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  1. Oliver i've sorted my AirSimmer issue it just requires i start FS2004 with the Default Cessna and then load up the AirSimmer and absoloutely no problems with AES just wondering if you could give me a personal update to EICK AES ? the actual AirBridge on Stand 9 is never used and is out of action even though its still there stairs are used instead of it, could you update this when you get a chance?
  2. Hi Oliver im in the exact same poisition (Using AES 2.11) and my problem is with the AirSimmer A320, if i load up a random flight with the AS320 AES works no problem at my departure and arrival airport, but when im at my arrival airport pre-paring to head back to my original departure airport (e.g. FRA-LHR-FRA) and i change the aircraft for the new flight number vistamare disapeers thus aes does too. Be glad if you could help me
  3. Hi my problem is, Im flying with an Aer Lingus AirSimmer A320 Basic aircraft and it works 100% perfectly with AES but this part really annoys me, I pick the aircraft fly ORK-LHR no problem, then i change the aircraft (for flight number for return LHR-ORK flight) and AES Vistamare disappers and Ctrl Shift W no longer appears aswell as Vistamare missing from the Modules bar. If i shut down fs do the same thing again LHR-ORK no problems. Help would be appreciated!
  4. Also if there is to be an update could AES itself be further developed. I.E. realistic pushback speeds, and textures for individual airlines and or airports.
  5. Hi oliver first off your product is amazing and really does transform anyone's previous experience of just arriving at the gate waiting for 40mins and taking off BORING! Anyway i am the AFCAD developer for Eiresim we have done a update of all AFCAD files and there's a few issues, 1) @ Cork - EICK no buses at all and even though an air-bridge has been built it is never used and out of action just a display so the jetway on stand 9 is not used and all pax from all gates walk to/from the terminal. 2) @ Shannon - EINN no buses at all as all pax have to walk to/from the Terminal except where the Jetaways are used. 3) @ Alicante - We have sent the files for LEAL and are hoping you could upload them when you plan to release AES 2.09. ** @ Dublin - EIDW huge update is planned so any changes to AES will only be requested when the new T2 is re-modeled and the airport standards changed. Thanks for your help, Oliver.
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