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  1. My system is a Toshiba L305D-S5934, it's a late 2008 model and was bought in march or february 2009 (Specs are in sig, click the CPU-Z image for full specs.) I've been wanting to build a custom rig for more than 2 years now, just I haven't been able to get further than the planning stage due to finances. A job I do every saturday and sunday (for no pay) is run a sound system for live music performances and speeches.
  2. Tested Santorini X, Dangerous Airports X and testing Antarctica X.
  3. I tried a few different file recovery tools and none of them could find the logbook.html. (I just reread the thread, sokay I'll be looking for a file called "Thunderbolt.html" [in my case,] and I'll be doing the search when I'm not about to fall asleep.) (This line is subject to editing as updates come.) How does this sound: Just have my Phase 1 score zeroed out and any prize opportunities for Phase 1 as void.
  4. Erm... this could be problematic: Since I had to totally wipe my hard drive and then reinstall Windows (due to an issue with the Linux boot loader as it couldn't locate the Windows kernel,) I lost most all of my data (I did actually copy over the pictures folder [and the documents folder] [to my old hard drive,] just for some reason the RTWC screen shots didn't get copied over,) and the FSFS log book got lost in the wipe.
  5. If only I could teleport from the USA to Germany...
  6. What about me? I was the first to ask... 10 months ago.
  7. I challenge someone to take a biz jet or airliner through the canyon.
  8. Another question in regard to the aircraft list: Since I had to reinstall Windows (and totally wipe the disk first) after a boot loader issue with Ubuntu and two of the aircraft I was using were freeware (Lanciar and Citation,) if I can't procure the aircraft again what would be my options? (That don't involve dropping out.) UPDATE: Aircraft procured.
  9. I tried that a few months ago and crashed, too... Then I did it with a T-45 and flew through the whole canyon and landed at a field somewhere out side of Vegas (can't remember the Ident.)
  10. It amazes me that a PSP 3000 with only 64MB of RAM can actually run I.P Board I.P Board full blown.

  11. *sigh* I've been spending the last few days reinstalling... (Windows and everything else.) And defragging with O&O.

  12. We've got all these great wounderful shots that are in scene... Eh, I'll be the non-conformist... C-17 seconds from touch down on the USS Nimitz....
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