into D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator\addons\scenery and I wondered if that could be found by the installer for us Steamers? I am extremely loathe to manually do things to installer-driven software as you could easily mess up something you were not aware of in the process. Any case I get to the screen where you pull the trigger on the install, and see no option to point to another location. It would be nice to have an auto-install to a selected folder. If this cannot be done, I suppose I will throw the 15 Euro down the Drain of Experience and hope the scenery appears some day on Steam.
  2. Mmm well I foolishly took a chance and there doesn't seem an option to install to another drive. I am a Steam user, installing to D:\ (as opposed to Windows C:\drive) I wonder if someone could describe the steps necessary to get this into the sim somewhere on the D:\ Drive please?
  3. Great news, I am assuming this message at he download page does not apply?
  4. Another steamer here. Steam puts all the stuff on my D: drive as there will not be room on the C: Drive for this sim and all it's add-ons. I would like to buy the Helgoland scenery once it can be placed on the D Drive also. Of course I would prefer it to be ported via Steam.
  5. A long-time favourite, and what good news that the FS2004 community is being favoured with the update too!
  6. I definitely don't want to know, it'll spoil the lovely surprise...
  7. The local NZ designers have mostly abandoned FS9 which is a shame - all the more reason for Aerosoft to do one of their double-duty sceneries for Auckland: FS9/P3D perhaps? I can't think of a reason why there should be an FSX one...
  8. Well we'll let Oliver decide on what's "British", mate. Anything would be better than silence.
  9. Yeah it's really looking good. I like the various European accents too! I went to Heathrow however and instead of a nice British welcome, got mostly... silence! no voices. The jetway made its thump sound so there is something there... Is this a Work in Progress, then?
  10. Well it has... Deane Baunton's FS2000 scenery soldiers on in my sim. But I'd agree it would be a wonderful update to have!
  11. As more of the big 'buses appear, it would be nice to be able to service their upper deck. Can you do that as an AES update on existing older airports, perhaps?
  12. ...and well done for picking up on Tolmachevo's update!
  13. The effect of addons is of course much more marked in FS2004...the original is from Airliners.net. Getting back to a "stock" view proved to be the hardest part, just too many textures and tweaks locked in there.
  14. C'mon Oliver you worked on this project (Many congratulations BTW it really adds the cherry to this brilliant scenery) so how about an interim patch to get us going, eh?? This airport must be one of the most significant of the year!
  15. http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforums/showthread.php?51843-New-Scenery-Building-Technique%21 ...is what I am talking about. It's not actually new, but it would solve the problem in this scenery.
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