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  1. If anyone is looking for an Air Namibia A330 livery, it's available via the link: https://www.rdpresets.com/requested-liveries-for-prepar3d.html The livery was requested by myself as I could not locate it anywhere. Note - Air Namibia actually never had the 300 version of the aircraft. They previously operated two A330-200's. Enjoy! Herman
  2. Will the product also support Aerosoft software that has been purchased via third parties? Cheers, Herman
  3. Yes, that did the trick... thanks, Secondator! Much appreciated. Herman 😀
  4. Thank you Secondator for your response & attached font files. For your info all is installed as Administrator and Windows Defender is off. Please note that this strange situation applies not to the A318-321 series but the A330 as well (all the latest updates). As a basis, I ran a test involving only the A318-319 package and the result is quite interesting... 1. Installed a previous version and the gauges are displayed correctly; 2. Installed version over the previous version and the result was negative (gauges not showng up correctly); (Note that I had originally first uninstalled the previous version prior to installing version 3. Unpacked and copied your attached fonts into the Windows "Fonts" directory and the results remained negative; a. PC restarted just in case and tried again. Unfortunately the result remained negative. This raises the question as to why does version correctly display the gauges and the updated version(s) not? Am I the only one encountering this gauge issue??? Keen to get this resolved. Thanks / danke. Herman
  5. Have just done a complete re-installation of the A318-321 series and the result is still the same. Wondering if anybody else is having this issue? Very strange. Herman
  6. Hi - After performing a fresh installation of the A318-A321 Airbus series, I noticed the following not being properly displayed... I initially noticed this on the A320 but see similar on the A319. Also noticed during flight that when applying speedbrakes, it does not always show up on the display. Herman
  7. Tom, I followed your instruction and was subsequently able to download* *Per download, I got the message, "Zip can't be downloaded securely" with the options "discard", "keep", "learn". Browser used is Google Chrome. Thanks! Herman
  8. I downloaded the A330 from my Aerosoft Shop Account but the baby busses were originally purchased from a dealer (FSPilotshop) that went out of business. As I had previously registered my products via the Aerosoft Registration site, i have always been able to download updates from it. No error message is indicted and clicking on the relevant download buttons initiates no further action except some additional link coding (bottom left). Am using Google Chrome by default and just tried an alternative browser with a similar result. Herman
  9. Bob, I'm not able to download from the Aerosoft Registration website. Can you please check the status? Thank you. Herman
  10. Thank you / gracias for all those wonderful liveries!

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      Graag gedaan!

  11. Thanks for responding, Otto. I may very well do that but will try a few more things prior to a further follow-up. Regards, Herman
  12. Hi MikaV, I've tried over & over without the Navigraph simlink and each time the result is unfortunately the same. Thanks anyway for the idea... Herman PS. Still hoping that Aerosoft comes up with a solution.
  13. Hi MikaV, Yes, I do. Will deactivate and see if it makes a difference. Thanks for your input! Herman
  14. Is there anyone on the forum with some creative ideas? Thanks. Herman
  15. The above was all based on the A330 as I did this because you advised that it was working on your side. For your info... A318/319 ver. A320/321 ver. A330 ver. I have now repeated all the steps as mentioned earlier and followed your advise as to go to the folder itself where the configuration app is kept (Aerosoft is installed outside P3D) and this time activated it not as an Admin. I have all three configuration apps in my start menu. This time I decided to opt for the A318/319 (as Navigraph responds with this model combination as per above) and again I get the same result as previous. There is no option to get into Navigraph. Will Navigraph always refer to the A319/319 models when signing in irrespective of which configuration app is applied (subject to the aircraft type being flown with)? Herman😟
  16. To answer you previous question... yes. Otto, I just noticed this on the Navigraph login page as displayed via https://identity.api.navigraph.com even when using the specific A330 configurator: quote: Aerosoft A318/319 Professional application is requesting permission to access your Navigraph account: XXXXXXX (representing my account name) unquote. Could this mismatch of aircraft type be the culprit? Thinking further... a Navigraph cookie issue?ft A318/319 Professional application is requesting permission to access your Navigraph account: Herman😟
  17. Thanks for the response, Otto. I followed the following steps... 1. Terminated P3D and waited a few minutes; 2. Ensured that I was logged out of Navigraph; 3. Windows key + R and inserted " Temp " in the message box. Deleted all. 4. Windows key + R and inserted " %Temp% " in the message bos. Deleted all. 5. Windows key + R and inserted " Prefetch " in the message box. Deleted all. 6. Restarted my PC; 7. Went to the A330 config file (icon in my start menu and via advanced menu activated as Administrator; 8. Logged into Navigraph with the appropriate tab. Navigraph confirms that I could open the application as logged in; 9. Started P3D with Administration rights; 10. The EFB only indicates NavData Pro under the CHARTS section (no reference at all to Navigraph). Any other ideas? Thanks in advance. Herman😟
  18. Otto, that is exactly what I did but then there is no mention of the Navigraph option displayed on the EFB at all except the text referring to the NavDataPro option as previously mentioned. Note that I opted for Navigraph in the config app (1st tab)and had logged in into my Navigraph account (3rd tab) which was confirmed in the app too. Are additional steps required? P3D was started only after first having logged in via the Aerosoft config app. Am using the latest version of the Airbusses. Herman😟
  19. Hi - I've opted for Navigraph in the Aerosoft configuration app and logged into my subscription account (which is confirmed as logged in). When looking at the EFB screen all that is indicated under charts is NavDataProChartCloud with the comment, "Please login using configurator app". The is absolutely no reference to the Navigraph option. Am I over-looking something? Assistance appreciated. Thank you. Herman
  20. If you have the A330, you can copy it over to the baby busses. If not, check the forum messages for a download. Herman
  21. Hoping that the indicated outstanding issues are resolved soon. These sort of errors should be properly tested before any update launch... QC? Herman
  22. Thanks, Masterhawk for the quick response. Just loaded the product and no more error message. Herman
  23. Hi - I've just done a total PC re-install and after installing P3D4.5.14.34698, I get the following message when tring to install the Airbus Pro series products... [img]https://i.imgur.com/EmDx7dW.jpg[/img] I've made several attempts at this stage but keep getting the same message. Can someone please assist? Note - I've opted to install outside the P3D main directory ie. C:\Aerosoft Thank you. Herman
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    Yes, you can... See link: Herman😀
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