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  1. A few images from my flight from Cape Town, South Africa to Windhoek, Namibia using the recently released ORBX Africa OpenLC scenery together with my Aerosoft Airbus... Arriving at Windhoek, the terminal looked like a drive-in McDonalds. Heck, it was closed too! 😀
  2. Hola, you have some wonderful liveries. Any chance of doing some African Airline liveries now that ORBX features the African Continent?




    1. gustavoaguiar


      Sure ! If you pay me for it!

  3. Fly Me To the Moon 🎶 SAS livery Aerosoft A320 & one of my moonies... 😀
  4. Hauer

    Loss of power

    Okay, so in the meantime I have sorted out the power loss / non-starting engine 2 issue... Observations from my side in respect of the current virtual pilot / copilot checklist procedures: Cockpit Prepation Checklist - copilot Fd is not activated (perhaps a beep for actioning should indicate manual input); Before Start Checklist - APU Generator not activated (immediate cockpit powerloss after APU has been activated; Engine 2 will not start if / when appropriate switches in the AIR module section have not been activated. In short, the programming actions of the virtual pilot / copilot are not complete. Please note the above is not to criticise the product but simply food-for-thought as for someone totally new to aviation could get unnecessarily frustrated. Happy flying! Herman
  5. Interesting... Thank you, Timonier. Herman
  6. No Tom, I created nothing. Even went so far as to see if there was a hidden file... Prior to the A333, I have not got a single Asian Airline on my system as I do not use that region. I personally think that perhaps someone left it there from your side though I would think that many others would have reported the identical issue. Remains a mystery but the most important thing is that it is solved. Herman
  7. I just located the culprit. Right at the bottom of the aircraft.cfg file Herman
  8. Mathijs, I again uninstalled the A333 and in accordance with advise from Mopperle did a fresh installation (as Admin and AV turned off) outside the P3Dv4 directory. I have again searched to contents re livery directories / aircraft. cfg file and I'm baffled as to what the cause is. Again, I get the same message regarding the same aircraft as reported earlier. Also got a message in respect of the C++ module when upgrading to I opted for the repair option as a precaution. Hope to hear further as it's becoming very frustrating... Never had these sort of issues with the baby busses! Herman
  9. Hauer

    Loss of power

    That's fine, Dave. Thanks. Hope he has some nice fresh ideas / solutions when he returns... 😉 Herman
  10. The funny thing Mathijs is that I've been looking for it and cannot locate it. I looked in the aircraft cfg file and amongst the texture directories. When first installed, I had removed all Asian carriers as those do not interest me. Doing that previously solved it from repeating the message. Strange that a totally new installation of the product would reflect this message box. Herman
  11. Dear Aerosoft Team, Can you please advise why I get to see the following when installing the Airbus A330 product. I saw this when installing the product the first time and resolved it myself at the time by removing the livery. As I'm experiencing a number of issues with this aircraft, I decided to uninstall and again do a new download / installation. Installed as Admin and without anti-virus program active. Again, the same comment appears when activating P3Dv4.5 Please advise. Thank you / danke. Herman
  12. Hauer

    Loss of power

    I tried to edit the above but the system won't allow it at this stage. Observations re the automated virtual pilot checklists... Cockpit preparation checklist - FD needs to be activated manualy on the copilot side. Before start checklist - I notice the cause of power loss being that the APU Generator needs to be manually activated prior to or during APU activation. While I'm at it, I also do not hear a thump (like the other Airbusses) when the door(s) is / are closed. When performing a pushback using GSX (latest updated Level 2), I tried activating engine 2 setting the master switch to ignition and flicking the switch. Confirmation is given with "starting engine 2", however, nothing at all happens when monitoring the appropriate screen. Dead as a Dodo! I then repeated the identical step for engine 1 and it immediately roared to life. Can you please investigate. Thank you / danke. Note - I upgraded yesterday from version to P3Dv4.5 ver. (full installation) Aircraft directory path: C\FLTSIM\Prepar3D v4\Aerosoft A330 Professional\ Herman
  13. Hauer

    Loss of power

    I notice the cause being that the APU Generator needs to be manually activated prior to APU activation. While I'm at it, I also do not hear a thump (like the other Airbusses) when the door(s) is / are closed. Instead of the thump sound, I get the start of a sound similar to when testing the fire alarms. The latter sound is repeated whilst the virtual pilot goes through some of the other checklist items. Just an observation... Note - I upgraded yesterday from version to P3Dv4.5 ver. (full installation) Herman
  14. Hauer

    Loss of power

    Thank you, Dave. I'm a rather "lazy" pilot so I enjoy the use of a virtual copilot. Herman
  15. Hauer

    Loss of power

    Dear Aerosoft Team, firstly my compliments for developing such a superb A333. I'm probably overlooking something... am using the virtual copilot checklist assistance / procedure. All goes well until I've closed the exits and the 2nd checklist sequence is applied involving the APU startup. As soon as the groundpower facility is disconnected all my screens go blank and I lose all my FMC info settings. Advise appreciated. Thank you / danke. Herman
  16. Gentlemen, thank you for your responses. Herman
  17. I purchased the A330 a few hours ago and noticed when going to the livery manager it indicates A318 / A319 Professional. I'm able to manually update liveries but is this an issue that others have seen too? Herman
  18. Thanks for your response, Otto. The "issue" seems to have resolved itself and all is fully functional again. Herman
  19. Hello Aerosoft Team, Firstly best wishes for the New Year & may you develop many more splendid aircraft... Secondly, I updated my Airbus series to the latest version by uninstalling the previous versions first and then doing a new install. During the process, I may have inadvertantly done something wrong causing me to loose functioning of my Ctrl-F9, F10, F11 and F12 keyboard tabs. This includes other tabs as well such as the Shft-F4 for the options MCDU, S-tab, etc, etc Would appreciate possible advise as how to rectify the pending situation. I'm probably over-looking something... Thank you / danke. Herman
  20. Thank you for your quick response, Tom. I still find it strange that a product bearing your own branding is more expensive. Anyway, I'm glad I spotted the difference in percentage and plucked the benefit from what was offered. Kind regards, Herman
  21. Dear Aerosoft Team, I'm puzzled by your pricing policies... Your own "branded" Canary Island Professional Grand Canaria and Tenerife P3DV4 products are currently being discounted at 20%. Yet, when I go to the SimMarket website, I see the identical products being available at a 25% discount. How is it possible for a third party to be cheaper than a company which does its own branding and product distribution? Needless to say, I have obtained both mentioned products via SimMarket. For me it is a matter of principle. Herman
  22. Would be great if someone could spoil us with this livery. Thank you. Herman
  23. Hi - is your above scenery package suited for P3Dv4.5? If not, are there plans to upgrade the package? Thank you. Herman
  24. Thanks, Mathijs. Imagine me trying to do a Geman accent as a Dutchman. Nein! LOL Herman
  25. Hi - Now that GSX has recently updated their product language accents have been made available. As yet, I don't know how many languages as I've mainly been flying out of EDDN and EDDF. The German accent just gives so much more immersion. Another product I consistantly use is Simsounds which uniqually offers the possibility of dual language announcements. Programmes such as the ATC programme ATC/Pro-X offers similar and FS2Crew are also on the language pack bandwagon. Woulden't it be nice if Aerosoft Developers would offer similar for their Airbus Pro series and the to be released A330? Just a thought! Herman
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