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  1. John, Thank You so much. Alex C:D
  2. Jeroen, Thanks for the info. I will try this when I come home from work.I wonder if Aerosoft has any way of fixing this or if it is a limitation of the way this Airbus X sim is "built" in order to give us better FPS but still have fairly good systems modelling and visual candy? Alex C
  3. I have been unable to load a flight saved while in cruise. Everytime I try this(all versions including 1.20) and want to come back to it the error reads "Error loading GPS engine.Flight plan will not be used" The aircraft loads and appears in the right location where I left off but none of the instruments/modes that were active when I saved it have been retained. The ND no longer shows the flight plan either. I have also tried savinf final approaches to test the flare characteristics of 1.20 but when the saved flight boots up, there is no saved info on the ILS loc/GS ,autothrottle,AP1 and 2 etc.The plane just shows up in the correct location,speed and attitude and altitude but none of the instruments are reading what they are supposed to be reading when I saved the approach.This means that everytime I want to shoot an ILS landing I have to start the whole flight over again. Am I the only one experiencing this? I have searched the forums and found nothing about this mentioned. I tried moving the GPS module entry to the top of the list in dll.xml but still have this problem. Any help is appreciated. Alex C(FSX SP2,quad core 3.9Ghz,XP SP3,nvidia 8800GT,4GB DDR3 RAM)
  4. Jan Kees, I noticed this bleed thru on the TAM textures(looks like from the Tiger repaint) only when I switch on the panel VC lights. Is it possible to fix this? If not, I totally understand. Alex
  5. Sweet! Thanks for all your hardwork. Alex C
  6. Hi All, +1 on the ANA request. Saw this on youtube which is fairly interesting esp for the proceduralists among us http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yDnrVXes1qk&p=8FEA53BF1BC9A5D7&playnext=1&index=2 Thanks in advance. Alex C
  7. Thanks for all the hard work Jankees. Alex C
  8. John, Thanks for the great repaints.I especially liked the "michelan(sic) aviators"signage on the delta livery. Nice touch and it looks really cool while taxiing! Reminds me of formula one racing cars with the tyre company's name plastered all over their fat tyres. Alex C
  9. Actually after the 1.11 patch the autoland is much smoother for me with a beautiful flare and soft touch down.The aircraft is definitely flying better and climbing better AND I no longer CTD after exiting my flight with the Airbus X. Mathijs and co, whatever you are doing is working and improving the plane at least for me.Keep it coming and thanks for the phenomenal approach and speed in solving issues and making SPs. I for one truly appreciate all the hard work you and the Aerosoft team have done. Alex C
  10. Dear Shaun, I appreciate what you are saying, I really do. My only point is that it is sometimes better to admit that "we have not figured it out yet" instead of laying the blame squarely at the feet of the the internals of FSX. If I am not wrong what I have read on this thread simply leads me to believe that what your customers(I include myself in that category) want most from you all at Aerosoft is a little bit of honesty when we/they have a concern regarding one of your products. Another point is that perhaps there could be some enquries made to that other company that has indeed figured out the way to implement the curved and flashing lights and some sort of arrangement made to secure a transfer of know how/technique that would benefit Aerosoft and said company to the satisfaction of all involved. In any case I appreciate your response and can only hope that Aerosoft will take some of what I have said here to heart. After all as they say in business, we are nothing without our customers. All the best. Warm regards, Alex
  11. Dear Shaun and Mathijs, With regard to the problem with curved lead in lights and FSX, I have the Kai Tak airport add on from another company(initials F.T.) and they are able to implement FLASHING and CURVED lead in lights in FSX for this airport so I do not think it is true that "developers" cannot execute this feature in FSX. Clearly this other company has done it so I do not think it is fair to blame FSX's internal structure/limitations for Madeira X's lead in curved lights not working. What say you? Eagerly awaiting your response Alex
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