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  1. Thank you Joshua, That post made me understand that the problem might be under my nose, and it did. The axis was marked as "send directly to FS" instead of "calibrate using FSUIPC". Once I changed that, I managed to adjust my elevator axis, and it works great! Thanks again all
  2. Hello all, I use SAITEK yoke and registered FSUIPC to calibrate it. I noticed that the elevator axis is highly sensitive in the DHC6. Meaning that a small deflection of the axis, results in large deflection of the DHC6 elevators. I also fly the Carenado C152, and I don't sense this. is someone experiencing this as well? How can solve this through FSUIPC? Do I need to set a special response curve for the DHC? Thanks
  3. You are right, bu they change the general sound settings for all planes. When i load the C152, I need to reconfigure them, and vice versa
  4. snave and bumprock, thanks. I realized they are loud, but I underestimated how loud. However, I fly with earphones, that should muffle them a bit. The engine sound is so loud, that I can hardly hear VATSIM ATC, which is not realistic, since the twotter pilots wear earphones too. So, how can make this "earphones" adjustment to the engine volume, so I can hear the ATC volume over the engines roar?
  5. Hello all, I find the twotter engine sound very loud. It ussualy masks other sounds in the sim, and outsides audio, like VATSIM and external wind sounds by addons. If I lower the engine sounds in the sim's sound control panel, when I switch planes, the engine sound can hardly be heard. Are you experiencing the same phenomena? Can I lower only the twotter engine sound? Thanks
  6. Yes James, I use TrackIR. Zoom 0.40 does give me a good view of the panel and scenery, but doesn't it distort the outside view?
  7. Hello all, What is the recommended viewpoint for the pilot's eyes in the DHC6 and the zoom, in order to get the most realistic pilot's viewpoint? Thank you
  8. Shaun, i agree this is the common logic, but there is no indication from the cockpit that anything is affected, and when I tried looking from the outside, the ski lowering is so slow and subtle that I missed it. BTW, in the default wheel/ski Orion there is a lever inside the cockpit that gives you this indication. I still suggest Aerosoft put it into the manual. Thanks
  9. Thank you, mopperle, I'll give it a try. Aerosoft, why doesn't it appear in the DHC6 manual, under "ski operation"?
  10. Hi Jim, Can you send me please the new reflection reduced textures? I tried to fly through clouds, and the reflections are really annoying. I wonder why the textures are not posted in a sticky for the DHC 6 users. This thing should be fixed altogether. Thanks a lot.
  11. Hi all, Is it possible to raise the wheels in the wheel\ski configuration, so the skis will be lower than the wheels? I think this is called hydraulic wheel\ski Thanks
  12. Hi Shaun, I have two conclusions: 1. When I installed just DHC6 1.20, I kept getting "oh no, wrong airplane" message. When installed the separate sound pack on top of that, the message stopped appearing. 2. Mission pack 1.02 works OK, but the 1.04b update makes my FSX crash when I pick one of its missionsm from the missions tab. I wish to try 1.03 update, but I cant find it. Can I please a link to it, or detailed instructions. Like I said, I cant find it in the update section of Aerosoft. I appriciate your help very much, Happy new year
  13. Shaun, Can you please elaborate about the origin of the 1.04b update? Is this an official Aerosoft update? Another thing, I cant seem to find the twotter missions in the update section. Is it in the pull down list? What is its full name? Thanks
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