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  1. I am so anxious , cant wait for the NGX I need a aircraft that steer up my brain cells
  2. when will aerosoft update the airbus to be extreme with sids and stars and weather radar etc. The airbus model looks good but i want challenge.
  3. What about Air jamaica a320 and a321
  4. I would like to request air jamaica a320
  5. Ohhhhhh my God , is that Spirit Airlines a320 ? yes it is. Thank you lots lots lottttttts , JANKEES - If I had a million dollar I would give you. Thank you for doing my request. and you will be blessed in some other ways. THANK YOU....OMG = Job jankees / continue to do your great works. ur gifted.
  6. I would love if you guys have a training video of this airbus x from boarding to deplaning. training of the instruments and all.Would appreciate it , because I only use the autopilot master switch , altitude hold , auto throttle , speed hold , ILS - radio shack and GPS thats the only thing I use when I fly. plus the normal landing gear and lights. So I would love a tutorial.
  7. Is anyone going to do spirit airline a320 ? sorry to ask +times but i would appreciate it .
  8. Will the Airbus X have auto land ?
  9. Hi guys I know what I am going to say is not pertaining to this topic ................. But !!! I have Overland Airbus collection and I fly the a320 and a321 - and every time I am on final approach and flaring ; it the plane tends to stall. I test it if it was my fault by using the default planes . I flare at the same height - speed - flaps everything is the same and it land perfect and smooth. So I think it is something wrong with the Overland Airbus. That s the reason I can't wait for this beautiful aircraft from Aerosoft. Its not about the looks but performance ... because overland model looks good but has a very bad performance. However , By what I see Aerosft Airbus X model look realistic but cant wait to see the performance ( hope its not like overland's).
  10. [ Spirit airlines a320 the one in the picture below is done already
  11. However , I would want to know if It will have the GPS , because Wilco Airbus Volume 1 does not have it. are to specified will it come installed without
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