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  1. Seems like there may be some request for paints that have been done as part of the official package. I know I requested one or two that have been completed already.. Also, can Aerosoft please give us an update as to when the paints will be available?
  2. Shouldn't the uninstaller take care of these issues? Seems like something that should be included with 1.21.
  3. I also added in the default GPS so see if I could use the approach data and had similar results. It does seem like the MCDU is connected to the GPS in some manner. If you make changes to the flightplan in the MCDU, they show up in the GPS but if you make changes in the GPS, they don't show up in the MCDU. I relize that the Airbus wasn't designed to be used with the default GPS.
  4. Thanks. Is there a complete list of everything that has been painted that is included in the package? I saw a post a while ago but I don't think all of the painters posted in it. Maybe if they made it a sticky people would stop requesting things that have already been completed.
  5. I am interested in this as well. I would also like to know how to keep the aircraft under 250kts in descent. It seems like it is impossible even with spoilers deployed.
  6. Would you be interested in doing the Spirit A321 in their old colors? I think it one of the sharpest liveries every created but no one had bitten on it AFAIK. Something tells me it may be one of the tougher paints to do. http://www.airliners.net/photo/Spirit-Airlines/Airbus-A321-231/1348377/M/
  7. Do you think there will be more McPhat liveries for this product? It always seems like McPhat works on the products I don't have and it would be fantastic to see some for a product I do have. Thanks for the paint!
  8. Thanks. It is not a major issue but if it can be solved by dropping a file from 1.11 in to 1.20, that would be nice.
  9. duckbilled

    Airbus X

    Even with spoilers I can not reach 250KTS under 10,000 ft at -1800fpm. It is always at 280-310.
  10. I think I noticed the same thing but everything came back to normal once ATC cleared the new flight plan
  11. I know I am probably in the minority here but prior to 1.2, I really liked the way the spoilers armed - better than most FSX aircraft. I have one axis on my Saitek TQ mapped to spoilers - that works fine in either version. To arm them, I have the button below the axis mapped to shift+/ (when I say button, I mean the red zone on the axis). In the prior version, they armed perfectly using this method. Is there a way that I can revert to the old spoiler function without reinstalling 1.11? I have a copy of the 1.11 install on my HD.
  12. Something smaller? Smaller fix or smaller aircraft?
  13. I also find this issue very annoying. Was this file created by TSS? I am sure they could fix it. And if it is their file, they should fix it. The sound is pretty generic. Maybe there is default files that can replace it?
  14. Yup, that also works for be. My default flight is based on a cold and dark file that I downloaded from AVSIM a long time ago. It puts me in the 172 at Friday Harbor with batteries and avionics off. I don't have to actually hit "fly now" with the 172 to get cold and dark with all aircraft except the Airbus. Nonetheless, it still loads the Airbus in the correct state to switch to cold and dark. I already have a button programmed for master avionics so I do have to press it after the aircraft is powered up.
  15. Is there a possibility to insert airbus connect in to the addon menu in the sim? It is kind of a pain to have to go back to the desktop after you are sitting at the gate. Its not a big deal but it would be more convenient.
  16. Cool. I wasn't aware of that and I have never done anything with LUA. Thanks for pointing this out.
  17. A registered version of FSUIPC will make this a lot smoother for you with this aircraft and every other aircarft. I have the Saitek TQs and the work perfectly with FADEC, reverse thrust... I am also still using the 1.1 version of AirbusX (I'm not uograding until 1.2 is released). You need the ability to program that red zone button to do the following: 1. Control when button is pressed: "Throttle 1 decrease" 2. "Control to repeat while held" 3. Control sent when button is released: " Throttle 1 cut" Of course, this may make no sense without a registered version of FSUIPC. I have no idea what the key pressses are for these functions - sorry. FSX doesn't have all of them AFAIK. The only thing I had to do with the Airbus throttles (not reverse thrust - that's a button, not an axis with the Saitek TQ) is remove the assignment for the throttle axis in FSUIPC, make the profile aircraft specific and add the assignment in FSX. I didn't touch my calibration in FSUIPC. Worked just fine from day one.
  18. Although I like wingflex, I wouldn't add it either. Right now the strobes are decent and they would probably be removed if wingflex was added. As others have mentioned, I agree drooping surfaces would be nice. I would like to see two stage VC lighting so that I could have everything back-lit without the panel lights (the ones that emanate from below the glareshield).
  19. Hi, I am talking about the repaint. See below.
  20. Although I like the product with the current features, I do think something needs to be done with approaches. As it stands, you can't use the default GPS approaches or STARS. To me, it seems like the currect version is using the default GPS route code but with less functionality. I installed the default GPS in to the Airbus X - changes in the MDCU plan show up in the GPS but changes in the GPS don't appear in the MDCU. I added it to see if I could get it to fly the default approaches - no luck. Now I wouldn't drop the ability to load a default flightplan - just add Navigraph. The QW757 allows both so it should be possible. To me, the AIrbusX and the QW757 are targeted to the same market. A318/A319 models would be nice Some functionality from the right seat would be nice. At least mirror the displays from the left seat. With EZDok, it is very easy to set up the right seat camera view. I would be nice to be able to fly from that position.
  21. I posted these over at REX as well. FL380, CUN-MSP, just crossing over the Louisiana coast.
  22. Was he talking about work being needed on the all white version? I noticed that the shade of white was a little different from the forward doors to the nose. There was a distinct line that encircled the fuselage. It may be more noticeable on my system because of my ENBMod settings.
  23. I agree with this totally. I think another product that falls in to this category is the QW757. It will be even better after they release the FSX native version in a couple weeks. There are a few reasons why I fall in to this category (#2) 1. Time - I need to be able to have everything down in a few flights. I have the checklist down with this aircraft now and it means that it will get a lot of use even out of it if I switch to something else for a few flights. I am not a pilot; I don't want to be a pilot. FS is a combination of experience rolled in to one package for me - the cockpit experience is a major part but not the only part. 2. ATC - I use default ATC. From what I have seen, it is the best option available. VATSIM doesn't cover AI and other add ons seem too robotic. If you use default ATC, you can't use SIDS, STARS and VNAV. It is a trade-off I am willing to make. If someone came up with a ATC add on that kept all of the functionality and quality (voice) of the default ATC, I may change my mind. BTW, it also has to adapt to add on scenery. If a scenery package doesn't have a particular navaid, ATC shouldn't be asking me to use it. I don't want the most current data - I want the exact data that is in my sim (I realize the default ATC doesn't do a great job at this from time to time). QW received a lot of posts like this and they did end up adding some more advanced features. I, nonetheless, wouldn't go in to the PMDG forum and ask them to simplify their products just to meet my needs. I buy products that are for me and I avoid product that don't suit me. Of course, there are improvements that can be made to this product (A318/A319 expansion pack and bug fixes) but it is what it is at this moment. I welcome any enhancements of this product as long as they don't open up new can of worms. And BTW Jeroen, I am not saying that your request isn't valid. I know how you feel - you have an add on that is almost what you wanted but it is not quite there. I have been there many times. My comments about the demands are more directed at people that have posted in other forums about this subject (and similar add ons). This product has taken a bashing at AVSIM and I think it isn't really fair. I really like it and I think Aerosoft delivered on its promise for the most part.
  24. I just thought I would bump this since it has moved off the first page. I would love to have these - particularly Spirit so I can fly A321's in the Caribbean and US. The US Air A321 would be nice as well. No pressure. Just keeping the request current.
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